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Cathair Utopian
Oscurare and Panderra


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PERSONA: Oscurare and Panderra
GENDER: Male and female
AGE:  ?? and 19
ORIGIN:  Danach
TYPE: Demon similar to a vampire and a human
HAIR: Black and black
EYES:  Black and ice blue
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Oscurare is tall and buff, with pale skin and dark, smoldering eyes, that seem to burn.  He is incredibly strong and powerful.  And of course, there are the two little, cute fangs that often poke out below his upper lip (his lips are pouty).  He is like a James Dean or Elvis demon..and indescribably sultry.  He has an air of confidence and swaggers.  Panderra is lean and her hair goes down to her waist.  She is pale, and her eyes always seem to flash with cynical amusement or anger.  She is a beauty in a strange, ethereal way.
VOICE: Sultry and low, commanding.  Sharp and icy.
CLOTHING: Black and black.  Doesn't matter what.  Panderra carries a knife with her, though, and quite often a backpack littered with odds and ends, books, papers, and pens, and of course cameras.  She is always prepared.
FAMILY: Oscurare has no family, but Panderra is an adopted child and she doesn't like her family and is distant toward them.
PREFERENCE/ RELATIONS:  Oscurare is a lady-killer (literally)...and Panderra, she has a thing for dark, sinister guys.
SKILLS:  Oscurare can hypnotize, project feelings and thoughts, and read minds, and is powerful.  He can fight very well.  Panderra is agile and can project her thoughts as well, although she cannot read minds.  She is a good fighter. 
PERSONALITY: Sultry, smooth and silky, dark, and humorous in a way.  He finds amusement in strange things.  He enjoys toying with innocent people's minds, and making himself the center of attention.  Panderra is icy-cold and distant, and very wise and bitter.

Panderra awakened from pain-wracked sleep.  Obviously, she had not moved all night, and her body was severely chastising her.  She opened her eyes and stifled a scream.  Oscurare was in the room with her, smirking very slightly, as if amused at her disheveled state.
"So poisonous Panderra is not always as poised as it seems, hmm?" he purred, black velvet. 
Panderra made a face at him.  "How many times have I told you to stay out of my room?" she growled, smoothing her jet-black hair into place.  Oscurare, of course, was perfectly arrayed, wearing another ebony outfit that made the best of his sculptured alabaster body.
"Only a million.  And did you ever think I would obey you, fledgling?" he said, mocking her.  "Of course not."  Panderra bared her teeth at the demon, who was not vampire but close enough. 
"Leech," she muttered under her breath and got up to dress.  Oscurare watched the entire time; he could not be gotten rid of, at least not physically, so Panderra had learned to block him and simply forget about his presence.
You know, Panderra, it would be better not to fight me.  Oscurare's voice sifted through the mind shield, like sinister smoke, and gently massaged her mind. You could have great power..
"Yeah, right, power like you?  That's nothing I want, thanks."  Panderra had finished dressing and now applied black makeup to her face.  "You go just a little bit without killing someone, and you get weak.  Well, I don't want that.  Because you see, I'm strong without you."  Oscurare scowled, his fangs sliding out, over his bottom lip.  Panderra had to admit, it was hard not to lose her nerve, surrender herself to his hypnotic powers and join his list of allies, but she had made a promise to herself, and that promise was that she would not join him.  She could speak to him, travel with him, but she couldn't allow him the satisfaction of seeing her submit, to be a blood-demon.  She belted her knife, a knife of silver edge and black blade, around her waist.
"Get out of here, Os, before my 'parents' wake up," she sneered, and stalked out of her room and down the stairs.  Oscurare hissed at her and vanished.
Oscurare stalked the dark alleys of the city, searching for the one black brick that would re-unite him with his home.  He could have stayed on Danach, where Panderra lived, but his heart longed for the 'camaraderie' of the demon city, Chao.  He found the one brick and slipped into the familiar streets of Chao, and headed to the bar.
Inside, Oscurare ordered Lethal Poison, a drink as potent as its name, and quickly finished it off.  Panderra was on his mind again.  That girl could mess up his life, it was true, but it seemed too easy just to simply kill her and be over with it.  No, there was something about her, and he was determined to figure out what it was.  Besides, he attempted to fool himself, she was almost as powerful as him, being an experienced fighter, and she had that knife.  The thought of that knife was enough to make his drink taste bitter, and he pushed it away.

Both standing at bipedra evil hydra clutch...@ Cy Dragonstake~