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Cathair Utopian


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Joxim sat, huddled on her cot, dreading the moment that the dawn, inevitably, would break and she would be hauled from the meager warmth of her bed, to the tasks that lay ahead through the freezing morning hours to blindingly hot afternoons.


GENDER: Female
AGE:  21, now
ORIGIN:  Danach
HAIR: Indigo/purple.
EYES:  Tilty and purple with long indigo lashes.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Fragile-looking, but strong, and very pale with short hair.  Lanky.
VOICE QUALITY: A voice like a violet or an iris, if you can imagine that. 
LITERACY: Not very literate due to her years as a 'slave.'
CLOTHING: Long, dark dresses or skirts with strange bodices..vintage.  Boots.
JEWELRY: Small silver earrings and vintage chokers, etc.
FAMILY: None that she knows of, except Weetzie, who is her distant cousin.
SO/R: Straight.
PETS:   Kitten, Misfit.
SKILLS:  Climbing, lying, escaping, working, dreaming.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Dreaming, and riding her dragon.
PERSONALITY: Dark and morose, but if you can bring out the intelligence and sweetness in her, you're talented.

Tugging her small fingers through her mass of short, tangly dark curls, she blinked open her tilty purple eyes, and viewed the light tiptoeing over the horizon. With the light came a few dark specks in the sky, but Joxim dismissed those as passing dragons. She lowered her eyelashes, shedding long, feathery-delicate purple shadows across her lightly tanned skin. Joxim stood, and tugged on her leggings and soft boots, and an old, worn-out tunic. She tore at her stubborn tangles with a comb until tufts of the snarl-balls covered the floor, and her hair was still in knots. Joxim sighed, and sagged her shoulders, then shuffled out into the daylight, feigning sleepiness. A sturdy man overlooked the drudges like her, the runaways who had come to escape their tiresome daily chores in the Keeps, and met harsh tasks in the Cathair instead.
Joxim stumbled, and the crack-whistle of a whip, hurtling through the air, could be heard, as well as a slight, muffled cry of pain. Joxim bit her lip against her cry, and although a few tears gathered in her chest, thick and seething, she kept her salty ocean inside. -I wil not cry, not in front of them- she thought fiercely, though fresh blood stained her tunic and the welt was a painful one.
Joxim touched her bruised cheek lightly; the other day, while carrying her sweepings to the trash, she had tripped, losing the ashes all over a Lord. That had been a beating she should remember for sometime.
-If only I weren't so clumsy! Then I wouldn't get so beaten so often-
Carrying a tray of food into the mess hall, she spilled upon another lord, or someone of the same or higher rank.
-Why is it I always seem to miss the ones of my own stature, and never the important ones?-
The thought was quickly silenced by a few hard slaps, and she was sent sprawling against the wall, amidst shouts and laughter.


Retiring to the paard stalls, she patted one fondly. "You're the only ones who don't yell at me. And yet, one of you, while I brushed him, stepped on my foot! I believe there must be some sort of conspiracy against me here..I hobbled around for a week! No rations because I was too slow to get my tasks done before mealtime."
The paard nuzzled Joxim's face, and a few salty tears rolled onto its soft fur. Joxim finished brushing and feeding and cleaning up after the runners, and was about to leave the stalls, when a small 'mew' stopped her. Looking down, she saw a small, plain little brown kitten. It rubbed against her legs and purred, and Joxim could almost fancy it was grinning. She knelt and stroked the cat.
"Why are you showing me any kindness? Don't you know I'm a misfit, an outcast? The kind of person you throw in the mud, the cold rain, not the kind you purr about!"
The kitten took no notice, and Joxim felt its rough tongue against her hand. For the second time that day, tears came to her eyes. The cat was thin, perhaps in need of friendship.
"You're like me then, m'lass. We're both in the same boat. A rough time we be havin', eh?"
Joxim lifted the kitten into her arms, and placed it in her pouch, then continued on her way. The kitten's funny little face poked out of the bag, as if it were enjoying the scenery.


"I didn't steal the roast fowl, I swear it on my dead mother's grave!"
"Another lash, then, for lying, you little wench!"
A strong man lifted Joxim by her hair, 'til she screamed hoarsely. Satisfied, he dropped her after admonishing a few rough slaps. He then walked away, laughing rudely. Joxim glared after him and stuck out her tongue, rubbing a bruished shoulder. The cat, who she named 'Misfit', hissed and spat after the brute.
"Tis alright, Missy. I had to scream; otherwise, sometimes they never let you go. They ain't satisfied with no meager squeak, they aren't."
Joxim stood, sorely, and dusted off her clothing. "Frankly, I'm disgusted with this place. It's in my right mind to run away, again. If only I was more 'n a common drudge.."
Joxim grinned, and lifted her bag from its hiding place. Inside was the roast fowl of the argument. Hastening back to her room, she stuffed it under her cot. Wouldn't do for someone to find it..


