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Cathair Utopian
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Drawn to the sound of laughter, you find yourself in front of another cathair.


PERSONA: Rubin, or R'bin
GENDER: Male, most decidedly
AGE:  23
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Artist and copper-rider 
HAIR: Wiry rusty hair
EYES:  Green
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Muscular and fair of skin, that tends to tan, strangely, with dimples and freckles.  A great, winning smile.  Fairly tall. 
VOICE QUALITY: Tenor and fair.
LITERACY: Not the greatest, but okay.
CLOTHING: Usually no shirt, no shoes, and khakis.
JEWELRY: Sometimes wears little gold rings in his ears.
FAMILY: His sister, Sevai.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: He's very straight, and loves the ladies. 
SKILLS: A wonderful artist. An incredible flirt.  
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Loves to paint, and do odd jobs, but most of all, he loves to flirt!
PERSONALITY: Very flirtatious, but shy about his artwork, which he tries to keep to himself.  A ladies-man, but friendly and nice with everyone, and despite his mischievous nature, helpful and gallant in some situations. (Gets on the Cathairte's nerves)

The wall is engraved with words, reading:

You decide to see if this Rubin fellow is home. Upon your entrance, you are set upon by a young fellow with a jaunty smile, fair skin, freckles, green eyes, and dark coppery, wiry curls.
"Hallo. Are you here to do the interview thing? Ok. 'Me casa, su casa'. I'm not sure if that's the right way of saying it..but, anyway: my home is your home. Feel free to explore." You thank him kindly, and set out on your exploration. Rubin follows you, showing main points of interest. "I'd like to Imprint at Talor Cliff. Wonderful dragons there..." A dreamy, boyish look appears on his face..but then he snaps out of his dreamstate, and begins to show you around. He takes you to the kitchen, where a kitten and a dragonchen share a slice of pie. He takes you to his room, which is filled with scattered hides, on which interesting paintings flow across the parchment. You pick one up. "Hey, this is really good!" you say. Rubin blushes.
"It's really my spare time, I get bored, so I paint." He takes the painting from you, but you don't mind; you just pick up more. A painting of a copper dragon, soaring high above Danach's Cathairs; majestic, powerful. The mountains above his home-land; breathtaking. His own little cathair, painted over and over from different angles. A cat. A few dragonchen. A pretty maiden with red hair.
"My sister, Sevai. If you've met her, don't be surprised. She doesn't often speak of me." Rubin grins. You lose interest in the paintings, when you see little clay models of dragons, painted roughly, but giving them a nice, down-to-Danach feel about them. Rubin bites his lip. "Another hobby.."
"Rubin, don't kid yourself!" you say, "You could become really great!"
"But I don't want to! I just want to be regular ol' mischievous Rubin, a flirt and a pest, but fun to be around. I want to eventually fight Tabriz...I don't really want to be known for my artistic flare." He grins awkwardly, and takes the models from your hands, and puts them away.
"Now, c'mon. Don't you want to look at--" You push his words aside, and investigate pretty bottles. They aren't ordinary bottles, painted brilliantly and strangely, yet they still hold ordinary things: aromatic scrubbing sands, oil, and numbing salve. Disappointed, you set them down, and pounce on his clothing.
"Fascinating!"  You smile as you pick up a jacket painted like the sky on a nice day, with dragons in the air, and brown leather pants painted with teeny dragonchen. Rubin shrugs.
"Those are my favorite pieces of art. If people want their gear spiced up, they can usually come to me.."
"What do they pay you?"
You repeat the question.
"Oh. They don't pay me anything-I do it 'cuz I like to."
"What!?! You do that for FREE?"
"Why shouldn't I? Most of the people around here are my friends. And the work gives me pleasure. Let's move on."
Rubin seems distinctly uncomfortable because of your interest in his art, and shrugs off the questions you ask about his artwork, so you stop bothering him.
Finding a tapestry in his bathroom, of the same pretty maiden as before, Sevai, this time of her with him, and his whole family. You smile, and ask about it. This time, to your surprise, Rubin grins.
"I didn't do that. I asked an interesting chap, Kolley, to do it for me, based on a painting I did. He used to be an apprentice weaver, but now he's here, to try to Imprint like the rest of us."
You nod, not so interested as before, and view his bath. It's carved out of a white, translucent rock, and attached is a little carven rock table. "Fascinating," you murmur, and sketch a picture in your notes. Rubin leads you further on, and mostly you just see a few tapestries and spatters of paint. You come to the door, and thank Rubin for letting you explore.
"I'm sure you'll make a great rider, if you Imprint," you say, and Rubin thanks you. You take your leave.


R'bin laughed at Calatinth, who woke up quickly.
What is it? said the grouchy brown. I'm very tired, R'bin, why won't you let me sleep?
"I'm sorry, Tinthie, but you were snoring! It was so funny, I had to laugh."
Do it more quietly, then! The brown snapped, and thought for a moment. And I do NOT snore!
Presently, Calatinth went back to sleep, and R'bin continued painting his image.


Catalinth spread his meager wings, and R'bin scratched the disappointed copper-brown above his eyeridges.
"It's ok, Tinth. Soon you'll be larger than the silver and black males, and only slightly smaller than the pure copper males."
Maybe even equal to a pure copper!

Calatinth roared, happy with his huge size.  ~R'bin, I have grown!~  "That you have!"

R'bin danced around, waving a paintbrush wildly as he attacked a canvas with vivid colors. The scene he depicted was of Naiya and Ambranth, the rider and starry dragon he and Calatinth would strive to catch. R'bin had no qualms or doubts, he was only happy that he and Calatinth could stretch themselves and perhaps get a little lovin' out of it...and the bonus was the beauty of Naiya and Ambranth. Oh, he hoped that they would like his painting! He would go to them that afternoon, and flirt a little, along with every other male in the place..

Talor Cliff-
However, it has sadly closed.