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All the Hatchings will be posted here

Holiday Hatching


It was hot outside when the dragons first began their welcoming croon.  In fact, it was nearly summer, and well past the Terran Easter holiday.  Unfortunately, it couldn't be helped.  The eggs were incredibly stubborn; even now, a few of them were still a bit soft.  Of course, those were mostly extra eggs..

In addition to that, the candidates had taken their own sweet time in being Found.  It had been a long time.

The Sands of Utopian were decorated merrily with bright streamers of all different colors and plenty of holiday-themed goodies off to the side of the main sands, where candidates and visitors alike could help themselves to punch and cookies, and the candidates dragons could have a special feast of succulent young ryanth.  It had taken an equally long time to set up the sands as it had to get all the candidates in; R'bin had insisted on doing it his own way, and as a result it had to be done over many times to the cathairte's satisfaction.

Anaess was unusually snappy, although her own dragon was not a mother (she herself was awaiting that position).  She waddled with as much dignity and grace as possible into the stands, mopping her brow with a handkerchief.  Ambrek sat next to her, but was wisely silent; after all, no one wants to disturb a cranky queen, and a cathairte in a foul mood is no difference.

"Where the *%#$ are those fans, anyway?" she muttered darkly, scanning the dunes for the promised air-conditioning.  Apparently R'bin had forgotten them.  Oh, she would give him such a tongue-lashing...but later.  Now the candidates had come.

The candidates filed in, wearing the traditional multi-hued robes.  Most of those not in a stupor were grinning and hopping nervously from foot to foot.  Some of them searched the faces in the crowd, looking for friends or family. 

Leola and the entire Nutcracker group waved ecstatically from the stands to the dancer foursome, all with names beginning with the letter 'c.' Leola wiped away a tear and smiled brightly at her Danachi foster-daughter, who grinned cheerfully back, her Christmas flit yammering away on her shoulder--in her mind, of course.  The Pernese girl, Chilali, was not quite so bouncy.  She stood tall, quiet and thoughtful, her elegant chen perched solemnly on her shoulder.  She stared icily at the eggs, and wondered if they were much different from the Pernese type.  K'dron watched her carefully from the stands, a broad smile on his face. 

The Alyskyrian Clinton stood nearby, next to his moody friend Catoni, also Alyskyrian, who was cheerfully (although no one could tell how long his good mood would last) chattering with Rubiae, through her green dragon Maoith.

Good luck, o fickle one, Maoith/Rubiae murmured. 

Clinton looked carefully into the stands; then he cringed.  Yes, his foolish mother was there, blowing air-kisses.  He looked away, and busied himself with calculating how many seconds it would take for a hatchling to break through an eggshell...

Aeiou was also wondering this, for her mind was aptly suited to mathematics.  But she also wondered if her parents and brother would show up.  They had seemed so proud when she was finally Found..

Solar was looking around with interest, her golden ball held in her hands.  She was busy asking questions of Parta, who was answering as best she could (she really preferred to stare at the dunes, which were even better than chen dunes, being much larger), about Danach and how it operated and what it would be like to have a dragon, and so on.  Her father hadn't managed to show up, but that didn't seem to squish her excitement a bit. 

Nearby, a man was selling beer and pretzels to the crowd, and his best customer was the lazy, fat Bigun, who sprawled nearby and guzzled the alcohol with relish.  Anaess wondered briefly if the dragon would be sober enough to imprint, but she figured that was up to the hatchlings.

Znarfmid was one of the only candidates not smiling.  His black hawk, Shadow, was a substitute for a chen, and was as dark as the ageless young man.  His blue gem, worn round his throat, glowed like his clear blue eyes.  Only one other candidate was as silent and dark as Znarfmid, but he was much less human.  And much more deadly.

Sakraz the half-tiger journeyman lay casually on the hot sands, his arms folded and his lids halfway lowered.  He wasn't sleepy, but trying to affect a bored look.  He had not wanted to be Found, as he didn't really like dragons all that much, but had been given no choice.

Also of the feline type was Rannach, a panther who was as mysterious as the shadows.  No one knew why he was there; perhaps he had some romantic story to tell.

Gwynis and Kite stood together, no doubt thinking of some way to busy themselves during the wait.  Juillet Cuore, the matchmaker, was talking with them.

