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Traveling from Tessar's cathair, you come across Tilekk's.

Cathair Utopian

PERSONA: Tilekk, or T'lekk
AGE:  20, now
ORIGIN:  Danach
HAIR: Dark brown, wiry curls
EYES:  Dark brown
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, and rather muscular; looks very huggable, and able to provide comfort and protection.  Tan. 
VOICE QUALITY: Warm and friendly.
LITERACY: Literate
CLOTHING: Usually goes shirtless, but wears loose, comfortable khaki pants.
FAMILY: He hasn't seen his family for a long time.  Tessar's family was like a family to him.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: Even if he was into exploring, it wouldn't matter, because he is deeply in love with Tessar.  
PETS:   Copper dragonchen Bronu.
SKILLS:  Actually, T'lekk is quite a good singer. He is also a good fighter, and rider, both on paards and dragons.  He is also very strong.  But he's friendly, good at making friends, and invites confidence; he can be very comforting and protective.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Likes to be with K'ley or Tessar, and his dragon. 
PERSONALITY: Friendly and confident, warm-hearted.  He likes people, and people like him.  Brave, but never rash.  Doesn't go looking for trouble.  A good judge of character.
CLUTCH (@ DARK MOON) IMPRINTED: #4, starry Zyranth & copper Tyrith

Upon your entrance, a young man, of about eighteen, with dark brown, wiry curls greets you with a smile, dark brown eyes friendly. He sees your map.
"I'm Tilekk. It's nice to meet you, traveler."
He glances at your map a little more closely, and grins widely, a warm grin, very friendly, that invites confidence. 
" you've met Tessar..."
You nod, and say, teasingly, " you plan to catch her dragon if you guys Imprint?" Tilekk's eyes widen and he blushes, taking it seriously.
"W-well..heh, um, I was kind of planning to..but, how did you know?"
"Oh, I was just teasing. I wasn't trying to embarass you."
Tilekk shows obvious relief, and gestures for you to sit.
"Tessar and I were childhood friends, along with Kolley and Katt, who came later. We'd always been close. I knew her parents well; her father was a kind man, a little strange, but nice. Her mother was an excellent cook, and did most of the cooking for the Keep in which we lived. She was very friendly to me, like the mother I never had..although I did have a mother, but because of her-" he coughs, "reproductive habits, she never had enough time for me." Tilekk seems to bristle. "Sort of like Katt. That girl..if there were enough men here, she'd be up to her neck in 'thairbrats. She's like a green dragon without birthberries! She thought she could seduce me...Kolley isn't nearly as bad as that serpent, that black snake. He is actually sometimes friendly. But Katt...! It's easy to see where Kolley went wrong.
"Anyway, I was very sad when Tessar's mother died, but Tessar was devastated. You'd understand if you knew someone like her., a couple of turns ago, a few weeks after Katt tried to kiss me, I found Tessar, in her bedroom, crying over a painted picture of her mother. I, um, well, I sat beside her, and held her for awhile, but it didn't seem to help much, so, I..kissed her. It surprised both of us. We're so young! But I am determined to catch her dragon.."
You stand, and remind Tilekk that you have only so much time, and that you came here to learn about him, and his cathair. Tilekk reddens, and laughs. "Of course. Right this way."
Tilekk leads you to his cluttered eating area. A long, thin sword lies on the table, amid a few half-eaten fruits. A half a pie lies, cooling, on the table as well. a jacket is on the back of a chair. A dragonchen, through all this, is flying back and forth over your heads. "My eating area is in the middle of a clean-up project..which I have never gotten to. C'mon, keep going."
You step gingerly past the mess, into his sleeping area. The same clutter is there, as well. His sleeping furs are twisted across his bed, jars and bottles cover the floor as well as a dresser, and clothes are thrown around the room, as Tilekk searches for his knife belt.
"You know, I'd like to Imprint at Cathair Dark's a nice place, and Tessar wants to Imprint there too." Finding the belt, he attaches it around his waist, and shows you out of the room, to the bathing room. It appears to be quite clean, until Tilekk guiltily reveals the fact that many bags of sweet sand and other items are stuffed under a table.
"Well!" you say, and scribble something in your notes. Tilekk chuckles at his cathair.
"Home sweet home.." he murmurs. The dragonchen, Bronu, lands on his arm and chirps. Tilekk strokes him, and feeds the copper a few strips of meat. The firelizard gulps them down voraciously, and you excuse yourself.
"Thank you," you say, "For letting me explore. And a tip: Clean up before you Imprint!"
Tilekk's ringing laugh follows you down the corridor as you leave.

