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Cathair Utopian
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Weetzie lay spread out on her bed, thinking.

Bored, boring, bore..there's nothing to do! 
Weetzie ran a slim, pale hand through her bleached white hair with pink tints, and blinked pale pink eyes, hidden beneath 'normal' colored eye contacts. She was strange-lookng, alright. She had been since she was a young gawky thing, made fun of by the other 'thairbrats. Fortunately, she had grown into a tall, skinny, lanky pale beauty, with funky ideas and tastes.
Weetzie bounced off her bed, and tugged on a soft pair of white leggings with pink fringes, a sleeveless white tunic with pink fringe, and a pink and white feathery headdress. She spritzed a cotton candy scent over her and slid sugary pink lipgloss onto her lips and smiled, smacking them and twirling in the mirror, making the fringe and feathers dance. 
Freakish, but still stylin', I guess.. she thought half-glumly, half cheerfully, sliding on lovely pink kitten heels.
Being an albino..well, you don't get to say that often. At least, part albino.
Weetzie walked out into the light, pursing her lips and squinting against the brightness. She noticed Joxim, the drudge, working nearby, and felt a flash of pity for her. She was, after all, a human being..what if that had happened to herself?
Walking on, she noticed that there was a Huntrider, come from the Healing Den at Baeris Kshau. Wondering what was up, she walked toward the rider, catching a snatch of conversation.
"There's one more slot for a candidate. It could be male or female. We'd like permission to view your Cathair."
The Cathairte replied, smiling, "Sure thing. I'll just let you look around."
The rider bobbed his head politely, then turned, spotting Weetzie. She waved, grinning, and the rider waved back, slowly, as if he was thinking. His eyes went hazy, and Weetzie realized that he must be talking to his dragon.
"Come here, girl."
Weetzie pointed to herself.
"You. Apparently you'd make a great candidate for gold Lurineth's clutch. C'mon, step quickly!"
Weetzie hurried toward the rider and the dragon, and was helped to mount. She grinned nervously down at Cathairte Inness, and waved as the dragon launched into the air and went between.
Soon they were at Baeris Kshau, and Lurineth looked Weetzie over.
Yes, I think you'll make a good candidate.
Weetzie breathed a sigh of relief, and was shown the eggs. Weetzie gazed at them, getting used to the thought that young dragons would come from it..
"Yes?"  Weetzie took a deep breath, fluttered her eyelashes in a most becoming manner, and smiled.
"I am a singer, and a dancer, and I'm happiest when I can perform.  D'you have a place where I can practice and put on shows?"
Baeris smiled.  "Of course.  It's not like we haven't had performers come through before.  It's right down that hall and to the left.  The large stage; you can't miss it."
"Thanks, sugah," Weetzie drawled pleasantly, and walked down the hall.
Weetzie set up her guitar, stroking the pink surface lovingly.  She had gotten the man-of-all-work, R'bin, to set up glitter and lights and speakers and a microphone for her.  He had also convinced the local drummer apprentice, Jiom, who was quite good, to come play back up.  Weetzie liked Jiom, more than R'bin.  He was dark and mysterious, with a dark lion's mane of dreadlocks and dark Hershey kiss eyes.  He smelled of cocoa powder and was dark and shining as he drummed.  And he played powerfully, moving his neck back and forth and biting his lip, looking good.  He was a little bit shy, but got friendlier and was a very polite gentleman, if slightly dreamy.  He sang really well, too.  Weetzie decided to offer him a permanent job as back-up vocals and drums when she had enough time. 
"Alright, Jiom, time to hit it!" she purred, and he nodded, smiling brightly, and starting to beat the drums.  Weetzie stroked the guitar strings, rippling music echoing in the large auditorium.  Weetzie nodded at Jiom and smiled, before starting to sing.
I had a dream last night that I held you
And you still seemed as handsome to me
But when I awoke I found you missin'
It's just another crazy dream for me

Crazy dreams linger on as I face an empty dawn
With no end to it all can I see
For I've surely reached the end
Lost your love to a friend
Just another crazy dream for me

Once you were mine and we were so happy
I never thought that the end soon would be
But now that you're gone, and I'm so lonesome
It's just another crazy dream for me

Crazy dreams linger on as I face an empty dawn
With no end to it all can I see
For I've surely reached the end
Lost your love to a friend
Just another crazy dream for me


I've got my life in such a mess
And I don't know what to do
How can I live in this ol' world
And be in love with two
If I said goodbye to my first true love
My heart would break in two
For I'm halfway still in love with him
And half in love with you

Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
My life's in such a tangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
What'll I do about you

I saw you at the movie show
Just the other day
But I was with my other love
So I looked the other way
I didn't want to hurt him
Couldn't bear for him to see
The way that I would look at you
And the way you look at me

Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
My life's in such a tangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
What'll I do about you
Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
Tra le la le la le la triangle
My life's in such a tangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
Tra le la le la le la ~ triangle
What'll I do about you

What'll I do about you...

