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Cathair Utopian


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"Who cares about your stupid flowers!" Andri cried, and knocked the bundle of wildflowers and weeds to the floor.




GENDER: Female
AGE:  17
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Dancer and candidate 
HAIR: Rusty auburn; down past shoulders and usually unchecked
EYES:  grey/green/blue
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lanky and much like her twin sister, Andri.  Freckled face.  Long legs and body and fingers.
VOICE QUALITY: Okay. Can get husky when emotional.
LITERACY: Not very literate.
CLOTHING: Plain white dresses.
JEWELRY: Not fond of jewelry.
FAMILY: Sister Andri, mother.
PETS:   Dragonchen
SKILLS:  Dancing, grace
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Dancing, always dancing.
PERSONALITY: Darci is happy and cheerful most of the time, an upbeat person and fun to be around.  She can be very protective of loved ones, and also very passionate about loved things.  She is quick to argue, but in a snappy, quick way; she gets over fights easily and is quick to forgive.

Darci gasped and stooped to gather the precious things to her breast, then glared up at her twin.
"How dare you say such a thing! They aren't stupid at all!" Vurci, a little thing for a copper juvenile dragonchen, hissed at Andri with startling ferocity. Andri jerked back and stuck out her tongue, then flounced out of her sister's room. Darci slammed the door after her. Later, she wondered what had led to that fight in the first place. It really had no particular meaning, and there wasn't a reason to fight about the flowers. They weren't stupid, but they weren't a very good reason for such bickering. Darci gathered them and tied them together with a golden ribbon she found lying about her cluttered room. She raced to her sister's room, and knocked breathlessly at her door. Andri pulled open the door, eyes red and puffy. Darci held out the flowers, looking sheepish and repentant.
"I'm sorry.."
"No, it's my fault-"
The two girls stared at each other for a moment, and giggled, then hugged.

Darci danced through the outside corridors with her sister, who clumsily followed, crying out as she lost her balance. Darci stopped hastily and ran back to her suddenly sobbing sister.
"Oh, Andri, I'm sorry! What's wrong?"
Andri sniffled and wiped her eyes roughly.
"I don't's just that I'm so clumsy, and you are mother laughs at me!"
Darci touched new tears and tasted the salt, then embraced Andri.
" are wonderful in your own ways."
"Really? are always so good at everything..sometimes I feel like I'm only four Turns old, and you are the experienced 'thairling!"
Darci shook her head gently, and tilted her sister's face upward so that their eyes met.
"But, sister, it was you that Imprinted the wonderful, lovely green Elath, and me who has not Imprinted at two-no less!-hatchings, although I stood and waited on the Sands until sure there were no more eggs.."
Darci grimaced, but managed a smile for her sister, and helped her to her feet.
"C'mon, my darling, clumsy Andri. I shall teach you how to dance."

Darci hurried through the Cathair, searching for her sister's cathair. As she ran, she noticed that there was no one currently in sight, and gave a sigh of relief. It was always hard to keep in her natural grace, that often turned heads and was the cause of most of her embarrassment. She preferred to be alone, so that she could practice her dancing skills. She dropped the act of half-clumsy, half-balance that she put on when there were people nearby, and leapt and twirled through hall until her copper dragonchen, Vurci, warned her of coming traffic.

Eventually, Darci came upon her sister's cathair. "Andri! I'm here! You'll never guess what's happened!"
"Hello, Darci! What is so exciting?"
"I was Found!"
"Oh, my! How wonderful!"

Darci's twin sister sprang toward her, but with a clumsiness the opposite of Darci's graceful walk, tripped. Darci quickly reached out to steady her, and Andri hugged her gratefully.
"I'm so glad for you! I remember how wonderful it was to be Found!"

Darci nodded solemnly, and Andri grinned, poking her sister, who smiled back and shouted:
"I've been Found at the Healing Den!"
"Hooray!" the two cried out in unison.

