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Cathair Utopian

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Time drops in decay
Like a candle burnt out,
And the mountains and woods
Have their day, have their day;
But, kindly old rout
Of the flre-born moods,
You pass not away.


Banshees have one of two purposes: to either soften or aggravate the sorrow of an approaching death.

She was a banshee of mixed her a death was cause for sorrow, but still, she often felt nothing when she wailed the death song...her kiss was cold and stole the souls of those she chose to love; little surprise, then, that her own heart had long frozen over since her existance began...her song was low and mournful, and wound like the wind over the hills and through the minds of the people. She was feared, revered, scorned, worshipped...

Banshees do not often make themselves visible. Reported sightings vary greatly in appearance. The friendly Banshee is sometimes seen as a young, beautiful spirit with a pale face, perfect features, and hair ranging from coal-black to golden; the eyes vary from blue to brown or black. She wears a long, white drapery, which falls below her feet as she floats. Her hands are raised piteously, as if bestowing benediction as she chants her warning. The hateful banshee is an ugly hag with features distorted by anger. Her face is wrinkled, her outstretched arms suggesting imminent doom rather than tenderness.

Myrn was a banshee of unsurpassing beauty..her wispy, mist-like hair fell around her shoulders, her grey eyes twinkled with hidden mirth never escaping past her eyes, or tears for those she mourned. Her dress hung past her feet, draped across her slim, pale body like a death shroud. Her lips were white and small with a fullness unequalled by any mortal woman. Her hands were small and cold, sending shivers up and down anyone unlucky enough to be touched..

The banshee is an inescapable being. She has no abode, only coming near houses to give warnings.

Myrn wandered aimlessly from land to land, crying out to the people warm within their every door her icy fingers tapped, she was turned away, tears coursing down her cheeks turned to ice...

Angry and bitter, she transformed into her ugly self, screeching and cackling at the people in the villages, satisfied as she heard their screams...
Quietly sorrowful once again, Myrn returned to her preferred shape, a lovely maiden with a blood-stained white dress, hovering over the green lands, she watched as twilight ran her rosy fingers over everything, then reconciled her domain to her dusky brother, who settled a blanket of darkness upon Danach, fondly, as if he were a father kissing his child goodnight. Myrn waved as Twilight and Dusk disappeared..Twilight returned the wave, silent compassion for the lovely, lonely banshee fated to wander Danach until her release upon her comely face. Dusk nodded to Myrn, a slow smile spreading across his handsome features..and then they were gone, and the feminine moons rose, scattering their minions the stars across the inky sky.

Myrn spent the night on a moon, wrapped in a blanket of clouds, stars getting caught in her hair..

Dawn came slowly, almost showing off her splendid, radiant colors, wearing a cloak made of the rays her brothers the suns spread across her shoulders. Dawn flaunted her pinks, her golden yellows, her reds and oranges. Myrn growled with irritation, cursing at the bright, happy Dawn. Dawn looked surprised and hurt, and left quickly, leaving the sky to her older sister, Morning, and eventually their brother Afternoon took over, glaring at Myrn and sending his heat rays down to hurt her eyes. Myrn gave him the finger, and disappeared in a swirling mist..

The evening found her wandering the mortal streets again, gazing at the milder Evening, whose light was fading slowly, with a darker cloak wrapped 'round his shoulders than the boastful Dawn, but with the same flashy bravado..Myrn found she did not mind so much, when Evening came around. He smiled sweetly upon her, and was almost as nice as Dusk and Twilight.
"Ah, Myrn..poor wandering child, so lost and helpless..what is it that you seek? The land of men is not for us, the land of men too meek..Forget your earthly wishes, come fly with us tonight..then once again remember you're the creature causing fright.."
Myrn's pearly tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Evening, why was I cursed to become Banshee? Why..."
But Evening was fading, his sad smile tender upon her cheeks as he kissed her. Myrn touched her cheek and managed to smile weakly back as Twilight and Dusk came to sit beside her, their soft hands upon her shoulders.
"Myrn, come frolick with us!" said Twilight, beaming at the banshee. Dusk kissed her cheek in a brotherly way.
"The stars are beautiful in your hair, Myrn..come and dance with us.." he whispered gently in her ear. Twilight giggled and took Myrn's cold hand in her warm, bright fingers, and the trio ran the mortal streets, then leapt into the air, stars singing to them, and the moons smiling upon them, offering a gentle bed. Myrn declined, for she, Twilight, and Dusk were going to have fun..