"Who're you? What do ye want?"
Joxim stood, defiant, hands on her hips at her door. A young man, muddy, with an unpleasant grin on his face, stood across from her. He reached out and pinched her cheek.
"I just came for a bite to eat. Surely you wouldn't discourage a passing Journeyman that."
"Maybe I would. You don't know. I've scarce little to eat, ye know, as well."
"Well, if you won't share it openly, I guess I'll have to take something else of yours."
The crude man fingered her curls, and touched her skin, now lily-white, drained of all color, a little fear and anger in Joxim's eyes.
"What do you mean, both by your words and your touch? Be gone, afore I call the watchhund on you!"
The man bared his teeth in a grin/grimace.
"That wouldn't be polite. 'Sides, I don't think you'd have much say over what I mean.."
The man jumped her, kicking the door shut and muffling her screams.
'You ba-" Joxim tried to scream, but his hand went over her mouth. She bit and scratched and kicked, and Misfit tore at his clothing and face until flung against the wall. The man forced himself on her, until he was satisfied, then left, slamming the door behind him. Joxim lay, bruised, weeping softly, clothing torn; and her soul torn as well. -No one cares what happens to a lowly drudge- she thought, as Misfit came to and limped to where Joxim lay.

*Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep* "Phew. Oh,'s so hot here!" Joxim waved a kerchief around, mopping at her sweat. Her short hair was bound with a indigo bandana, patterned with stars. She sat on the steps, tired from the days work. It was midday, and the heat was overpowering. Overlooking the Keep she had been sent to, for extra work due to impertinence, she saw that many a drudge had collapsed. Standing again at a glare from a 'higher' drudge, she began again her monotonous work.
Since the encounter with the 'Journeyman', Joxim had been training to fight; hand fighting, kick boxing, sword fighting, throwing daggers, shooting arrows. "It's important to be able to defend myself, Misfit.." Joxim said, one day, and so she applied to be taught by some of the talented fighters in the Cathair, which had cost a pretty penny, and some ugly ones, too.

"I have to go to Cathair Dark Moon. More chores, I guess. I'll see you later, Misfit. Be good while I'm gone!"
Joxim kissed the brown kitten, and Misfit looked at her beseechingly.
"Shh, Missy. I'm goin' to put you in my pack. I don't want Ambrek to know-he might not want you coming."
Joxim lifted Misfit and put her in the pouch, just as Ambrek turned the corner.
"Shh..stay down...Why, hello, Ambrek! Time to go already?"
"Yes, Joxim. C'mon, mount Beliath. He won't bite!"
The Cathairix grinned, and gave Joxim a leg-up. Soon they had launched into the air, and Misfit mewed quietly, distressed at the rate of speed and height they were going. Then they vanished parallel. Joxim gasped breathlessly, and fought the urge to scream at the bone-numbing cold. Then they burst out, above the Cathair Dark Moon, and spiraled down to land. Joxim jumped off, thanking the dragon and his rider, and entered.

Inside the hall it was dark. Joxim couldn't tell where she was going. Misfit mewed, and Joxim set her down. The kitten raced on ahead, until turning a corner, she vanished. Joxim followed, and stumbled into a doorway. She was instantly hit with a wave of sorrow unlike any she had ever felt. A few shadows moved feebly in the darkness. MIsfit meowed and jumped back into the bag. Joxim stumbled backward, into the arms of a lady. "Excuse m-m-me.."
"Oh, don't worry."
The lady's eyes were clouded with sadness as she looked at the door.
"That's the room of abandoned dragons..currently there's only one. Would you like to try to save him?"
-A him? I thought females could only Imprint females..a dragon? I don't know..-
"Sure," said Joxim normally, though she was shaking with emotional pain.
-How can I be so calm, with this hurt tugging at my heart?-
"Thank you. Go back in, and someone will be with you in a moment. I need you to fill a form out.."

So Joxim became a candidate for an abandoned dragon at Dark Moon.

Joxim entered the cavern, and tripped over a dark blue tail. "Oh, Zyth! I'd never leave you! I'm so glad I found you!"
Joxim wrapped her arms around the dark blue dragon's soft neck, sobbing.
Now we'll never be alone again..and I will not be merely an object!
I am not alone! Zyth cried, triumphantly.

