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3 Boys and 1 Girl

Tero walked through the dim passageway of Cathair Dark Moon, wondering at the faint, sad, hurtful feeling further on.

GENDER: Female
AGE:  19, now
ORIGIN:  Danach
HAIR: Wheat-colored, and often pleated into many braids.
EYES:  Brown.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Small and limber and skinny, with tan skin. 
VOICE QUALITY: Cheerful, like a chickadee's.
CLOTHING: Doesn't matter, as long as they're in bright, happy colors.  And mix 'n' matched.
JEWELRY: Huge, silver hoop earrings.
SO/R: Doesn't care, but mostly fancies gentlemen.
SKILLS:  Loves to dance and sing, and climb.  Very limber, and was once a gymnast.  Very social.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Gymnastics, and riding Birith, and talking with people. 
PERSONALITY: Sweet and cheerful, always perky.

As she neared a doorway, the pained gloom and sadness hit her like a slap in the face, and she faltered, stepping back involuntarily. What was that feeling? Who could make such a powerful pain that it affected others as well? She had to know. So, creeping toward the doorway, she stuck her head in. Dark shadows whimpered sadly. Dragons! Why were they all in here, cooped up? And why were they sad? A woman approached Tero from behind, and guiltily Tero whirled around, embarrassment in her eyes.
"It's ok," said the lady softly, "That's the room for abandoned dragons. They were left alone by those who Imprinted them. I can imagine, from the feelings they give off, that it is indeed a horrible experience.
"Would you like to care for one of these dragons, try to give one a new life?"
Tero nodded, pride filling her voice, "I would indeed. How may I do so?"
"Fill out this form," the lady held out a tanned hide and ink, "and send it via dragonchen. Then we will decide whether you are worthy."
Tero did so, and once she could find a dragonchen, she attached the form to its leg, and sent it on its way.

You walk through the halls, whistling cheerfully. Stopping by a small doorway, you enter. A girl is whirling around the room, dusting, and several bright candles are lit. The girl's wheat-colored hair flies about, braided into many thin braids, and her brown eyes snap merrily. She stops her singing, and turns to face you.
"Hello, traveler. I'm Tero. Welcome to my cathair. What have you come for?"
You explain that you're here to interview her, and her cathair, in a way, and Tero's face is filled with glee.
"Well, the reason I have a cathair is not because I was searched, but because I might have a chance to save an abandoned dragon. Take a look at my journal (above) and you'll learn about the day I explored Dark Moon. Perhaps you'd like to go there? I have a map."
Tero brings forth a map inked on a tanned hide, and hands it to you. You pocket it and smile your thanks.
Tero shows you around her cathair, and you see the usual aspects of a hopeful candidate; jars and bottles and bags of numbing salve, oil, and aromatic rubbing sand, a few articles of clothing, and dragonrider gear. Nothing very interesting catches your eye, except for the fact that Tero painted the inside of her weyr a sunshine-y yellow, and a few splotches of paint dot her clothing, her face, and her unpainted walls. You bid her a polite farewell, and leave.

Walking, once again, past Tero's cathair, you hear happy singing..accompanied by the bugling of a dragon! You run inside, and Tero meets you. "Oh, it's wonderful! I did Imprint! So quickly! Birith is the only dragon for me..he's a blue, and he's wonderful! Come meet him!" Tero's many braids whip around her head, and she runs, tugging you along. You stop in front of a large blue dragon, his eyes whirling the blue of content. Gone from him is the air Tero discribed as a horrible, empty ache of hurtful sadness..the dragon is happy, happy, happy, with his new lifemate, Tero. Tero scratches Birith above his eye ridge, and he croons lovingly. Tero's eyes fill with a joyful tenderness. are the only one for me..
"I love you, Birith.." You can tell Tero is thinking fierce, unkind thoughts about the person who abandoned Birith, but under that thin layer of anger is an overwhelming love for her new friend.


I'm hungry..I'm going down to the Feeding Grounds..
"Ok, lovie, but don't gorge. I'll be watching you!"
Birith rumbled teasingly, then launched himself into the air, down to the Feeding Grounds, latching onto a frantic herdbeast, eating his fill. Tero watched, a mixture of love and a tiny bit of disgust on her face.
Don't be a pig, love..
I'm not being a pig..I'm just hungry, that's all!
I know, but you sometimes have the tendency to over-eat..