Nukalin was talking with Eclisp, the Eurasian Lynx/Cat, who, surprisingly, had no human form, unlike most of the anthro candidates.  Eclisp had taken a liking to the cat-friendly miner, and they were getting along nicely.

Last of all, but certainly not least, was the band, Sovereign Fate, standing with their greedy manager who had surprised them by coming along.  Bhargol didn't really intend to imprint, but figured if he followed his band, he would have more chances to make money.


The candidates were all there.  Now all they needed were the eggs to begin hatching.



Once all were assembled, the first of the eggs began to hatch.  It couldn't really be called hatching, not quite, because the egg really just weaved around at first and nothing came out.  But it was definitely moving, if a bit drunkenly.  Finally, it stopped wobbling around and quivered for a full ten seconds, until a yellow-green claw shot out of the eggshell and proceeded to claw the prison apart.  Finally, a yellow-green hatchling sprawled on the sands, blinking eyes that were no color any dragons eyes had ever been.  They were a sort of lime-green, magenta-ish color, and very hazy, as if the dragon had a slight hangover.  Of course, no dragon had ever had a hangover before--at least not one born on Utopian sands. 

The hatchling staggered to its feet and looked around at the candidates uninterestedly.  She--yes, it was a she, although possibly the least dainty green in known history--suddenly gave a cry of delight, and galloped across the dunes toward Bigun--and straight past her, into the beer-man.  She screeched delightedly as she snatched a beer from him, and proceeded to guzzle.  Bigun stared at the little dragon, a drunken smile on her face.  She snatched the smaller replica of herself from the sands.

"Good job, little Pubth," she said, and grabbed another beer for herself as she waddled off the sands.  Anaess looked after them.

"Well," she exclaimed, "that was very strange.."  Stranger was to come for there were still 20 candidates to go.
Next to hatch was a pretty pink one from starry Shirahath's clutch.  Hairline cracks spread across the egg's surface, until an equally pretty dragon managed to break the shell.  The hatchling twirled around, her cloudy pink hide, dotted with splotches of white, revealing the first "Valentine" hatchling.  For a moment she wandered in circles, getting dizzy, and trying to find the right candidate.  Finally, she meandered over to Gwynis, who accepted her with open arms and a merry laugh.
"Roseinsipiditeth, what a long name you have!"  Rosi, as she would come to be called, lashed her tail slightly.
But it is the best name, isn't it.  It was a statement, not a question.
"Yes, I supposed it is!"  Gwynis waved to her friend Kite and walked out to find some holiday treats. 
Another egg began to hatch, this time one of the rainbow Spiffy's brood.  It hatched quickly, pulsing for a moment and then shattering as a powerfully built blue-green dragon worked his way out.  Znarfmid was startled to find his gem pulsing in the same manner, glowing more powerfully than any time before.  He grinned momentarily and walked forward to meet the hatchling he knew was to be his bond.  Shadow glided along beside him.
"Hello, Ombreth," Znarfmid said to the hatchling, and the blue-green looked up at his lifemate.  The hatchling had strangely been born with a basket clutched in his claws; this basket held eggs, the plain brown eggs of a Terran chicken.
Greetings, said the egg-carrying hatchling in a deeper voice than would be expected of a young dragon, I suppose you are to be my bond.  I am sorry you had to kill those men.  But your clothes were more of a loss.  If you are ageless, am I to live forever, as well?  Znarfmid laughed at the rapid-fire way his dragon had of speaking.
"I suppose so, Ombreth.  We'll have to wait and see."
And I need help with these.  What are they, anyway?
Oh.  I suppose we must eat them, then...
Znarfmid's ringing laugh echoed long after he was gone.
All at once, three very quick things happened.
One, three eggs hatched at once.  Two took very little time in breaking the shells, but the third seemed to savor the time spent cracking his shell bit by bit by bit...anyway, the two eggs that hatched earlier held a cloudy purple-pink dragon and a golden dragon with jagged, fuzzy black streaks through its body.  The two hatchlings roared a challenge to each other, and were echoed by the two candidates that resembled panthers most.

Bhargol quietly fainted as Rannach and Sovereign Fate, the murderer, not the band, met each other with deadly claws.  Their dragons did likewise.  It is possible that someone would have been very badly hurt, had Cembaloth and Shirahath not intervened, each stepping between a pair of combatants.

