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Cathair Utopian


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3 Boys and 1 Girl

I feel so sneaky, you think to yourself as you enter Kolley's cathair.

PERSONA: Kolley, or K'ley
AGE:  20, now.
ORIGIN:  Danach
HAIR: Spiky, and black.
EYES: A sharp green color.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Pale skin, with smaller muscles than T'lekk, but he is more lithe than the stronger, larger young man.  A little bit shorter than T'lekk as well. Sort of an angular face (with a little bit of black stubble across his cheeks).
VOICE QUALITY: Kind of sharp and harsh. 
LITERACY: He is rather literate.
CLOTHING: Dark green pants, shiny black shoes, brighter green, long-sleeved shirt with a little blue-rider emblem sewn onto it.
FAMILY: His sister, Kitt, and his two nieces. 
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: He is 'straight,' and adored Tessar until recently, when he abandoned that vain idolization and now focuses on other girls.
PETS: Two chen, Glinter and Iraissar.  
SKILLS:  He is a good sword-fighter and paard/dragon rider, and very agile.  He is also a very accomplished weaver.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Weaving, swordfighting, courting, playing with his nieces, riding Yikmath.
PERSONALITY: At first, he was a 'bully,' a blunt, angry young man who was rather unkind but softened as he got closer to a person or got used to them.  Now he is much more rounded and mature due to imprinting and becoming an uncle, and his brother-in-law's death.
CLUTCH (@ DARK MOON) IMPRINTED:  #4, starry Zyranth & copper Tyrith

Just entering wherever I want, no matter whether or not I'm invited. Oh's my job. Still, it would've been easier to be a monk! They're very unobtrusive..
Your thoughts are interupted by a young man, staring at you angrily.
"What are you doing here?" the young man, who must be Kolley, asks.
You resist the urge to shout 'Doing my job you big evil numbskull! I get enough of this! Tessar's journal tells true!' Luckily, Kolley speaks again, in a voice less harsh.
"Ah. You must be the Journeyman Journalist we've heard about. Well, I doubt my cathair is unlike any other.."
"We'll see," you say, and brush past him, to his eating area. Surprisingly, the area is clean. A fresh pitcher of juice rests on a high, long table, elegantly carved with images of dragonchen. Carved roughly, strangely enough, is a fair picture of Tessar in the wood.  Kolley blushes.
"What's this?" you ask, smirking.
"Mind your own business."
"You're right. I shouldn't ask questions to which I already know the answer."
Kolley angrily glares at you, running a hand nervously through his shock of spiky black hair, green eyes narrowed. You put up your hands in submission, apologizing, and move on to his sleeping area. The bed is nicely made with well-sewn furs, and Kolley admits that he does his mending and clothes-making himself.
"I am, or I was, an apprentice weaver before I applied for candidacy at Cathair Dark Moon. I really like their dragons. It's a nice place. My friend--" Kolley frowns, and you almost feel sorry for him, "Well, I'd like him to be my friend. Tilekk applied at Dark Moon, as well as Tessar. Katt didn't. I just wanted to be with people I know. I'm more of a follower, than a leader.
"And, you know, though Tessar hates me, I..I've been sweet on her ever since she fought me and won, sending me home with a black eye and bloody nose, in return for the broken arm I gave her when we were younger. I'd like my dragon to catch her, if we Imprint. But I know she'd never..she wouldn't get caught up in the moment, like she would with Tilekk. I know that.."
"Aw, she doesn't hate you, Kolley...she just doesn't like you that much. It's more like she's used to you, than she likes you. She used to hate you, though.." you shut your mouth hastily. "Scorch it! Why'd I have to go and say that?" you mumble.
Kolley seems to have perked up, though.
"Really? Great! I may still have a chance!"
He finishes leading you through his cathair, and smiles, the anger gone almost completely from him.
"That wasn't so bad, was it?" you say, trying to coax an apology from Kolley, grinning.
"No, I guess it wasn't. See you later, if I Imprint."
"See you."
You walk out.

"Hey! Journeyman! C'mere! I Imprinted, just like Tessar and T'lekk! I'm K'ley!"
"Good for you!" you say with as much enthusiasm as you can muster, and enter to see a large blue dragon, blinking sleepily in the lamp-lit cathair.
"Hello," you say.
"This is a Journalist, Yikmath. They're here to write about you."
Interesting. I am sure there's much to write about. I am a very handsome and powerful blue. Much better than any wimpy bronze Riamoth!
"Yes, you are, Yik! And if you catch Iraith, you'll be much better than any dragon!"
I will try. Still, that is one thing I do not know about. Iraith prefers Riamoth.
"Well, she'll be impressed by your good looks and strength, like I was impressed by you!"
I hope so.
"You listen quietly to K'ley's 'outbursts', knowing he speaks to his dragon. A little put out, you leave.
"Don't forget about the Chase!" K'ley calls after you.


