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AGE: 20
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Carpenter and candidate at the Healing Den
HAIR: Dark brown and wavy, just to the nape of the neck.
EYES:  Dark brown and big soulful puppy-dog eyes.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lystig has wide, strong shoulders and a angular, slightly stubbly face.  A long, buff torso and slim hips, with muscular arms and legs, big feet, and rough hands, gentle touch.

VOICE QUALITY: Low and soft.  He's a man of few words.
LITERACY: He can read and write but he doesn't have time for that very often, being almost always on the job.
CLOTHING: Rugged.  Mostly torn jeans, and hardly ever a shirt

FAMILY:  A large family full of cousins, brothers and sisters, mother, father, grandparents, etc.   They love him very much.  Of course, they don't know that he's gay--but would that make a difference? Should it?
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: Lystig is gay, but he is ashamed because he thinks that something is wrong with him.  He tries to be as 'manly' as possible so that the people around him won't point him out as the town 'leper.'  Currently, quite a lot of men and women are head-over-heels for him, but he is going out with a girl a little younger than him, to hide his sexuality.
PETS: Lystig doesn't have any due to his long, tiring work hours.  He wouldn't have any time for a pet.

SKILLS:  Hard work
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Working, sleeping, eating
PERSONALITY: Lystig is a shy and unsure young man, unable to cope with the feelings he has inside, afraid of himself and of the world around him--and the people in it who judge other people so harshly.  Other than that, when he relaxes he's smart, sweet, and fun.  Especially with close friends.


Lystig sat up on the roof of the house he was helping to build, enjoying a rest as the hot sun beat down upon his already sunbrowned form.  Sweat coated Ly's body with a sheen as the bright light hit it, and Ly breathed heavily from hours of hard work.  He drank thirstily from a bottle of water, wiped his mouth and took his trusty hammer out of the leather toolbelt around his waist, putting nails gingerly into his mouth while holding another one to the wood.
bang, bang, bang, the hammers of the other carpenters beat a rhythm as they grunted with each powerful swing.  Ly glanced around, looking for a place to drive his nail.  He finally found one, hitting the head until it was buried deep into the wooden shingles.
"Hey, Ly!" the voice of one of his comrades, Bill, carried to him from across the rooftop.  "We need some help over here!" Ly nodded obligingly and clambered easily over to Bill and the others.
"What's up?" he asked, grinning. 

Ted, another worker, prodded Bill in the ribs with his elbow.  Bill nodded and grinned not-so-pleasantly.

"So,'s it going on the roof over there?"  Ly looked around and shrugged.

