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Cathair Utopian
Cathairte Anaess


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Gender/Age: Female, ageless

Rank: Cathair Utopian's Cathairte

Location: Cathair Utopia; her cathair

Relatives: Younger sister Taite, starry dragon Umuminaenth, her mate Ambrek; parents dead

Physical description: 5'3", very curvy, small shapely bust, long, strong legs, short torso. Small hands with long, tapered fingers and slightly chewed nails. Soft olive skin, almost golden-brown; short, dark, tight masses of curls to the nape of her neck, very large, lively dark brown eyes, lots of long, dark eyelashes, and arched, thin dark eyebrows. An oval face, with soft, pleasant features; full lips and a nice, small nose. Although Anaess loves to wear flashy or elegant dresses, she prefers to wear tunics and pants, in rich, deep colors like red, green, purple and brown, and plain colors for the pants like brown, cream, or khaki.

Emotional/Mental description: Anaess is highly sensitive--don't make her mad! She becomes irritated easily, but most of the time she is passive and kind, and likes to help people. She has a very giving nature, but to back up her soft heart she has a strong will and sharp mind. She can be very fierce when she or others that she has a bond with are threatened or abused.

Skills: Anaess is very maternal. She is also very literate, although her skill with numbers is not that great. She is a good swimmer, climber, and runner, and has fairly good stamina. She doesn't get sick easily, and isn't afraid of much. Anaess is a skillful leader and dragonrider.

History: Anaess was born into a loving family(that's where she got her confidence, inner strength, and loving nature). At the age of fifteen she Imprinted Starry Umuminaenth, and with a small band of Riders built Cathair Utopian.

Notes and special information: Anaess has an empathy for humans and animals alike. Any children of Anaess will inherit at least some of her skills, physical beauty, and emotional strengths.

Pets/Hobbies/Possessions: Anaess has no pets, but she did Imprint starry Umumiaenth. Anaess's hobbies include running a Cathair, reading, writing, and Riding her dragon. Some of her prized possessions are her books and her clothing.

Anaess patted Umuminaenth fondly.
"I'm so proud of you..your first clutch, of eighteen! And all are Hatched now, except for the eight eggs that go to the festival. I hope that I can expect more wonderful clutches from you in the future, Umi."
Of course you can. I am a starry, after all.
"Yes you are love, and the queen, the best starry around!" 
Umuminaenth rumbled happily, and nuzzled Inness's arm to get her to scratch above Umuminaenth's eye ridges.  Anaess obliged with a laugh. 
Quickly her expression sobered, and the pensive look on her face made it plain she was deep in thought.
"Will you still want Undasheth to Chase and Catch you, the next time around?"
If he can still catch me, he will still be worthy.
"But do you want him to catch you?" 
Umuminaenth sighed.
If you must know, yes, I do wish for him to catch me again in Chase.
Anaess smiled, and snuggled down into the warm scales of Umuminaenth. Happy and contented, she decided to snooze.


When you walk in, Anaess looks up, startled awake from her nap.
"Why, hello, there. I'm Anaess, the Cathairte."
"Yes, I know." you reply, nervously. Anaess smiles, to reassure you. Umuminaenth stares at you, blue eyes curious.
"Why are you here?" asks Anaess.
"Well," you begin, "I'm here because I was Found, by a Huntrider."
"Well yes, of course! Wonderful. Let's take a look at them, Umuminaenth."
Very well.  Come closer, stranger..
You gasp as you hear the rich voice in your head. Anaess grins.
"She spoke to you?" You nod. "That's good. She must've accepted your presence. Umi takes a look at all the candidates to come to the Cathair, whether they're hers or not."

"The Holiday Clutch still has a few slots open for candidates. So, Umuminaenth, what do you think? Will this person make a good candidate for the next clutch?"
I believe they would make a good candidate. You should apply, stranger.
Your heart swells with pride as you hear that, and Anaess smiles kindly at you.
"Well, then!"

Cathairte Inness

I wish people wouldn't come barging in all the time complained Umuminaenth. It's enough to make a dragon eat her tail! 
Anaess was busy cleaning the cathair, while dragonchen wheeled around their heads.
"Do stop your fussing, Umuminaenth. They can't help it; they're told to come here for advice, when they're candidates. I am the wise and noble Cathairte, after all." 
Anaess tried not to giggle as she struck a haughty pose. Umuminaenth, however, didn't refrain from a rather unnoble snort of draconic laughter.
Wise! Noble! How funny, Anaess. And here I thought you were young and silly. How wrong I was, grandmother!
"Hmph. You aren't nearly as silly as Kith was, but you are quite humorless, and that is almost worse. You're no grandmother yourself, at least not yet!" 
Umuminaenth deigned not to answer, and ignored Anaess instead. Anaess patted Edorth's humongous side, and stared at her own swelled belly.
"Well, at least you're not the only one with a huge stomach. Pretty soon I'll have my own Hatchling to deal with." 
Umuminaenth nodded, but looked regretful.
Why is it like this? I have my eggs, only to have them stolen from me when they become dragons. I miss my little babies.
Anaess nodded sympathetically.
"Poor Umi..I was sorry to see them go, too."

Inness & the cradle..

Anaess stood by the cradle and stared at it's purply paint and gauzy curtains that covered the mattress, sheets, and tiny pillow.
"Only a matter a matter of time now, Umuminaenth," she murmured, and hummed a lullaby.  Umuminaenth watched sleepily, and crooned along until she fell asleep.