Stop this foolishness, Cembaloth hissed at the two panthers, and the sight of the angry, red-eyed hulk of a mother was enough to make even Sovereign Fate sheath his claws.

Cut it out!  Shirahath bugled, and swatted the hatchlings apart.  Her child, the purple, obeyed sulkily, but the larger hatchling snarled defiantly and swiped at the starry before sailing off gracefully to Sovereign Fate's side.  The thief looked proudly down at his dragon.

"Assassinezth, it seems we'll get along nicely."

If your tastes suit mine, Assassinezth replied in a smooth tone, and it seems they do.

Rannach, rumbled the purple, who was female, in a gravelly voice.  Don't be deceived by my gentle appearance.  I am the one for you.

"Ah, Misterioth, you are as mysterious as your name implies."


Meanwhile, a steady humming filled Bhargol's ears as the third egg's hatchling reached his side.  He opened his eyes carefully, one at a time, to see a dark red, light orange dragon counting his money.  He sat up and stared in disbelief.

"Why Gloutonth, you little thief!" he exclaimed.  Gloutonth glanced at him but never paused in his counting.

Since you and I are one, it stands to reason that your money is mine as well.  Bhargol had to agree with this logic, but hastily secured his money for fear his dragon's claws would mar it.


Is it true that you don't like dragons?  Sakraz looked around carefully, and then down, where a purple-silver dragon looked up at him mournfully.  And you don't like holidays, either?

"I guess I didn't mean what I said!" Sakraz exclaimed, bewildered.  "You've proved me wrong, Feutreeth."


Next, a scaley, mint-green dragon with yellow-black wings found Eclisp among the candidates.

Hello, Fourrureth, Eclisp said, grinning.

Hello, Eclisp.  You are the first lynx, I think, to ride a dragon.


"What is with all the cats?!" shouted Catoni, throwing his arms up.  Rubiae laughed out loud, for Catoni himself was as lithe as a cat.

I don't have an answer for that, said an amused voice in his head, but I do know that you are perfect for me.  A dark green-purple hatchling floated over to Catoni.  He floated because in his claws were tightly clutched three balloons of red, green, and blue.  Catoni looked with surprise at the hatchling.

"Where did you get those?" he asked loudly.

My name is Changeanth...and I have no clue.


From Shirahath's clutch, a dark gray dragon with blue streaks through his body and wings looked around quickly before heading in the direction of the male candidates.  Halfway there, he bumped into a girl candidate, then resumed his path to Nukalin.

I am confused, the hatchling sighed.  Do you chase men or not?  Are you self-confident, or doubtful?  And why did you not kiss that girl?  the dragon demanded.  Oo, I am dizzy...

Nukalin laughed bemusedly.  "I'm not sure yet, Confondreth," he said. 

Perhaps we will know the answer when I am older.


A dark green, brownish-red dragon with golden splotches made her way to Kite.

I'm sorry I'm late.  We are not so far behind your friend.  Kite smiled.

"It's quite alright, Calmezth," she said, and took her dragon to the sweets.


Juillet Cuore tapped gently on the egg nearest to her, but jumped back with a shriek of surprise and delight when a light purple dragon with darker purple hearts dotting her hide popped out.

"You scared me, Allumetteth!"

You should not have been tapping my egg, matchmaker.  And isn't it time we matched you?  Juillet didn't have time to reply for at that moment a hatchling split her egg with a whistle like that of a flute, which spiraled down into a saxophone-like croon of pleasure as the egg shattered.

Rainbow Spiffy's radiant daughter of mixed shades of pastels, blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow, made her way to Prax.

"Univoqueruseth," the pronghorn gazelle whispered.

Yes, that is my name. I'm surprised you can pronounce it.  But that proves your worth, of course.


Were you really raised by caerlizards?  asked a hazy purple dragon with firework-shaped splashes of cream on her hide.

"Oh, yes, Feindreth, of course I was!" Aeiou said, giggling. 

Then why are you laughing?


Yes, why is she laughing?

"'Cause she's having fun of course, Sableuxth," answered Parta absentmindedly.

Well sor-ry for being curious.  BTW, if you took your eyes off the dunes for a moment, I'm sure you'd find me much more attractive to stare at.  Parta looked down at her cloudy indigo dragon and smiled.  "You're right!"


Enoi stood by, quietly observing the candidates, his bass slung over his furry shoulder.  He smiled slowly as a silver dragon with blue rings across his body stopped in front of him.

