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Kitt and Mathos


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Cathair Utopian

You explore another cathair, until a young lady comes in and startles you.

Gender/Age: Female(d'uh), 21

Location: Cathair Utopian

Relatives: Husband Mathos, daughters Callillilli and Brachet

Physical description: 6'6", VERY curvy, VERY busty, long torso, long legs, long arms, long neck, long fingers. Small, heart-shaped face, VERY big blue eyes, very full lips, nice nose, long, slightly wavy golden-white hair.

Emotional/Mental description: Wild, sexy, dominating, do you describe someone like her?

History: She was a starry Rider before she and her dragon were attacked badly by a tabriz. Her dragon went parallel, and Katt became Kitt. She became more motherly, smarter, more sensitive, and sweeter. Her hair is beginning to gray with all the stress she's been through...later her husband dies.

Skills: Seduction

Although she seems noble and sophisticated, her manner is that of a flirtatious teenage girl. She wiggles and giggles in her tight dress, blue eyes shining. "Hallo," she says, "I'm Katt. Welcome to my cathair. And would you believe it--I Imprinted here! I Imprinted starry Kith. She's gorgeous, she is. C'mon and see her!" You are starting to get the impression that Katt is a very silly person, but you follow her anyway, to see the starry dragon. Starries are a rarity.
Hallo, traveler! Kith says in your mind. Like rider like dragon you can't help thinking. "Hello, Kith, " Katt says, grinning, and tosses Kith, who seems to be rather young, a piece of meat. Thanks, Katt "Yer welcome, love! What can I do for you, traveler?" Katt's eyes sparkle dangerously, and offer much more, if you would like, then the seemingly harmless: "How 'bout a ride?"
Not wanting to offend her, even though she's possibly a hazard, you accept, and Kith lumbers out into the sunshine. Katt mounts, then helps you up, and Kith, gaining speed, launches voraciously into the air, then steadies, and does loop-the-loops, while you hang on, yelling crazily. Then Kith shoots between the clouds! It's icy cold, and wet, in those cottony clouds. You lose all feeling but fear, and an icy, bone-chilling cold gnaws into your body. But then you're out, and soaring over Cathair Utopian. Katt finally seems to sense that you aren't having fun, and Kith goes back to Katt's cathair, and landing heavily. You dismount. "Aw, c'mon! It wasn't that bad!" Katt says, smirking. -Help- you think quietly to yourself. "Well, I've got to go, " you hurriedly excuse yourself and run out. "Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!" yells Katt, and Kith joins her in a spirited bugle.


"Darling, hurry! It's time to fly, m'love. C'mon!"
I am ready. You must get your gear on
"Of course. I'm just so..nervous. But we'll do fine, won't we?"
Katt donned her riding clothes, and mounted Kith. Kith launched into the air..

Beware! Horrific happenings ahead! It was Recorded by a startled Rider...

I was waiting, hovering in the air, with the others in my wing. Katt insisted on being in front; said it was her right, as the rider of a starry dragon. She was so stupid..such a pig-headed girl! And still is.
Anyway, the tabriz started attacking, and instantly there were flames all around. I shouted for Kith to go parallel; there were tabriz heading for her. The stupid dragon and rider swerved, narrowly missing them and barreling into me! We fell, until righting ourselves. I gave her a scolding, I did, but she only stuck her tongue out at me.
We flew back upward, our dragons flaming, biting, and tearing at the tabriz that escaped the others higher up. Again, Kith had to swerve. She would not go parallel! I learned from my dragon that it was because Katt was afraid of going parallel too often, said that it would mar her 'beauty', but it was really because she had had a bad scare when they were younger.
Kith had to swerve, and swerve again. I heard her unhappy roar. It was not good. A dragon should not be unhappy with their rider. She knew that they were heading for trouble, but was too faithful to that damned Katt woman!
Everyone heard the angry, frightened, badly hurt roar of pain, and saw Kith hurtle downwards, trying to pull out of her fall. She went parallel, Katt screaming, "No, no! Nooo! I told you not-"
It ended there. Unfortunately, they came back out of parallel. Into a large group of tabriz. Screams and moans of terror and pain filled our ears. It was horrifying. A ball of bloody dragon and rider fell toward the ground, going to fast to break the fall. Kith landed, and we heard the snap of her tabriz-scored body and wings. Katt was sprawled some distance from her poor, poor dragon. They were both rushed into Healing. Katt was saved, but not her face...Kith..Kith went between in the morning, and didn't return again.
A horrible day...

So ends this story of Katt and Kith. Kat still lives; a blubbering, tabriz-scarred baby, without her dragon, lost her mind.