Fine. No use arguing with a dragon..
Tero snorted derisively, and stood.
Come on back now, lovie..
Just one more?
Birith whined.
Alright. Go ahead. But only ONE.
Birith nodded comically, and finished, then flew back up to Tero. She scratched above eye ridge, smiling.
"Even if you are the hungriest dragon here, and will probably eat us out of house and home, you're the best, most wonderful dragon around!"
I know, Birith agreed smugly.
"Except when you're being a show-off. Shards! A dragon's ego could fill an entire Cathair!"

You know, Zaith is growing up to be a pretty little green dragon..what I wouldn't give to be in a Chase! Even if it wasn't with her..
"Someday you will, Biri. And even if you don't catch the dragon of your dreams, I'll always be proud of you."
But I will..I think..I hope..Maybe..
Tero fondly patted the warm hide of her blue dragon. "Of course. Someday, maybe, you WILL catch your dream dragon. But for now, it's time to oil you down."
But, you know what I'd really like to do?
Ride on Hunt. That could be fun!
"I'll ask the Cathairte at Dark Moon. You may still be too young. We'd need to work on our flying skills."

"Biri! Guess what! You're going to-"
I know, I know..I'm going to try to catch golden Yukith. But where will that put you, if I DO catch her? You can't be Cathairix, can you? And there'll be no passion..unless you two are lesbians...
Tero gave Biri and good-natured swat.
"I don't know what'll happen."
I don't know even if I'll be able to catch her! Ewerth, the bronze, will be in the chase, too!
"I know. I think you can beat him! And if you can't, I'll always be proud of you. You can still participate in Zaith's chase, maybe.."
She holds not so much attraction for me now..I want Yukith!
"I know, Biri.."
Tero mused thoughtfully, a little sadly, about the outcome of the Chase..she hoped that there was a dragon out there for her lifemate..but she could never be involved, unless by a stroke of luck a male Imprinted a female dragon, such as a green, or a white.
I know what you're thinking.
"I'm sorry, Biri."
I'm not angry..just sad, because I was abandoned..I wonder, why couldn't you be a male, or I be a female? Because we can't. It's not possible.
"Biri, you're right. We should just win a Chase, and be happy for it-for you."
Thank you, Tero.
The blue dragon crooned, and looked toward Dark Moon..and Yukith.

"Biri, I'm sorry you didn't catch Yukith."
It's alright. It wasn't meant to be. Blues just don't catch queens.
Tero sighed.
"You're probably right. But I would love to see you happily mated.."
So would I. But it wouldn't last long.
Tero nodded.
"Oh well."

female avec male ou female

Tero burst into her cathair where Birith was taking a snooze.
"Biri! Biri, it's our chance! The one we've waited for!" Birith opened his eyes and trotted into the central room of their cathair, stretching.
What chance? Tero blushed and looked at her feet.
"Well..there's an X-gender Frenzy at Kshau Protectorate, and I signed us up. I would be a way to meet some women and men, and find us mates.." Biri chuckled uneasily. Truth be told, I'm a little bit frightened.
"So'm I."

After some hesitation, when the dragons and riders were summoned to the Frenzy grounds, Tero and Birith came.  At first it seemed strange and stiff, and Tero was frightened about what would happen..but all the uneasiness disappeared when the female dragons began to feed.  Tero mingled with the bisexual group, chuckling easily as she conversed with the other riders. When the females rose, Tero's heart swelled with pride as Birith quickly followed.


Tero laughed when Birith nearly crashed himself into a tree trying to get out from under Kailith's sweeping wings, and heard an apology from Okala somewhere in the pack near the observation ledge ropes. Meanwhile, Birith kept flying.

Two more dragons above almost dropped into the waters of the lake. Green Lastineth and night-green Serrith were both being hounded by their pursuers, a pack of blues. Birith managed to snake his neck around Lastineth's, dragging her upwards in a fierce but passionate flight.

While A'und was backing away from Carnage, he bumped into Tero, the rider of Birith. Sandwiched between the two women, who apparently were quite taken with the strong emotions of their males in the air, A'und suddenly realized that not only did he not have to worry about getting stuck with a guy rider as a partner today, he could just as well have both of these two!


Green Lastineth and blue Birith

-Dark Green Biurtonth bonded Nell

-Green Asgilth bonded Luvina

Dark Moon-
X-gender Frenzy-