"So you made it at last, Plath," Enoi said, and the dragon nodded.

I wanted to wait until it had calmed down a bit, Plath said in a jazzy voice, jerking his head in the direction of the panthers (Sovereign Fate had chosen the meat over the treats).

"Good choice."


The hatching was definitely staring to slow down.  Where there had once been a frenzy of activity, there were now only six more eggs and six more candidates awaiting imprinting.  The spectators had taken the opportunity to eat, drink, and make merry, chatting with the new dragoners.




When the next egg began to hatch, Clinton was the only one on the sands. 

I knew I could count on you, said the dark red-green dragon, who had bright golden star-beams upon his Christmas-y attire. 

"You knew right, Heureuseth," Clinton said, and finally helped himself to the snacks.


"Can you teach me more about the world, Ensorcelleth?" Solar was asking of her teal, green-blue dragon. 

Only as much as you can teach me, Solar.  But when can learn about the world together!


A muted bugle came from a large egg from Cembaloth's clutch that was rocking steadily back and forth.  Suddenly a large, copper-orange dragon with brown streaks charged through the shell at Kmarks, knocking the big black lion down (with some difficulty).

"Hold on, Vaillanth!" Kmarks shouted, and chuckled as he got to his feet.


Leevi followed them, as her dragon, yellow-green Lacinath bounded gleefully toward the meat.

I hope this doesn't bother you too much, Leevi, Lacinath said as she ate.

"Not too bad, Lacinath.  It doesn't seem to bother you a bit!"


The last two candidates, cheerful Candida and solemn Chilali stood, side by side, smiling at each other.

"This is it," Candida whispered joyously, and Chilali nodded.

"Yeah."  She grabbed her friend's hand as they watched the last eggs hatch, from Quinith's clutch.

Both were feminine, you could tell that at once, in their dancer's bodies and the light way they carried themselves, in unison, as if dancing to music only they could hear...and the two girls.  The green silver with light-green splotches twirled up to Chilali.

"Sereuxth," Chilali murmured, sinking to her knees and wrapping her long arms around the dragon.

The red-green dragon with sparks of golden and yellow wingtips glided to Candida.

"Jubilerth!" she exclaimed.  Both girls stood, their dragons in their arms, and exchanged glowing smiles as they moved away, off the sands.


"Oh, wait a second!" shouted someone, "Please wait!" A boy, short in stature, with large icy blue eyes and black hair, raced onto the sands, panting slightly.  He leaned over as the audience looked at him curiously, his hands on his knees, ignoring them. 

"I guess those weren't the last eggs, after all," someone murmured, and the Cathairte, overhearing, nodded.

"Oh, that's just Finus," she remarked, and focused on an egg that was rattling around rather strongly.  Finus looked up as well, standing as tall and straight as gravity would allow, looking every bit the 'Commander' he was.

Please let that be mine, he prayed, his eyes never wavering from the splitting egg.

You're in luck, growled a silvery-white hatchling that stepped onto the sands and struck a military-perfect pose.  I am Luttaith, and my name means 'struggle.'  However, it should be no problem to make our names mean 'legend.'  Finus grinned.

"It may not involve snow, Luttaith, but I agree: we'll make history!"  He and his dragon marched solemnly, side by side, off of the sands.


"Whew," Anaess gasped.  "That was a trial I'm not anxious to repeat."  But she was smiling, her bad mood passed.

"Will someone please clear away these *%!#ing egg shards?!?!"

Well, maybe not quite.

It had been a good hatching, albeit a long-awaited one, anyway.