K'ley rubbed Yikmath down with oil until his blue hide was brilliant. He looked worried, and Yik nuzzled him in distress.
"Oh, Yikmath..I'm so worried! Iraith's chase is coming up. What if.."
If I don't catch her? There was a note of sorrow in the dragon's voice.
"Well..yes, I guess so. I don't want you to feel bad, Yik.."
I won' least, I won't after awhile. Focus on happier things, such as the births of your two nieces..Kitt's children turned out beautifully.
K'ley smiled, remembering.
"Yes, they did..little Brachet is so solemn that it's humorous in a sweet way..and Callilili is a prism of happiness."
I can't wait 'til the chase!
"Me neither!"
K'ley listened a moment..outside they heard a roar of rage, and looking out the window, they saw the gorgeous Iraith stalk from her cathair, Tessar, all defiance, close behind her, shouting..
"The chase.."
The chase..
Both rider and dragon whispered in reverence, and Yikmmath launched into the sky..

K'ley walked through the Cathair, a little bit dejected, for he hadn't caught Tessar..Yikmath, although also a little blue (pun intended), tried to cheer him up.
Don't worry about it, K'ley. You'll find someone better.
"You're kidding, right?"
No, I'm dead serious. You need to stop moping about Tessar, and find someone who cares.
"I guess you're right, Yikky..what we need is something to keep our minds off of the chase." K'ley patted Yikmath's shoulder, and Yikmath helped him mount, lifting him on with a helpful forearm.
"Thanks, Yik."
No you want to look at the small sands? I hear there are a couple of eggs at Dark Moon..
"Sure, let's fly to Dark Moon."
Yikmath nodded, and vaulted into the air. He flew tirelessly, and dropped down in front of Dark Moon's little sands. K'ley dismounted, and walked in. Yikmath waited outside, where he looked through K'ley's eyes.
Go on..I won't feel replaced. How could I, when a 'chen is about one tenth of my size?
K'ley knelt by the eggs, and chose one closest to him. He felt it shake; these eggs were hard, and due now. Someone standing nearby brought him strips of meat, and K'ley waited with bated breath.
Finally, a little tail poked was green! K'ley rejoiced in feeding his little lady, and pocketed her. She creeled, but then settled down, and slept in his warm pocket..
Hmm..I'm a little disappointed.
I'm not. Can we go now?
No. Ask if you can have another one.

"Excuse me, ma'am, may I Imprint another?"
"Of course, sir. Our limit, however, is three."
"I only want two, thank you."
"Very well."
K'ley this time chose an egg further away from him. His green chen stuck out her head, and squeaked at the quakings in the egg. K'ley prepared himself to feed; the egg cracked open..K'ley peered inside the tiny hole, not seeing anything. It was too dark..there! A shimmer of scale among the wet goop. A tired squeak issued from inside; the little chen was too weak to get out. K'ley frantically pulled apart the egg, to see the glint of a silver hide! He cradled the little chen to him, and introduced it to the green.
There, a silver. That's more like it!
Shush. A green--Iraith for example--is just as good as any other color!
I was just trying to get over her, but alright, if you say so. 
I do. The silver shall be Glinter, and the green will be..Iraissar

Oh, be quiet. You have the same infatuation!
K'ley went out to Yikmath, and got up, the two dragonchens asleep in his pockets, and they flew back to their cathair.



Yikmath crept quietly through his cathair. It was very early in the morning, and still dark outside, but he wanted to surprise K'ley. He had woken up an hour ago, and remembering that there were more fish in the sea, and dragons in the air, he flew down to Dark Moon and signed himself up for green Camoreth's chase. On the way back he had snagged a breakfast as well as some pretty stones and flowers, for the chase was to be the next day, and K'ley would still have some time to become aquainted with Camoreth's radiant rider, Callisto.
Yikmath slid into K'ley's quarters, hardly breathing, and snaked his long neck out until his head was level with K'ley's.
K'ley, he mindspoke, softly at first and then more insistently, nudging K'ley's dark-tressed scalp. K'ley stirred and Yikmath withdrew.
"What is it, Yik?" K'ley mumbled, opening one eye and gently patting Yikmath's snout. Yikmath snorted.
C'mon, get up, get up! I have something for you.

K'ley entered the center room of his cathair and sat down on a cushion. Yikmath followed shortly, and nodded toward the table where flowers, brightly colored, pretty stones, and handsome clothing lay. K'ley rubbed his eyes and glared suspiciously at Yikmath.
"Yik, what is this?"
You aren't pleased?
"I'd be more pleased if I knew why you were doing it." Yikmath sighed and curled up next to K'ley.
Rider mine, we've been sitting in this cathair for too long, moping about our loss. It's time we ventured out. I've signed us up for green Camoreth's chase, and we're are going to participate.  Yikmath's 'voice' was firm, and K'ley nodded slowly.
"Alright. Isn't her rider Callisto?" he asked hopefully, and when Yik nodded K'ley brightened and stood up.
"She's a lovely choice. I will get ready and go over to meet her immediately."

Dark Moon-