"Pretty well.  At least as well as your roof is going," he said, pointing, with a very little laugh. Bill scowled but Ted smiled and slugged Ly's shoulder playfully. 
"Well, then, maybe you could give us a few tips, help us out a little?" Ly looked around carefully, and shrugged, grinning, giving Ted a playful slug in return.
"I guess so.."  Ly knew they didn't really want any tips.  They were fine roofers, and so was he.  They were also lazy, though, and wanted him to do some work. Luckily, it was almost his break time.  For awhile he helped the guys.
It was the end of Ly's day, and he thankfully went home to shower his sweaty body.  He grabbed a bus in order to get to his downtown city home, and sat down across from a young man.  The man was fairly buff, but wearing an outrageous suit of blue and gold.  His hair had massive over-gelling, and his eye makeup and rouge were a little too thick.  Lystig averted his eyes, blushing and hoping that nobody noticed him.  Unfortunately, the man across from him did.
"Hey there, sweetie," he purred in a distinct Californian accent.  "How would you like to go get a drink with me?"  Ly pretended not to hear him, but the man got up and sat down next to Ly in an empty seat. 
"Oh, come on, Prince Charming, I don't bite." He grinned, a dazzling white-toothed smile. "Well, maybe a little bit.  But I bet you'll like it."  Ly fidgeted uncomfortably.  He may have been gay, but the man who was talking to him was definetly not his type.
"Alright then, handsome, if you're not going to talk to little ol' me, call me."  Lystig was handed a pink card with golden-embossed letters.  It read:
Gaibuzi R. Johnson
Hair Extraordinaire
1022 NW Rainbow Valley Way
Ly sighed, exasperated and nervous.  He turned to Buzi and tried to 'explain.'
"Listen mister, I'm not gay," he said to Buzi, his voice soft and afraid. Buzi shook his head and patted Ly's shoulder.
"Of course you aren't, darling.  Come and see me, anyway."  The bus stopped and Lystig got off.  He would rather walk than be stuck with that Hair guy, any day.
At home, a twelve-story apartment, Ly trudged up the stairs to the eighth floor, down the hall, to number 813.  He turned his key in the lock and pushed open the door, turning on the lights as he entered.
"Delilah?" he called the name of his 'girlfriend'.  No one answered.  Which was fine with Ly, as he needed a little 'alone time' to get things settled in his mind--and to take a shower.
When Lystig got out of the shower, wrapping his towel around his waist, he realized that Delilah had gotten home.  The lights were on, the smell of chicken fettucini alfredo was wafting through the apartment, and jazz music was on low.  Lystig sneaked quietly to his room and shut the door very softly.  In a matter of minutes, he was dressed, in loose black linen pants and a white tank top that showed off his firm build.  Delilah had bough him the shirt; secretly, Lystig thought that Delilah was only dating him for his body--some people might have said the same about him dating her!  That was perfectly fine with Ly, as long as the charade kept up and everyone was convinced that he was perfectly normal.
"Delilah?" he called, peering into the living room, her favorite room because of the huge window that showed the entire city.  Sure enough, she was sitting on the couch in her blue silk pajamas.
Delilah had the "perfect" figure: a long neck, long legs, and the body of a dancer--which she was--but instead of the typical small breasts of most dancers, Delilah was rather well-endowed.  Ly, unlike other men, did not cherish them.  Instead, he envied her the ease which she had in her own skin, and could only guess that her breasts were some sort of padding for her heart--his was all too close to the air and exposed to pain.
Delilah also had an exquisite face, her silky, long blonde hair pulled back to expose her perfect lips and nose, blemish-free, smooth skin, and large blue eyes.  The eyes that she turned to Ly now, that were red from crying and still filled with tears.  In her hands she held the card that Gaibuzi had given to him earlier.
"Delilah?" Ly said, his voice trembling, "where did you get that?"  Delilah shook her head and wiped her eyes.
"In your pants pocket. Oh, Ly, this is Buzi's card, and he's the fruitiest man in the city!"  Ly cringed at the term.  "You aren't gay, are you?" Delilah whimpered.  When Ly didn't answer, looking away, she cried fresh tears.
"I should have known you were too perfect!" she sobbed. "Everything was going too well, you were too much of a stud and a gentleman at the same time, and you were always too tired at night..."  Delilah trailed off.  Lystig stared at his feet.  His secret had been uncovered.  All the protection, the lies that were his shield, had fallen, stripped away.  He tried to compose himself.
"Lila," Ly said, quietly, moving to sit beside her, "please, don't be upset with me.  You are a great person, sweet and beautiful...I-I can't help the way I am.  I never meant to hurt you, baby.  I love you, just not.."  Ly sighed, taking a deep breath.  "Please, don't tell anyone.  Tell them anything to explain our breakup...but not about this."  Delilah looked at Ly and smiled shakily.
"Alright, Ly," she sighed.  "I suppose we can still be friends...oh, but it was great for a little while!"  Ly hugged her as she cried on his shoulder.
She was gone the next morning.  Ly woke up to find the couch empty and a note saying she would be back to get her things when he was gone.
At work, Ly tried to let the labor beat away his fear, but when the guys jokingly approached him, asking, "Dude, do you know your name means gay?!," he couldn't handle it anymore.  He quit his job and walked through the city, down to the pier.
Lystig sat morosely on the end of a dock, his legs swinging as he contemplated the deep, blue water beneath him.  Many a sailor h ad found peace beneath its surface; perhaps he could, too.  Preparing to jump, Ly heard a shout: "Stop!!"  The voice was a woman's, and rather commanding.  (And crabby too, as if she had skipped her morning coffee.)  Ly turned around, guilt written across his face.  A tall and imposing woman stood there.  She was tan and black of hair, and she smiled with mingled sympathy and a no-nonsense look in her eyes.  Behind her was a dragon of green-gold hue, but the woman was almost more awe-inspiring than her companion.
"Lystig, is it truly worth it?" she asked, her arms folded resolutely, and her grim smile a warning.  The answer was clearly 'no,' and Ly shook his head.
"I can take you to a wonderful place, a place of acceptance," the woman offered.
"Sorry; I'm gay," Ly said, blushing at his confession.
"I know that, you silly fool," snapped the woman, but managed to smile again, rather thin-lipped.  "I'm Baeris, and you are needed at the Healing Den."

Two eggs far apart from one another shook open, one with a loud pop and the other with a shattering of brittle opalescent shell. From the middle of the sands, right up by the candidates at Roczath's nest, came a brown muzzled dragon. However, though it was obvious that he was a Ryslen descendant by his crest - that crest was a deep green color! He shimmied out of the shell, pulling his long legs and slender tail out, and smacking at the remaining shell with his wide wings. The dragon who pranced in front of the candidates was a brown on the front, and a green by the tail. Hazel colored wings were tipped in dry-leaf brown... It was like the other half-colored dragons, only perhaps more so?

"Nope, all male," Lystig exclaimed. The carpenter gave off a pleased laugh, "But you were right," he turned to Baeris, "I was needed. This boy is so confused! He wanted to prance around over by the girls, but I don't think that'd be the right thing to do." He turned back to the brown-green, and said, "isn't that right, Kynblanda?"

It's right, I suppose... the dragon seemed to sigh with too much wind taken out of his wingsails. But when they left the sands, he was right up again, bouncing and flirting with everyone he could see. Probably just to annoy Lystig.

Roczath and Zujirth's Offspring - Part Two

Brown Hazel Green Kynblanda (icelandic, crossbreed) bonded to Lystig

Though fully male, this dragon might be hard to convince to get into a mating flight with ... girls... He's very fruity, and a show off, and is the size of a bronze at around 45 feet long.

Healing Den-