Walking through the halls, you come upon another doorway, and decide to investigate. Engraved are the words:
Darci's cathair~Clear skies and bubbly pies!
You poke your head around the corner and yell a greeting through the door, which is slightly ajar. A young, lilting voice answers yours, and a girl, perhaps fifteen, steps across the threshhold to meet you. "Greetings!" she says with a lisp, "I am Darci! You must be the traveling journalist we've heard about. Welcome to my prospective cathair! You see, I've been Found, and I hope to Imprint at the Healing Den! I've seen their dragons, and they're breathtaking.." Darci's voice ends in a little gasp of wonder, as a shining glow comes into her plain little face, making her more than lovely. "Oh, but here I go, blubbering on about myself like a proper oaf! You look so cold! C'mon inside, and join me. I've got hot kaffee and a pie!" You realize you can't turn down an offer like that-a pie!-so you follow Darci into the cathair. She motions for you to sit down, at another slab of marble that serves as a table, engraved with tiny pictures of pies and dragonchens. Darci laughs as she sets the hot pie on the table, along with two steamy wooden mugs of the spicy kaffee. Darci sits down across from you. "My sister, Andri, was Found as well..I wish her all the best luck with her new dragon. What can I tell you about myself...I was born near Utopian, and my family raised paards-you probably know what a hassle that was, until we acquired some birthberries.
"I had always been outgoing, so when the first dragon came, I marched right up to the dragon and I was Found by someone from Cathair Karath. I waited on the Sands until the last egg was gone..this happened at another Cathair, as well. I thought that I would never Imprint! But one day, when I was picnicking near the large lake just outside of the Cathair, I came upon a blue dragon, feasting on a wild ryanth. I'm not one to lose my nerve easily, so I didn't run away, which was a stroke of luck, because I met K'dron and his blue dragon, Oroth, who Found me! I came down to this cathair, to wait until the Hatching. I guess I'll have to wait quite awhile, but there are always many other things to do in the spare time...I love to ride the paards back at my family's home, and, of course, bake. I also like to paint and play music. Would you like to see?" You nod, and you're led to another room, where a large piece of leather is stretched and pinned to another slab of rock, paints and brushes are strewn around it. The painting seems to be of Darci's identical twin sister, and her green dragon, Elath. Darci smiles, and leads you further, to her bedroom, where you marvel at the elegant gitar on her bed. She smiles. "That was my grandfather's gitar. He gave it to me for my ninth birthday." Darci grimaces. "I don't think I play that well, but my family thinks I have talent. Shards! I sing and play worse than a paard with a sore throat." You laugh at the comparison, and Darci grins impishly, her freckly snub nose wrinkling up in a fetching manner. She pushes back a strand of her brownish red hair behind her ear, and bends to re-strap her sandal. You walk a little further into the room, investigating the riding gear: helmet, boots, and gloves. There is also dragon gear: numbing salve, aromatic salts, and rubbing oil. Darci hands you a pear, and you munch distractedly. A hole hewn in the wall holds a couple lovely frocks, and you touch the surprisingly soft material. You inquire as to their origin, and Darci replies, "Oh, those. I received them from my mother, in case I had to go to a formal outing. Doesn't look like that'll be happening too soon!"
A copper dragonchen circles your head, then lands on it. "That's Vurci. I Imprinted him at Cathair Karath. If you look over there, you can catch a glimpse of his baby and juvenile pictures that I painted." You take a look in the direction that she points, and notice two small, cute pictures. Darci grins.
You smile back, but the smile quickly fades. "Thank you for letting me explore your cathair. I really must go now."
Darci frowns, but politely shows you to the door. "Come back soon!"
Scribbling notes, you walk out.

From off on the right sands, a dark winged green burst her shell with her strong wings. Kalinith's offspring carried herself with ease away from the shells and shards, and into the forefront where the candidates all had the chance to look her over. But they weren't to choose for her, she would make that choice at her leisure. While she examined the candidates, another egg broke open. Another green, with paler color under her wing sails and dark above. Zadmith's nest had finally given the Den a hatchling.

She too moved across the sands toward the center of the warm room, and met up with the steely gaze of the first green. They looked as though they were about to get into a fight. Two girls sprinted to their sides, pulling the hissing and spitting green hatchlings away from one another.

"Lilliveith, you know better than to do that! It's very rude!" Cried Loenir,
suddenly filled with strength.

"Ampeth," chided Darci, "
just ignore her, you'll go your separate ways soon enough!" The girls got some help from the local clean up crew, muscling the dragons apart. The girls didnt want their dragons to fight, all that would do would be to make others wary of them, and that wouldnt do at all!


Ampeth-This is a marvel of size and strength. Her skin is rough and slightly scaled, shaded to glimmer in the light. She is around 30 feet long, or more, and will certainly break hearts.


Ampeth and Lilliveth's Adventures Continue!
Ampeth's memory:
Darkness...and quiet...but then, struggle! A bright light as my egg shell burst apart, scattered in all directions by my powerful wings.  I hurried away from my protective mother, moving with a grace uncharacteristic of such a young dragon.  I was, of course, an extraordinary green, as all could see.  I went to look at the candidates (they of course thought they were getting the chance to look me over!) But they wouldn't choose for me--I wouldn't take any chances..  While I examined them, a foolish, paler green, Zadmith's first daughter, tried to steal my glory with her inferior moves. She moved cautiously across the sands to the center, near the candidates where I was standing.  I gave her my steeliest look.
Back off, I growled, and the next thing I knew she was at my throat.  Luckily, two girls, one very graceful and the other perfectly idiotic (I say perfectly because she fit in so well with her bond), came to pull us apart, hissing and spitting. I of course was much more terrifying.  I would have given her such a whoopin' was lucky Darci was there to stop me.
"Lilliveith, you know better than to do that! It's very rude!" cried Loenir. Puh.  Lilliveth, the perfect name for the perfect pansy.
"Ampeth," chided Darci, my bond, who of course was completely on my side, "just ignore her, you'll go your separate ways soon enough!" Isn't she smart?  An excellent observation and superb suggestion. Some strong men came and pulled us apart, finally.  I'm pretty sure the people watching us are wary of us to this day.
More Adventures!!
Ampeth stalked the Cathair that Lilliveth lived in with contempt. It was not nearly so lovely nor clean and bright as Cathair Utopian.  For some reason, Darci had brought her here...and she was actually speaking with Loenir!

Cathair Karath-