Kalorith's Hatching
It was G'ret who first alerted his dragon, blue Coreth, to the shakings of the eggs upon Utopian's sands. Kalorith and Univiel were, as usual, asleep.
Kalorith, darling...THE EGGS ARE HATCHING!!! Kalorith awoke with a start, hearing Coreth's voice in her mind. She sat dazedly for a moment or two, before the message actually made sense to her.
Rider mine, Kalorith said sweetly to the slumbering Univiel, I will give you TWO guesses as to what is up..and you won't need either one! Univiel's eyes opened instantly, and in a moment she was standing on the sands, breathing heavily.
"Sweetheart," said G'ret, embracing her, "the first egg is about to may want to sit down." Univiel nodded as Kalorith entered the sands and wrapped herself around her eggs, still sort of sleepy.
The ten candidates filed onto the sands; sadly, there were eleven eggs. For reasons Univiel couldn't remember, and didn't dare ask of the prideful Cathairte, who sat above her, smiling, the eleventh candidate, a boy named Ryder, had been denied the right to Imprint. Univiel sighed. A sad thing, but the Cathairte's word was law in Cathair Utopian. It looked like this hatching would be something like Umuminaenth's first, with a hatchling without a bond.
Unbeknownst to Univiel, G'ret, Ambrek and even Anaess, the boy Ryder had snuck onto the sands, and was sitting on the bottom bench, hidden by the audience, smiling worriedly beneath a dark hooded cloak. Umuminaenth knew, but out of pity for the new mother Kalorith and the otherwise doomed dragon child, she had not told her rider.
A murmur of approval rippled through the audience; the hatching had begun. A medium-sized egg began to jiggle and dance, and the candidates held their breath. A glistening black-red tail split the egg, the color of clotted blood.
"Yuck," Haven remarked, drawing backward. She knew there was no link from the dragon to herself; she couldn't feel anything but disgust for the red-black dragon who tumbled onto the sands, growling in rage at being contained for so long. His eyes whirled an angry red-orange, and he ran at a breakneck speed toward the female candidates, sending them running across the sands amid squeals of fright and pain, once the hatchling buried his teeth into Haven's leg. His mission finished, the bold young dragon, already huge for his age--and would perhaps grow to an astonishing length of 49 feet--strutted toward the male candidates.
"That wasn't very nice," scolded DAEMON, who couldn't conceal a smirk.
How could I allow that girl to get away with insulting me? She had it coming, the dark hatchling insisted.
"Ah, you're right, DEMONITH," Daemon growled, half grinning, half scowling at Haven as he lead the still fuming Demonith off of the sands to the eating area.
Haven scowled and rubbed her nibbled leg, but she didn't have long to dwell upon her discomfort, because the second egg had hatched. Kalorith looked fondly upon her daughter--who despite her delicate body, would grow to 25 feet--a normal green except for bright white flares upon the hatchling's outspread wings. The green wore a decidedly mischievous look upon her face, but the tone she addressed HAVEN with was as angelic as could be.
I don't know why my brother had to go and bite you, Haven. Oh well. We can go and bite him back, once I've eaten.  Haven grinned and winked at her little dragon, realizing that she had imprinted.
"You're right, ANGELITH. I can't wait to sink my teeth into something good to eat first, though."
The next egg was a dark color, with white veins running through it; it was no surprise that the dragon coming from it was a black and white dragon. What was surprising was his size; it was clear that this dragon would be nearly as large as Dreadth, maybe 45 feet in length. Kalorith smiled up at Coreth.
You are clearly a powerful blue...what other dragon of your size could sire such enormous children? the small starry asked. Coreth simply smiled, and rumbled happily at his son, who was walking uncertainly toward the male candidates. When he was almost there, he shook his head, and changed direction, butting his head against NYTHUNTYR'S leg. She looked down in surprise at him.
"RUFULTH? You choose me?" She gestured toward the boys, still unsure as to what the dragon wanted. "What about them?"
I don't hear them calling my name, do you? Don't you want to Imprint with me?  Rufulth stared at Nythuntyr intently, and the girl knelt to embrace the hatchling, a pleased look on her face. Univiel smiled and clutched G'ret's hand; that had been close.
The next egg splintered to reveal a dragon that looked much like his sister. A dark blue dragon, with a bright white flares on his wings gazed at the candidates, searching, it seemed, in vain for the one he wanted. The hatchling cried out, and Univiel held her breath--this was the hatchling that they would lose. She closed her eyes, when there came a roar of approval from the crowd! A boy with slightly scaly skin threw back his hood and leapt onto the sands, skidding onto his knees and wrapping his arms around the blue-flared hatchling, who stopped crying and nuzzled his way under RYDER'S chin.
"WAIT A MOMENT," an angry voice cried. Anaess stood up and glared at Ryder.
"I specifically told this boy, Ryder, NOT to come to the Hatching!" 
Anaess, said Edorth's rich voice in Anaess's mind, give the boy a chance--give Kalorith's son a chance.  Anaess looked at her dragon, at Ambrek, at Ryder, and finally at Univiel and Kalorith's pleading eyes. She sighed and shrugged, tossing up her hands.
"Oh, alright." Ryder gazed in adoration at his dragon.
"Ah, WAITERTH, I could wait forever just to Imprint you." Ryder stood, and carried his dragon to the eating area.
"And I could as well, COHOMENOTH," said another boy's voice. Univiel's gaze shifted to the male candidate ROAN, who had waited the longest for this hatching to take place. The dragon he addressed had come from his egg in the confusion about Ryder, and no one had noticed, except for the blue-black Cohomenoth's new life mate, Roan.
Don't forget about me! NYTSTARR heard a small voice, coming from the direction of a shaking egg.
I'm stuck! Nytstarr looked around, and then back at the egg, which was shaking even harder, like something inside was fighting to get out.
I-can't-breathe-I-can't-get-free! The voice was fading, getting weaker.
Nytstarr, HELP me! Nytstarr took a few hesitant steps toward the egg, and then ran to it.
HELP! Nytstarr hit the egg with her bare fists, and cracking it, she managed to pull off large chunks of the egg.
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she cried. The audience looked at the girl as if she were crazy, but Kalorith knew. The starry dragon took one look and bounded across the sands to her baby in need, and with one vicious movement, cracked the egg in two with her strong jaws. A white-orange hatchling spilled onto the sands, hardly moving. The baby dragon was small and fragile looking, her skin almost transparent, her lungs heaving. Kalorith backed away and Nytstarr gathered the pale bundle into her arms.
"Sweet one, AMOURETH, wake, baby, wake up," Nytstarr crooned, and the hatchling lifted her head, and opened her eyes.
'Starr, you came for me.  Nytstarr nodded, and carried Amoureth off of the sands. The audience breathed.