Weetzie smiled at Jiom and he smiled back as the two songs ended and glitter cascaded down from the ceiling.  The small audience that had formed stood around and clapped.

"Thank you, we'll be here for a long while, dahlins!" Weetzie crowed, turning to gaze at Jiom.  They locked eyes until she turned away, blushing.

After Weetzie left to go to her cathair, guitar slung over her shoulder, she heard the slap of bare feet against the stone floor.  She turned around to see Jiom, grinning at her.

"Hey, Weetz," he said, softly.  Weetzie nodded.

"You were great," she murmured, "thank you for your help."  Jiom grinned wider and looked at the ground.

"Well, I was just wondering if you'd like to go to dinner."  Weetzie stepped closer to Jiom.

"Sure, sugah, that sounds perfect," Weetzie purred.  "When will you--"  Jiom silenced her with a gentle, warm kiss, that tasted like chocolate and sent pleasant tingles down her spine.

"I'll pick you up right now," Jiom said, wrapping his arms around her.  Weetzie smiled.

Not such a freak, after all...I've found the man of my dreams!!  They kissed again, and the moons left a silvery glow on their skins.

Weetzie Imprinted!

Weetzie gasped, stumbling onto the hot sands, hopping around to pull on her thin sandals.
"Ohh, ooch, owch!"
She stopped, for the first egg had begun to rock. It split open, revealing a very energetic green dragon.
"Oh, you're so pretty, Lankth.."
Realizing what she had just said, Weetzie jumped up and down with joy, as the little green came barreling toward her, and jumped into her arms.
"Slow down, Lankth! You'll run into a wall one of these days!" Weetzie teased, tears running down her cheeks.
I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry!
"I'll get you something to eat, darling, I will. Come on!" The two turned, and walked out of the Sands to the feeding grounds.

Weetzie, having settled Lankth down, and the green hatchling sleeping peacefully, a pleasant relief from her usual energetic activities, walked quietly out, across the Cathair, to J'om's cathair. She knocked on the stone sharply, and she heard the sounds of J'om's feet as they padded, barefoot, across the cold stone floor. She smiled indulgently to herself. J'om came to the door opening, and smiled at her.
"Kaith is asleep. You chose a good time to come..I hear that you Imprinted. Congrats."
Weetzie nodded, then wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him all over, to alert him of her need. J'om responded to her desires, and the result gave a great and unexpected pleasure to each partner. Kaith awoke and bugled.

After their loving, J'om and Weetzie sat, watching the stars come out. J'om sighed mightily, and Weetzie stared at him, wondering.
"Weetz, I have something to tell you.."
'What is it?"
"Well, Kaith will be in many Chases, soon..and I just wanted you to know, even if we catch them, I will still love you, with all my heart."
Weetzie bowed her head, her heart torn, and she sat that way for a long time, thinking hard. At last she raised her head, and stared J'om straight in the eye. The hurt he saw in her regard touched his heart.
"J'om, I can forgive you anything."
J'om hugged her, wrapping his strong dark arms around her, and kissed her. She kissed him back, and he lay her down upon the rock, under only the stars' eyes.


Lankth stretched lazily, yawning, her beautiful eyes whirling blue. She had grown quite a bit, and Weetzie saw her as a powerful, lovely emerald creature. Lankth eyed Weetzie as she scratched above her eyelids and crooned happily.
Now that I am grown, Weetzie, I can participate in my first and only Chase..but Kaith must catch me.

"But, darling, a green pursued by a bronze has happened only once, and she was the strongest green I had ever seen, her rider powerful and stubborn. Not saying that you aren't just as powerful and huge.."
I know I am not the biggest, but Kaith and I long for each other, as do you and J'om.

" can try. I'll tell J'om."


PERSONA: Weetzie
AGE:  19 now.
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Green-rider and singer/dancer. 
HAIR: Bleached white and sometimes tinted pink.
EYES:  Pale white, covered with contacts when she feels insecure.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, pale (albino) and lanky.  Very pretty, in a strange, powdery-pink way.  Loves pink...loves to wear it, especially as makeup.
VOICE QUALITY: When not singing, sort of a twangy, 'Southern' accent.  When singing, about the same, but softer, sweeter, more melodic and crooning.
CLOTHING: White or pink, glittery, strange. Whimsical.
JEWELRY: Any kind, anywhere.
FAMILY: Her distant cousin, Joxim.
SKILLS:  She is a good performer, and loves to entertain.  She is also a good shopper and surfer, and loves to do wacky things and hang out in L.A., when she can visit the Earth.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Riding her dragon, entertaining, being with J'om.
PERSONALITY: Sugary but wild, and funky chic.  Fairly flirty.  Knows what she wants. 

Baeris Kshau-