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Cathair Utopian

Sevai bustled about her nest, working diligently to free her home of any dirt.


She frantically scoured the cathair for dust, and, finding no more, she hurried into her room to change. She found an appalling little amount of dresses in her room, but finally chose a nice green one that matched her eyes, and tossed it on. When modeling it in front of a mirror, however, it didn't look very good, so Sevai tried on a blue dress, twirling around and around in front of a mirror until she was satisfied. Tying her hair back with a blue ribbon, she decided it didn't look good, and let her hair fall past her shoulders after furiously brushing it until it was light and fluffy and the roots hurt. Deciding it was too boring that way, she picked flowers from outside, and put them in her hair. She then baked a lopsided pie, and made too much kaffee. None of this she noticed; she was too excited, because she had been Found, and visitors were coming that day. Breathing hard from exasperation and exhaustion, Sevai waited in the welcoming room, hearing feet upon the stone floor...


GENDER: Female
AGE:  18
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: A candidate at the Healing Den's X-gender clutch.  She also has worked on farms and is sometimes hired as a maid or babysitter at the Cathair Utopian. 
HAIR: Red-orange
EYES:  green
HEIGHT: six feet
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: With a curvy, slightly plump figure, Sevai's physique is nothing to sniff at.  She has light skin that burns easily, with a smattering of speckles across her face and arms and shoulders. Her hands are calloused and rough from hair work, and her arms and legs are muscular, although they don't betray it.  Her green eyes are small and brittle most of the time, although she is gentle with children and animals.  Her wavy red hair hangs down to her waist and is usually tied back because it frizzes easily and gets in the way of Sevai's work. 
VOICE QUALITY: Rough, husky alto, with a distinct Scottish accent. 
LITERACY: She has never had the chance to learn to write and her grammar is poor.  She has a little bit of reading skill, though.
CLOTHING:  She enjoys plain dresses that allow her to work, usually blue or green cotton.  She hardly ever wears pants, and is very modest.
JEWELRY: Almost never wears anything but small, modest earrings. 
FAMILY: Her brother, brownrider R'bin 
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: Heterosexual.  She is very old-fashioned.  
PETS: None, but she loves paards.
SKILLS:  Cleaning, children, animals.  NOT cooking.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Sevai cleans her home, and then she spends her free time working for neighboring families outside of the Cathair Utopian, visiting the paard stalls or betting on them at races, or sometimes she just likes to daydream and spend time with K'dron, and his dragon.
PERSONALITY: Sevai starts out a little gruff, but she is fun-loving and kindly with a hidden passion for paards, and a tomboyish streak that sends her running to play with 'the guys'.

Walking down the halls, you come upon another cathair. You enter, only to find that the lantern in the room has dimmed, and you can barely see anything. Stumbling about, you crash into something, and hear quick footsteps. An irritated voice with a strong accent attacks your ears, and you hold up your hands. "Och! You don't plan go awa, do ye?" Your eyes strain, vainly, to see the speaker, and answer, stuttering, afraid of who it might be, "W-well, I didn't s-see anyone, s-so I th-thought I'd l-leave."
"Well, noo ye see a bodie."
"No, not really," you say, craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the mysterious voice's owner.
"What? Ye canna see me? But I'm right here-oh, losh. I canna see ye either. Pretty dark in here, eh? I'll licht a lantern.."
An illuminating glow fills the cathair, and you glance around. A young woman stands before you, hands on her thin hips, biting her lip in amusement. "Now I ken ye can see me?"
"Of course," you answer, "I'm not blind!"
"Good. I was beginnin' tah wonder.." Her saucy tone aggravates you a little, and you begin to wonder whether it's worth visiting her..then you realize that you don't know here name. "Excuse me, but what's your name?" The maiden tosses her fiery red hair, green eyes flashing. "It's Sevai. I bet yer here to visit my dragon, right? Well, yer a wee bit early. I certainly hope I'll imprint a dragon--however, like my mother used tah say, 'Ye can dream all ye like, but remember--a bottleful of dreams won't buy ye anythin''. So I wish, an' I hope, an' in the meantime, I try to keep my cathair clean, and visit my cathairmates. They're a dull lot, tho'. The only one I can really chat with is' K'dron.." Sevai's eyes take on a dreamy luster; you could almost imagine she actually was in love with K'dron. Sevai abruptly returns to reality, coughing to cover her embarrassment, and straightening her skirt. "He's nice. Humorous fellow, an' all. He Imprinted ye know, at Wu. Blue Oroth. Cute lil' chap."