Kalorith bugled with triumph as the largest egg, a deep crimson, started quaking, rolling around the sands like a live thing.
My daughter comes! Kalorith shouted, and everyone could hear her, to their ears' discomfort.
For some strange reason, a sensation the girl couldn't put her finger on, STRAYA jumped into the air, feeling light as a feather. When she landed, she ran toward the egg, the certainty overwhelming.
The dragons around the sands started humming, and it was to this symphony that the first autumn-gold dragon was born. All in splendor, the crimson egg shattered into pieces, and in the center of an egg, poised liked a dancer, was a feminine hatchling the color of a radiant autumn leaf. Her head was held high, her wings were spread, and her tail was curled around one back leg. She took one look at Straya, and the bond was made.
"Why, hello PERFECTIONISTH. You took your time, didn't you." Straya beamed.
Well, was the haughty answer, although in a voice sweet as sugar, I had to. I wanted to have a grand entrance!  Straya laughed.
"It was grand alright!" Perfectionisth rumbled happily, and bounced toward off of the sands to the food.

The rest of the candidates shifted nervously as two eggs jiggled. They split one after another, and inside was a black-orange dragon, and in the other egg, an orange-black dragon. The black-orange dragon strolled leisurely toward JEDIR.
Hey! I think it's about time for a strong, manly dragon, eh? Jedir laughed.
"You may be right I think, LADYMANTH. Let's go see what there is to eat."

The orange-black dragon tumbled to KORIN, a merry grin on his scorched-punkin-colored face.
Allo! The dragon looked around.
Is my brother already gone, ay? Korin nodded, stupefied.
Don't you talk, ay? Korin nodded again, then grinned and found his tongue.
"Of course I talk..and you do as well, I see."
You SEE? You must have AMAZING eyesight, ay! Korin chuckled appreciatively.
"You know what I mean, Jollyth."
Yes, I do, ay. Know what I mean, ay? Jollyth's stomach rumbled.
"I do! Let's go."

The last two candidates, Taite and Nytblayze, grinned at each other nervously as the last two eggs started to split. As a red-orange hatchling wobbled on unsteady legs, 'Blayze went to meet her.
"Can I help you, RADIANTH?"
No! I can do it. The hatchling looked irritably up at 'Blayze, and her gaze softened.
Oh! I'm so sorry, NYTBLAYZE! I thought you were someone else! Please, help me.
Nytblayze nodded and grinned at Radianth as she picked her up and took her across the sands to the eating area.

