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Cathair Utopian

GENDER: Female
AGE:  About 19
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Candidate @ Vella Crean 
HAIR: Silver, straight and smooth, and down past her waist.
EYES:   Huge, silver and liquid, opalescent, with long silver lashes..
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  A tall, long, slim body, not lanky in any way.  Walks smoothly, like silk, and her limbs never seem to get in the way, although they are so long, like her neck and torso.  Large, long-silver-lashed eyes and small, silvery lips. Long fingers with long silver nails.  And, oh yeah, she's completely silver, but her skin is so pale silver that it seems almost white, with a faint sheen of irridescence.
VOICE QUALITY: Smooth and sultry.
CLOTHING: Shimmering silver silk dresses, slips really, that trace her contours but don't cling, and ripple and sway when she walks, making a soft 'swish' sound.  Glass and silver heels that seem to make her walk on air.
JEWELRY: Large silver hoop earrings, and she has many places to put them, as her ears have been pierced several times.
FAMILY: None known of.  She prefers to live solitary, if she does have family.
PREFERENCE/ RELATIONS: It is not known, since her manner is so cold and icy and she has never shown any love toward anyone but the moon.  
PETS:  Little silver fish that swim in her crystal fountain.   
SKILLS:  Singing: she can hypnotize.  And dancing.
PERSONALITY: Cold, distant, and icy, always silky smooth and sultry: you want her, you hate her, you can't have her.  Commanding.  She is perfection and she knows it.  Distant.  Assured and confident.

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Eighe stands @ Vella