Myrn stayed with Dusk and Twilight as long as she could, before they both kissed her on her cheeks, held her hands, and pulled away, disappearing to sleep until it was their time again. Myrn sniffed, and she could smell pumpkins the distance there were candles and treats, and little children laughing and wearing strange costumes..Myrn floated to a young, lovely tree, and sat on the branches..instantly the tree froze, the sap inside of the trunk moving sluggishly...Myrn cursed, and kissed the tree, stilling its life forever..she petted the bark and the leaves until the mark of the Banshee would be clear to any mortal who saw the dead tree.
Suddenly, Myrn was seized with a deep dread and mourning, and she lifted from the tree and floated toward the feeling of death..she stopped in front of a small cottage..within a family knelt around an old woman, and prayed, tears wetting their cheeks. There was a young woman, and three children, and a young man. The old woman's breathing was shallow, and there were times when she seemed to forget to breath. Myrn wept loudly, and the young people within heard her song and cried with her. Through Myrn's tears, she sang a sweet song, and she floated through the wall of the cottage. The young people gasped in reverence and no little fear, for it was a blessing to see such a beautiful banshee. Myrn held out her hands to the old woman, her face beautiful and shining with tears, a sad smile of welcome beckoning the old woman. The woman sat up and got out of bed, smiling widely, seeing her own death and welcoming it, holding out her arms. The little children cried out:
"Grandmother, no!" and tried to go after her, but their mother, her face wreathed with smiles and tears, held them back, singing softly to them. Myrn sang, too, and held the old woman in a gentle embrace for a moment, and then kissed her soft, wrinkled cheek, taking her life. Myrn then gently put the body upon the bed as the old woman's soul blew kisses to her loved ones, and turned and walked through the door, hand-in-hand with Myrn. Once they were outside, Myrn turned to the old woman's soul.
"Welcome to eternal happiness, Maggie. You've earned it.." Myrn released Maggie's hand, and Maggie, with a last look toward her home, flew into the stars, her eyes shining as brightly, and the moons welcomed her with open arms...
Myrn sighed, a mix of emotion choking her, happiness and grief..

Dawn came, dazzling as ever, but this time she ignored Myrn, and came and went more quickly than usual, causing Myrn to laugh. Morning came and she looked sternly at Myrn until Myrn couldn't help but laugh, and then Morning left in a huff. Afternoon brought the heat, and Myrn cursed at him, until Afternoon send a particularly hot beam of light into her eyes. She screamed and disappeared, and wouldn't reappear until Afternoon went away. She liked Evening better, anyway, and sat by his side on the frozen tree, she blushing furiously as Evening sang to her, strumming on thin clouds and kissing her. He gave her a bright orangey-colored ring to wear around her finger, that changed color as he disappeared, from orange, to bright red, fading into pinks and purples until the ring turned black with little pinpoints of stars. Evening's eyes smiled at her for a moment, and then he was gone, leaving Twilight and Dusk to be her companions. Myrn sighed, happy for once. Twilight looked at her, mirth upon her face, eyes curious.
"Well? Feeling better, m'dear banshee?"
Myrn nodded and flushed a bright pink. Dusk pinched his sister.
"Don't embarrass her, Twi."
Twilight looked afronted.
"I wasn't trying to! I'm sorry Myrn." But a telltale grin stuck fast to her face, and it wasn't going away any time soon.
"It will be Halloween soon," said Dusk softly, his eyes shining. "We'll have a lot of fun then, won't we?"
"Yes..the mortal children have been preparing.."

