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Cathair Utopian


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Gender/Age: Female, 19

Rank: Future Junior Cathairte

Location: her cathair in Cathair Utopian

Relatives: Older sister Cathairte Anaess

Physical description: 5'0", very skinny, very small bust. Long arms, small hands, long fingers, long legs, small feet, long torso. Very light golden-brown skin. Golden/white/brown tight masses of curls to the nape of the neck. Very large brown eyes, long dark lashes, thin arched light brown eyebrows. Oval face with soft, small features and pretty lips. Pleasant, alto/2nd soprano voice. Taite prefers tunics and pants in rich, bright colors to dresses. She also likes to wear boots.

Emotional/mental description: Despite a tendency to overreact sometimes, Taite is loyal and smart, with a bubbly wit. She enjoys the outdoors and daydreaming. She has a strong empathy with animals. Taite is very dependable, but she is also sometimes very lazy, and definetly not the neatest person in the world. Her cathair sometimes resembles a whirlwind of trash, clothing, and possessions. Add Spudth on top of that and you have a truly overwhelming mess.

Skills: Taite has very good animal skills, and she is very nimble, with a lot of staminia. She can run, climb, jump, and swim very well, plus she shows good control and balance when riding, paards or Spudth.

History: She lived in a family, and then imprinted Spudth and moved to the Cathair.

Notes and Special info: She can talk to animals!

Pets/Hobbies/Possessions: She has a cat, a canine, and Spudth..her hobbies include riding, hunting, and having fun in general. She has several important possessions, mostly figurines of animals.

Taite laughed and danced through her cathair. Her wait at the Halloween hatching of Cathair Utopian had paid off! Now she was the rider of the orange-white Spudth!


Taite Imprinted from Cathair Utopian's Halloween clutch.