Sevai smiles again. "Don't ye think it would be nice, tah Imprint? I do. Anways, I'd love tah Imprint at the Healing Den. Richt nice dragons there. Speakin' of dragons, would ye like tah take a look around my cathair? Ye haven't really, you know.."
Nodding enthusiastically, you start to follow Sevai, when you trip over the broken thing. Looking down in horror, you find it to be--or, anyway, it was--a delicate clay model of a paard, in shards upon the floor. Sevai gasps, and kneels nearby the fragments. Several times you attempt to apologize; Sevai just waves your excuses away. Finally, her tears abide, and she turns toward you, fury in her eyes.
"Out, ye toom-headit bodie!  Ye gormless, doited idgit! Out!" she hisses between clenched teeth, and you leave the room. In a brief space of time, you wait for Sevai to admit you again to the rest of her cathair. At the end of the wait, Sevai enters, subdued, shoulders sagging. For the last time, you apologize, and Sevai barely meets your eyes.
"Aye, I see ye mean it, trav'ler. It wasn't your fault, I guess, as it was dark and you couldn't see. But, ye know, that was an old keepsake of grandmother left it to me, when she's been ten years now, and this is almost all I have to remember her by.."
She lapses into silence, and, timidly, you speak--
"May I see your cathair, now?
Sevai nods, and beckons you after her. You stand to follow her, and notice, as you pass through the receiving room, that there is no trace of the shattered paard. Sevai must've cleaned it up.
The first room you come to is clean and organized; Sevai says that it is her room. There are mixed colors of green and blue on the walls, as if she couldn't decide what she liked better, and her bedspread is orange. A roughly woven rug on the floor is green, and so are a few pieces of pottery, and some clothing, as well as a discarded dress on the bed. The walls are blue, and so is a lampshade, and her pillow, stuffed with feathers from the tikka-bird.
The next room is the kitchen, where a burned smell floats through the air. Sevai blushes.
"Twas a pie, but I don't think ye'll be wanting any of that. Nor my kaffee; I made too much in the first place, and it's bitter. Sorry, but then again I guess ye get enough food and drink at the other cathairs.."
Her face is a bright scarlett by now, ashamed as she is because she didn't provide better hospitality. You wonder at her mood swings-a minute ago she was furious at you for breaking a clay paard, the next she was subdued and depressed, and now she's embarrassed!
You pat Sevai's shoulder awkwardly.
"It isn't a problem," you say.
Sevai smiles at you.
"Thank ye.."
Sevai's kitchen is bright and cheerful, despite the burned pie, and in here she had no second thoughts about color theme. The entire thing was a cheery orange blaze, from the smooth rock table and counter, to the wall hangings with pictures of flowers, similar to the blooms in her hair.
After the kitchen, there is a large room, barren except for a stone couch, apparently the room for her prospective dragon.
After the dragon room, your tour comes to an end, finishing with a brief look at the first room you entered, which is furnished with a couch, chairs, and a table, as well as a desk in the far corner with Records on its surface.
Sevai smiles at you.
"Ye know, fer a nosey interviewer, ye weren't such an ordeal. Thank ye for providing me with some entertainment."
You aren't sure whether to take this as a compliment or an insult, so you thank Sevai in return, and bid her farewell.

Meanwhile the more timid green had come from her small egg. Though she was female, her wing sails were a vivid deep blue color, rather the opposite of the blue with green wings who'd hatched from that nest earlier. She poked around, her wings were long and straight, she would be a fine flier.

I am looking for
Sevai, which of you is that? I cannot see you!

A gasp revealed the girl from among the candidates. She clasped her hands to her face, and then bolted out to the dragon. "I didna think ye would speak t'me before we met..."

But I have... My name is

Bayonoth," Sevai blurted out, "I knew yer name! I knew yer name!" Excited one moment, solemn the next, Sevai and her green/blue dragon left the sands to find their food dishes.


Green Blue Female Bayonoth bonded to Sevai
Curious and small, this 18 foot long cutie will get her nose into just about anywhere she can fit.


Healing Den-