Joxim oiled Zyth, happily humming, no longer a drudge, but a Rider!
Hey! Think about the're spilling it all over the floor, and I'm still itchy
"Sorry, Zy..I'll clean it up."
No..finish me first..Please?
"Okay, you spoiled brat," Joxim teased.
I'm not! came Zyth's indignant voice.
I'm NOT!
Joxim just shrugged, grinning, and finished oiling Zyth. Then she fetched a rag and mopped up the spilled oil.
Zyth mock pouted, but the corner of his eyes crinkled, the bright green orbs twinkling.

You know, I'd like to be a Huntdragon
"I'd like to be a Huntrider."
Or I'd like to be in Chase
"Well, I'll sign you up, then."
Zyth rumbled happily, twitching his tail.
I know I could do it!
"I'm sure you could."

Joxim was working on a song, about herself before she Imprinted Zyth. It was a strange, melancholy song, and she wasn't sure where she had seen some of the words she used. It seemed that she had been reading a very old Record..but it was so faded she could only make out a few words.

"Runnin' from a terror
Deep inside my sould
'Round and round in circles
In a tupperware bowl

And the lid's on tight
The lid's on, lid's on tight
An' well, I can't see if it's
Day or Night
An' I can still feel myself, but I'm
Numb with Fright

Eyes wide with a fear
My hands pressed against my prison
Tears are wet upon my cheek
Hope's like a star I can't see to wish on

And the lid's on tight
The lid's on, lid's on tight
An' well, I can't see if it's
Day or Night
An' I can still feel myself, but I'm
Numb with Fright

Yeah, my mind's the padded room
I am my own cage
I hug my straightjacket arms around me
And hope to God He won't let me fade

And the lid's on tight
The lid's on, lid's on tight
An' well, I can't see if it's
Day or Night
An' I can still feel myself, but I'm
Numb with Fright

Freedom tastes so sweet upon my parched tongue
You saved me, when I thought I was doomed
Pulled me from the stifling plastic
Promised I'll never visit again that tortuous room
Of my mind

Sweet, Sweet Freedom!"

Zyth made a face. I dislike that song. It's too...dark
Joxim laughed, clearly, smiling.
"Well, hon, it's a song about me, before you rescued me, with our Imprinting!"
Oh. I still don't like it
"Okay, I won't ever sing it again, lovie."
Joxim grinned, chuckling, and Zyth sounded indignant.
What's so funny?
"Nothing lovie. Save your strength for the upcoming Chases!"
Very well The blue dragon sounded resigned.
Joxim patted him fondly.
"I love you, Zyth."
And I you


female avec male

"Zythie, would it be too much trauma for you if we..entered a Frenzy?" Zyth's head shot up, and he stared intently at Joxim, trying to read her mind. Satisfied, he relaxed.
I find that you are frightened, but not opposed to the idea. And that it has already been done Zyth mused, and Joxim laughed, turning scarlet.
It's fine with me
"Oh, good..I wanted to do it so badly! For fun, you know," she added quickly.
You need someone besides me to protect you, Joxi, is that it? Joxim shifted from side to side and nodded miserably.
It is alright. I agree with want a partner, and so do I

Joxim walked carefully among the hetero riders, glancing at the noisy men who watched their females fly above the clouds.  Zyth himself was already up there...Joxim shivered with foreboding.  Into her mind came Zyth's steady voice:

Worry not, rider mine..all will be well.

Joxim felt better and a smile crept across her face as she watched Zyth..


Down near the waters edge, Sharith had paused to scoop up some chilly water and douse her throat with it. While she was doing that, she failed to notice the deeply shaded blue Zyth from Danach who had swooped down from a group of blues and browns. They circled above, mentally cheering him on. The little Sharith couldldn't believe D'ani would let her be caught by this lowly blue so quickly - but he was ... busy ... with that pastry salesman. Leaving Joxim, Zyth's rider, a bit miffed.


Anel'inh decided to look for one with that dazed look on her face that said she was already enjoying the passion of the day. He found one, in Joxim. He liked the way her rakish clothing hung on her slender body, and she certainly had a muscular hard-work way about her. She was startled by the presence of the pale skinned man, but this time... Only this time... She seemed willing to participate.

Anel'inh had rather wished that his partner Joxim had remained for a while longer, but he too was feeling the exhaustion and the sun was in fact getting to him. Not so much his skin, but his eyes. Even with his half-human heritage he was still half-vampire, and the bright noon sky was too much for him to handle. He made his way back into the shadows of the Den.


Green Sharith and blue Zyth

-Dark Green Ackransayth bonded Cari


Joxim and Anel'inh

Dark Moon-