Katt had never realized how much her brother meant to her, not until he had saved her..The day her dragon died was horrible, and she had wanted to die, but K'ley, because he had Imprinted a blue dragon and was more emotionally balanced, he stood by her, and steadied her, and helped her talk and think again, clearly, while his dragon--grudgingly, it seemed--spoke to her calmly, telling her that Kith would not have wanted her to suicide.
And now, plump again with a breeding before Kith's demise, Katt saw again her brother's touching tender care, even though she had not been a very nice person to him, or anybody. His dragon had changed his outlook and attitude on and about life. And Katt missed her darling starry dragon horribly.
K'ley walked into her room at the cottage she lived in now, smiling faintly.
"I was told you wanted to speak with me," K'ley began, a little nervously.
"Yes," said Katt hoarsely. "I did. I must make a solemn vow, to honor my lovely Kith. I shall always wear pink, now, and red the color of blood, for her shimmering hide and the memory of her death stained upon my mind...All who know me, I shall no longer be Katt. I am now, and forever more, Kitt."
K'ley smiled, bowed, and patted her shoulder.
"A wise and honorable statement, Lady Kitt."
Kitt's eyes teared, and she smiled, and gestured for him to go. She then waddled over to her bed, and flopped down, exhausted. Her belly was huge by now, and sent her blundering down the halls in a pitiful excuse for a walk. She closed her reddened eyes, from the same weeping she carried out day after day, and slept.
Kitt woke up many candlemarks later. She knew instantly that something was wrong, but she couldn't figure out what. It occured to her, then, that she was leaking.
"My water broke," she whispered hoarsely to herself, terrified. She had gone through the birthing process at least two times before, and it never got better. And now she was all alone.
The first contractions hit, and she grimaced in pain. Worse was to come. More fluid seeped out of her, as she heaved, laboring to give birth to the most stubborn baby in the world, she thought. Tears streamed down her face, when she realized that there would be no Kith to pace nearby, with her in her mind and cheering her on.
-And it's all my fault!- Kitt's brain screamed, as another bellow of pain exploded from her. She began spiraling downward into pain and depression, until she felt a pleasant euphoria, unlike any feeling before. She thought, quite clearly, -I'm going to die- but the idea didn't scare her. She meerly closed her eyes tightly, and rendered herself to the sweet freedom of dying.
"Kitt! Kitt, sister, it's me, K'ley! Kitt, I've brought a Healer..Oh, Mathos, hurry, hurry!"
A deeper, calmer voice replied, counterracting K'ley's worried outburst, "She'll be fine, K'ley. Her contractions are going well, and I just need to help a little bit..there!"
Kitt felt a bit uncomfortable, but she was still in her little utopia of nothingness, and although she heard the voices, she was uninterested..something seemed to be pulling at a thing lodged inside of her..she swatted at the things, and was surprised to find hands. Opening her eyes, she saw a handsome man, with dark eyes and hair, withdrawing a screaming child from her.
"Wha-?" she asked, and heard K'ley sigh with a relief that betrayed that he had been holding his breath.
"I'm alright," she reassured him, tho' she wasn't so sure..until she held the now quietly crying bundle, with light blonde hair and a very red face, and laughed out loud, kissing the top of her newborn's head. Mathos laughed with her, as well as her brother.
"Very good, miss Kitt. Laughter is the best cure..I must be going, now."
Kitt clutched at his arm. HIs face looked so familiar, but she couldn't place it. She must have seen him at a gather..
"Please," she whimpered, "Stay."
Mathos smiled, and sat down at her side. K'ley sat on her other side.
"Okay, Lady Kitt. I will stay for awhile."

Mathos ended up staying for quite awhile, as he and Kitt and K'ley became close friends. He decided, at last, to stay because Calilili--Kitt's daughter--was sweet, even so small, and he was fond of her. He eventually became fond of Kitt, as well, and helped ease the pain of her loss. When Kitt was no longer confined to bed, she and Mathos were married, and Mathos became the father of Calilili, a bright, sweet little golden-haired child, looking much like her mother. Kitt would always have the scars, but they healed well, and Calilili would trace them with her small, tickly fingers until she squealed with laughter when her mother caught her and pretended to eat her fingers.
The trio played happily in the grasses beyond Mathos' hold in which he lived. Calilili was taught to walk, and was a cheerful, energetic child. Kitt's two new beloveds helped ease the grief of her loss, Mathos was the rock that helped to steady her, while Calilili, the sunbeam, bound them together even more tightly. Eventually, Kitt gave birth to a second daughter, with darker brown hair and the serious dark eyes of her father. The addition--Brachet--made them the happiest foursome around.