When you next return, Tilekk is brimming over with joy and happiness. You notice the shine in his eyes that takes place when someone has Imprinted.
" Imprinted. Still planning to catch Tessar's dragon?" you tease. Once again, T'lekk reddens, but his grin is too wide to fade anytime soon.
"Yes, I did. Handsome, wonderful, powerful Riamoth! And he will catch Tessar's Iraith! Someday...Come see him!"
You follow T'lekk into another room, and see a large copper dragon, viewing you calmly.
"Hello, Riamoth," you say, politely nodding.
"Hey, Riam, say hello!" T'lekk smiles at Riamoth, and Riamoth nods back, deeply, showing a smile of sharp white teeth. You clear your throat, and sketch quickly the awesome image of the copper.
T'lekk..why has this person come? I must bathe soon, and then I'd like to eat.
"You just bathed!" exclaims T'lekk with mock surprise. You look up, startled, as you did not hear Riamoth's question.
I know, but that was two hours ago. I am itchy once again. Bronu is pestering me to take one. I do not think he should be so bold. Even if he is a copper, like me, he's small. And not so handsome.
"Vain lizard. You're just an overgrown dragonchen, yourself. Alright then. Journalist, I hate to dismiss you, but Riam wants his bath.  Farewell!"
You take your leave.



Copper Riamoth Caught Green Iraith!

T'lekk heard Tessar's fierce cries, both bewildered and determined, and rushed out to join the brown and blue riders, who thronged around the petite young lady.
"BLOOD ONLY, Iraith!" Tessar's admonishments and fierce mental strength easily won over her emerald beauty, and soon Iraith had finished her meal. She vaulted into the air, shimmering, and the males below her followed. In vain, so far as she was concerned. Riamoth was the last up, but quickly overtook the other suitors, remaining in back. T'lekk, with a joyous shiver of his heart, noticed that Iraith had eyes only for Riamoth--unheard of, as most females in Chase had only hostility toward the pursuing males. Iraith dropped back several times, but each time a blue or a brown intercepted her. She hissed in rage, and shot up higher. Three males had already dropped out. One more joined them. Soon, there was only a brown and her beloved bronze, Riamoth. She hesitated, her wings tiring, and strained to go higher..suddenly, she felt claws settle firmly, but gently, around her shoulders. Angrily, she turned--and was face to face with Riamoth's whirling purple eyes. Her eyes soon turned the same shade, and as Riamoth crooned in loving sincerity, she gave herself up to his larger form, completely. Below, T'lekk kissed Tessar gently, and then, with a strong urgency, he lifted her into his arms and ran into the room especially for them, while their dragons spiraled downward to the ground.

Birdsong awakened T'lekk, and he shifted under the tangled furs, realizing that his arms were around the slim Tessar, and hers wound tightly around his neck. She was shivering slightly so, careful not to wake Tessar, T'lekk moved the furs over her. He smiled fondly at her, and kissed her pale cheek. The results of the past day's event replayed in his mind. Riamoth's sleepy, smug voice entered as well.
I knew I'd catch her.
Well, since you're a bronze, I'd hardly expect anyone else to be able to outlast you! T'lekk replied.
Well..I wasn't sure if you'd be able to catch your mate. You are rather shy, compared to me.

Oh, shut up. T'lekk grinned mentally.
Tessar's eyelids fluttered open, and she smiled drowsily at T'lekk.
"Good morning, love," she murmured.
"A very good morning," sighed T'lekk. Outside, the two newly-paired dragons bugled.

Dark Moon-