Myrn played with Twilight and Dusk until they left, and she was lonely once again.
"Ah well," Myrn sighed,"the mortals are still at their Halloween games, perhaps I can join them."
Myrn floated toward the mortal land, where jack-o-lanterns lit the night, and the happy screams and laughter of children was music to the beautiful banshee's ears. Suddenly, a dark shape blocked her path.
"The banshee Myrn?" There was a human figure, on top of the dark shape. It seemed to be a woman, and she pronounced banshee with a slight lilt, so that it sounded like 'ban-ah-shee', a pleasant, sweet sound reminding Myrn of younger days when she was better respected.
"Yes," she replied, "I am the banshee of this part of Ireland." Myrn pronounced 'banshee' the same way, and Ireland was 'Ai-er-la-end'.
The figure and the human atop it came closer, and Myrn floated earthwards. The shapes landed, and came into the moonlight. Myrn smiled. A dragon stood before her, and a lovely middle-aged woman grinned down at Myrn.
"I am Baeris, and this is Dulath. Dulath saw you from our Healing Den, and she thinks you are worthy of a dragon yourself," Baeris said. Myrn's misty jaw dropped.
"Truly? You aren't just playing with me now, are ye?" Myrn asked, disbelief and hope mingled with a more pronounced lilt. Baeris shook her head.
"Come, banshee." Baeris held out her head, and Myrn shook her head with a tiny smile.
"I need no help, thank ye." Myrn floated silently up to sit in front of Baeris. The solid warmth of Baeris and Dulath comforted her; it had been a long time since she had been able to touch a mortal, and it felt nice.
~You'll be no stranger to the chill of parallel, will you, Myrn?~ Dulath's rich voice was no shock to Myrn as it echoed inside of her head, which she shook.
~Good~ Dulath tensed, and then vaulted into the air, toward the Healing Den.


Myrn had waited for a night and a day, and now it was close to All Hallows Eve. Tomorrow she would either return home, or stay on the planet of Danach..
"Please, please," Myrn prayed aloud,"let me stay here.." Evening, Dusk, and Twilight managed to gather together for a moment to wish her luck, and Evening stole a good-luck kiss, leaving Myrn as warm as a ghost could be. Twilight gave her a rosy wreath of cloud-roses, and Dusk presented her with a gown of silvery-gray. Myrn smiled, unformed tears in her clear eyes.
"Thank you, friends! When next you see me, who knows? I may be a lucky dragon-friend." Twilight, Evening, and Dusk smiled at her, and slipped away, leaving the night to seal Myrn's draconic fate.

"Myrn?" Baeris gently knocked on the door of Myrn's makeshift cathair. "I have a present for you." Myrn, excited, glided across the floor, from her window to the door.
"Did I hear voices in here, a moment ago?" Baeris inquired. Myrn smiled widely. -Ah, you are truly blessed, mortal, to have heard them! Not many humans are able to hear my friends speak; they can barely see them, or distinguish them apart from each other-
"No," Myrn replied as innocently as she could, wide-eyed. Baeris glanced around a moment, before presenting Myrn a dark-colored egg.
"Almost everyone else had Imprinted one, and I figured it would be nice for you, too. It's a dragonchen egg." Myrn smiled quizically, and searched Baeris' mind for the meaning. It came, and so did a grin to her face.
"Thank you!" Myrn embraced her, forgetting for a moment her own body's chill. Miraculously, it didn't seem to faze the woman, who merely smiled and handed Myrn meat, then turned and left, gently shutting the door.

Myrn was left alone with her egg, which started hatching. She sang softly to a mist-colored chen, and the stars and moon sang along with her..
"Why, hello, Banshee," Myrn grinned as Banshee trilled, and fell asleep after dining. The little chen was almost as cold as Myrn, and Myrn had the eerie-but happy-feeling that this was a ghost chen.
"You and I will get along just fine," she told the sleeping Banshee, and looked forward to the evening's events.

Violet-black Cassesth, out of Julanith; will grow to 20 feet in length

Cassesth gently batted at Myrn with her spikes, her eyes whirling a bluish-purple, and Myrn laughed as the spikes went through her each time, tickling her slightly. She hugged her violet-black beauty, finally sure that she had found her purpose in life.
~Of course you have~


Baeris Kshau's Healing Den-Halloween-