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Cathair Utopian


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4000 planets? Wow!

GENDER: Female
AGE:  19
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: A member of the Space Exploration Team, part of the program Ready, SET, Go!, which is trying to send choice inhabitants of Danach to the distant moons and planets. 
HAIR: White/silver, and very long.  Usually let free, but she ties it back when she's working.
EYES:  They change color with her moods, but the most common colors are brown, silver/grey, and hazel.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Very pale, milky skin, with long legs and arms and fingers and neck.  Boyish figure, with very little hips.  Can be very beautiful, but most would describe her as 'eerie.' Hardly ever wears make-up--if she does it is usually invisible or silver.
VOICE QUALITY: Strange, and whispery, as if echoing back from the mountains or the glaciers or the stars.  (Think Enya's singing voice..)  Can be quite loud or sharp when she becomes agitated.
LITERACY: She is very, very, very literate, usually, and incredibly smart, although she doesn't let on.
CLOTHING: Usually white...short dresses, dramatic outfits, high boots.  Her work clothes consist of high boots and a plain white suit edged with silver, that somehow fits her quite nicely.  She really prefers to be barefoot, but if that isn't possible she goes for eccentric clothing, especially shoes. 
JEWELRY: Sometimes wears large silver hoops in her ears, but mostly sticks to chokers or hair accessories.
FAMILY: Her father and mother, who were both scientists, who died when they first attempted to reach the outer space.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS:  It is hard to say, for Authry, because she is rather cold, but she does have a soft spot for her colleague, Endigo, who is her opposite and dresses in fact, she might even love him..
SKILLS:  Thinks and speaks quickly, and knows what to do in an emergency.  Works efficiently.  Knows quite a lot about space.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: When not off dreaming or scheming, she works very hard and enjoys her work intensely.
PERSONALITY: Sort of a workaholic, but loves to be creative and 'spur-of-the-moment,' when in that sort of mood.  She loves space and everything to do with it.  Like her clothing, make-up, and favorite colors, she is cold and icy and distant with those she does not like or does not know well (this makes it hard to know whether she hates you or simply doesn't know you well enough..).  Changes moods rather quickly; chameleon personality.  Sometimes hears voices..

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