Taite was the last candidate on the sands. She shrugged, both hopelessly and helplessly, and knelt by the egg, waiting for it to hatch. Her older sister, Anaess, smiled down on her from the 'bleachers'. Taite scowled and drew pictures in the sand.
How long will it take you to hatch, egg? she thought.
Not very about.....NOW! The dragon inside yelled to Taite, and the egg seemed to explode. An orange-white dragon danced breathlessly on the sands.
Ooch, owch, ow! This sand is so HOT! Taite couldn't help grinning.
"Well, let me pick you up then, Spudth." Taite giggled.
What's so funny?~
"Your name is Spudth?"
Yes--don't make fun of me! Taite kneeled and picked up Spudth, staggering slightly with the weight of her hatchling.
"Don't worry, Spudth. I love your name." 

Anaess and Ambrek congratulated Univiel and G'ret on the fine clutch, and Umuminaenth and Undasheth congratulated the new mother and father, Kalorith and Coreth. The newly imprinted youngsters and their dragons ate and drank and made merry. Outside a dark shape flitted across a orange moon, and the wind whistled eerily.

Straya--autumn gold FEMALE, Perfectionisth
Haven--green flare FEMALE, Angelith
Nytstarr--white/orange FEMALE, Amoureth
Nythuntyr--black/white MALE, Rufulth
Nytblayze--red/orange FEMALE, Radianth
Taite--orange/white FEMALE, Spudth
Daemon--red/black MALE, Demonith
Roan--blue/black MALE, Cohomenoth
Ryder--blue flare MALE, Waiterth
Korin--black/orange MALE, Jollyth
Jedir--orange/black MALE, Ladymanth

Umuminaenth's Hatching, the First Hatching of Cathair Utopian!!
It seemed that it would be another ordinary day. Umuminaenth was a bit fidgety in guarding her eggs, but that was the only unusual thing. Anaess was a few leaps away from the Sands, in her cathair, tidying it. Everything was peaceful.
Until Umuminaenth's triumphant bugle split the silence. Anaess's eyes widened, and she dropped her broom, running toward the Sands on winged feet. She called to the candidates, and they followed quickly after her, donning their irridescent Hatching robes characteristic of Cathair Utopia.
The stands filled with the people of the Cathair. Ambrek, the current Cathairix, scooted in next to Anaess, and held her hand. Anaess's brow wrinkled in worry; there were plenty of eggs-the leftover eggs had been transported to incubation, and would be used as prizes for the upcoming festivities-but a lack of candidates. She remembered that one of the girls, Shasia, had been accepted instead at Lasair Weyr, and that she had chosen to go. She shrugged, and decided to wait and see what would happen.
A minute later she was distracted by the worried shouts of the candidates. Umuminaenth was crouching over her eggs, growling angrily.
Umuminaenth, lovie, you have to let the candidates Imprint!
I know that! But these candidates are crazy. They've waited for months; who knows what they'll do to my precious babies?
Anaess laughed.
That's absurd. Move back now, before I call Undasheth to move you with force!
Umuminaenth's only reply was a snort, but she did move back, allowing the candidates to see that the first of the eggs was hatching.
It was a large egg, of a pearly luster. All starry clutches had that same irridescence, and this egg was no exception. Hairline cracks covered the oval, until it burst apart, scattering the shell far across the sands. In the midst of it all was a large, proud copper hatchling. He strode with great purpose toward the boys, who all stepped back-except for one.
Zentaril rushed forward, hugging his new dragon.
Hey, Zentaril, enough mush! We're s'posed to be proud and brave, not wussy. I'm Orkaneth!
"His name's Orkaneth," yelled Zentaril with a teary grin. He put Orkaneth down, and the two walked off the sands, because Orkaneth was hungry!
The audience was once again captivated, beause two more eggs were hatching. The smaller of the two split apart first with a tremble, and a the smallest green dragon possible lay on the sands, a dainty shade of mint. She rose to her feet, and staggered toward the girls, where she sat for a minute, taking in her surroundings. Finally, she nuzzled Tiki's leg. Tiki's plain, haggard face lifted into a smile of pure love, and she held the small dragon to her, whispering,
"She says her name is Peukath."
A minute after the bond was made, the larger egg cracked, and out popped a strong, large green hatchling, with irritated fire in her eyes, disgust at being cramped so long. However, the red was quickly replaced by blue as she vaulted into the air, and into Erika's arms. Erika stumbled backward with the impact, and grinned at her dragon's strength.
"You're a strong one, Barneyth, there's no mistaking that!"
They walked out, following Tiki and Zentaril to the food.
Meanwhile, two eggs were rocking in perfect rhythm. It was no surprise to Anaess that they split apart together; it was plain to see that these brothers had a strong sense of kin. The real surprise was the colors of their scales! One was dark and moody, the other brilliantly cheerful. They both knew who they wanted from the start, and strutted toward two boys.
The black chose Trenathew.
"Hatath," he whispered hoarsely,"you chose me!"
Of course I did. You needed me. We are alike, you and I..but I want to make one thing clear: It wasn't your fault, Trethie. A dragon knows these things.
Trenathew's eyes filled with tears upon hearing his old nickname, that his mother had once used.
"Thank you,"he whispered to Hatath, and carried him out.
The silver chose Kaladrin.
Hello, Kaladrin! I'm Tuveth!
"Oh, Tuveth,"shouted Kaladrin," I'll never have to steal again, for you are the most beautiful-"
Handsome, corrected his dragon.
"-handsome," grinned Kaladrin," treasure ever!"
I know..but if I EVER catch you stealing, your hide won't be worth paard droppings!
"Of course, Tuveth."

