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Cathair Utopian

*bong, bong, bong, puff, puff, bong, puff*


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ORIGIN:  Danach
CLUTCH (@ DARK MOON) IMPRINTED: #4, starry Zyranth and copper Tyrith

The sounds of the forge rang in Jaimi's ears as she pounded a small piece of metal into a shining dagger, with a semi-hard-to-make handle attached. The blade was sharp and strong, but a little heavy. Jaimi's SmithMaster, Levo, scolded her.
"Jaimi, let your arm fall with power, but control that power! The dagger that you make next must be thin, but strong, yet light enough so a mere babe could handle it."
Jaimi wiped a sweat-covered brow, pushing her copper bangs out of her green eyes.
"Yes, Master Levo."
She threw the heavy dagger into the flames, and started anew once again.
This time she tried to do as Levo had said, but she only mangled the dagger into a twisted shape. With a little work, Jaimi pounded it into a delicate, gleaming flower.
Levo glanced at her work.
"This is wonderful, Jaimi!" he exclaimed. "That's right. Delicate, but strong. Now, make a sword. No, first, take a break."
"Yes, Master."
Jaimi went outside, binding her short, straight hair once again, back from her face. A few boys about her age came forward, pointing and laughing.
"Look at her! She thinks she's a boy! No girl can do a man's work, wench. Leave off the forge and go to the kitchens!"
Laughter followed, as she glared steadily at them, fists curled at her sides. The boys smirked.
"Thinks she can fight, can she? Well, we'll let you try. After you're done with your work, we'll come for you, missy!"
Jaimi got ready to charge, when a voice stopped her-
"Jaimie! Come inside, now! Time for more work."
Glancing back at the boys, she growled,
"We WILL settle this. Later."

Jaimi worked hard on a long, skinny, delicate, yet powerful sword. When she finished with the blade, she worked on a more intricate handle. She made a lovely, if plain, silver handle, circled at the base with small metal hoops. Once finished, she walked outside, testing it on her first victim-a bush.
Balancing on small, light feet, she tripped a few times, waving the sword around crazily. Then she got the hang of it, and darted in and out, stabbing, swiping, ducking, hopping. Levo watched, nodding his head in mixed amusement and pride.
"Well done. Break for lunch."
Jaimi sat and munched on cold roast wherry and a juicy, sour fruit. She sipped sparingly at a small goblet of red wine, finding it not to her taste. Then, standing, she dusted off her clothing, and went inside with the sword to Levo's side room, where she worked on a plain black sheath.

After her apprenticeship was over, she went outside, buckling the sheath and sword to her belt, waiting for the boys.
They came, jeering, taunting her, until she started the fight. Fists flailing, they sought to overpower her, until they realized they were pummeling a bush. Somehow she had escaped and climbed a tree, then jumped down, to their heads, to the ground, standing before them, triumphantly brandishing her sword. It took awhile, but eventually she 'convinced' the boys it wasn't worth it to fight her, and they left, a few sporting small, bloody cuts.
Jaimi stood, smugly smiling.
-Who says a girl can't fight?-

Jaimi retired to her room early, worn out by the day's accomplishments.
"Hello," said a voice, and she whirled around, sword in hand.
A female rider and her blue dragon, stood, smiling.
"Whoah, hold on there. I'm Huntrider Cheche, from Dark Moon. This is my dragon, Raimith."
"Pleased to meet you, I guess."
Jaimi executed an awkward curtsey.
And you. I think you'll make an excellent rider
"Huh? Me? A rider?"
"If Raimith thinks so, I guess he's right. Let's go!"
"Cathair Dark Moon!"

Jaimi greets you with ill-disguised excited impatience.
"Hello. I don't know you, but I'm guessing you're the Journalist I've been told about.'re welcome to meet Eniath!"
You follow her into the cathair. A large brown dragon gazes at you and Jaimi.
"Hello, Eniath. Journeyer, Eniath surprised me, when he came to me. I have never met a female rider with a brown male dragon! But Eniath is perfect for me. Together, we're a team. A machine, well-oiled. I love him so!"
I love you, as well, Jaimi
Jaimi's face registers delight and pride, and she pats Eniath fondly.
"He's the best dragon around. He'll win Chases and destroy Tabriz for sure!"
You grin at her touching faith, sketch Eniath, and leave.


female avec female ou male

"Hey, lovie, we're entering a Frenzy, k?" Jaimi drawled, rubbing oil into her dragon's itchy scales. Eniath wrinkled his nose.
I guess I don't have a choice. Fine, then, he replied, sulking. Jaimi chortled.
"C'mon, you know you don't mind."

Apparently, the part-time smithy girl was having a wonderful conversation about knives and swordsmanship and how bashing things always made her feel better. Jaimi looked up at the sky, when her brown Eniath managed to quickly chase down the amazingly agile Kalinth. The big green from Cincanta's new clutches was certainly an impressive catch, and Jaimi glanced around looking for her rider. Not so she would be paired off with him, but so that she would at least know, wave to him, and... Well, there he was getting the preferred treatment by the dark-skinned girl K'ree. Jaimi turned her attention back to Cortan, and they got out their dragons' testosterone kicks in a privately sectioned booth.

One of the night-greens from Ryslen turned her wings up and soared away from her brown pursuer, Merrameth swooped out of the pack of females, and dove down over the lake to try losing the Dark Moon dragon. But it was no use, he was determined and strong, and she'd been flying for a while before he caught up with her anyway. Eniath was stocky compared to Merrameth, but they made a good long dance in the sky.

T'bias' reaction was one of startled amazement. It really was true, females really did give all their emotions right to their riders... Especially this one, and especially now! But, he noticed a little too late that Eniath's rider wasn't anywhere near the mixed-pairs area.

Night green Merrameth and brown Eniath

-Black-brown Peimolath bonded Nuadha

-Cream Khakith bonded Aurina


Green Kalinith and brown Eniath

-Green Matsuth bonded Keirya


Jaimi and Cortan (f)

Jaimi and T'bias (m)

Dark Moon-
Blue Jupiter-