A huge egg was shaking. Anaess supposed that it would be a rare dragon, or a copper. Something of the sort. She had no idea how wrong she was!
Out of the egg two shades of purple fell, sprawled on the sands. It was a twin egg! Well, almost. One was purple, and one was lavender, but it was miraculous just the same! The twins bumbled toward the female candidates gracelessly. The purple dragon chose quickly, moving to bump against Tyup's leg.
"Persikath! How wonderful!"
But the lavender dragon took her time. Her eyes darted from one candidate to another, and she hesitantly stepped toward Aylara. But the girl knew that this wasn't right; she couldn't understand the lavender. There was no link.
"I'm not the one," she said softly, shaking her head with a smile. The lavender nodded her head slightly, and chose instead Calthandra.
"Are you sure you haven't made a mistake, Varifranth?" she teased.
Varifranth looked hurt and indignant.
I am NOT sure, now that you said that!
"Oh, Varifranth, I'm sorry, I was only teasing!"
The girls and their dragons moved across the sands.
Three candidates and five eggs remained. Ambrek was curious, because if that egg a minute ago was a twin, what was a fifth egg doing there? He moved onto the sands, and tapped on one. It made a hollow noise, and Ambrek's question was answered.
Another egg vibrated, and a silky pearl tail jutted out from the shell. The audience oohed and ahhed in reverance, for they could tell that it was a starry. The little girl starry backed out daintily from her eggshell, and turned gracefully to cast her aqua gaze upon the candidates. She turned back, as if asking her mother if that was where she was to go. Umuminaenth nodded, and pushed her child forward with her nose. The starry decided to walk on her own, taking mincing steps toward the last two girls. She moved her neck forward, very gently touching Morrigan on the leg to show her choice! A roar went up from the crowd, as Morrigan bent to embrace her new lifemate.
"Darling, darling Cembaloth, as soon as we're home, I'll compose a million songs for you!"
She gathered Cembaloth into her arms and waited to see Aylara imprint..
The last egg fell apart, and a green butted heads with Cembaloth, playfully, then ran toward the last candidate, who exchanged a pleased look with Morrigan, and picked her up.
"Generath!" cried Aylara.
The last two girls were forced to walk closely together on their way off the sands, because their two dragons insisted on playing with each other all the way to the dining room. 
Umuminaenth bugled sadly, for she saw that the egg, next to the empty one, was not hollow, for it shook with the rhythms of a dragon child. It split open, and a small starry dragon lay curled there, and sensing its aloneness, shook with tiny draconic sobs. The other dragons around the Sands moaned in sadness, and Anaess buried her face in Ambrek's shoulders.
"We should've put that egg into incubation..I knew Shasia wouldn't be here, and it isn't her fault, its mine, that this little dragon hasn't a lifemate.."
Ambrek patted her shoulder awkwardly, trying to fight his own grief.

Tiki and green Peukath
Erika and green Barneyth
Morrigan and starry Cembaloth-
Aylara and green Generath-
Shasia and starry Vanteth- 
Tyup and purple Persikath
Calthandra and lavender Varifranth-
Zentaril and copper Orkaneth-
Trenathew and black Hatath-
Kaladrin and silver Tuveth-