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Cathair Utopian


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"Rubin! Rubin, where are you?"


PERSONA: Zeriel, or Z'riel
GENDER: male
AGE:  21, now
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK: Copper-rider 
HAIR: Long and green. It makes many younger people of the Cathair envious.  Z'riel loves it and brushes it often.
EYES:  Teal-green.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, with slightly sharp, pointed 'elven' ears.  Not a whole lot of muscle, but he is very agile.  Pale skin and a trim waist. 
VOICE QUALITY: Very musical and 'elven,' as he is sort of partially elven.  It sounds
CLOTHING: Boots, tan pants, dark brown vest with a large belt.
FAMILY: Has a sister.
SO/R:  Fancies ladies.
SKILLS:  He is incredibly agile, especially at climbing trees, and that makes him a good Rider as well.
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Loves to climb, and be among green things.  Also likes hanging out with R'bin and riding his dragon, or exploring the Cathair and its grounds.

Zeriel, seventeen years of age, searched for his best friend, Rubin, among the lower halls of Utopian. How would he get to Cathair Dark Moon, if he didn't have his friend, and fellow explorer, by his side?
"RUBIN!" Zeriel ran through the Halls, and was suddenly caught by Ambrek.
"Whoah, there, Zeriel! C'mon, we've got to get to Dark Moon before nightfall."
"But I can't find Rubin!"
"Rubin had to stay home, today. Something about a Huntrider from another Cathair. He said to go on without him."
Zeriel sagged, but sadly followed Ambrek, the Cathairix, out the door. Ambrek helped him mount Undasheth, and they launched into the air, going between.
Bursting from between, Undasheth circled above Dark Moon, letting Zeriel get a good look. Zeriel tilted his head to the side, long tinted-green hair, the envy of many a 'thairbrat, whipping about his shoulders. Beliath landed, and Zeriel hopped the distance to the ground, crouching as he landed. He waved a thankful farewell to Ambrek and Beliath, then turned and entered the Cathair.
Oh well, he thought, it'll still be neat, even without Rubin.

Going past a doorway, Zeriel was hit with an awesomely powerful blast of sadness. He poked his head through the doorway; small, dark shapes moved feebly within the room. A woman tapped his shoulder, and he spun around guiltily.
"It's ok. That's the room for abandoned dragons. There are currently three."
Zeriel was stunned. Why would anyone want to abandon a dragon? It was hard enough to Imprint...
The woman saw his agitation, and smiled weakly.
"Would you like to try to save one of the abandoned dragons?"
Zeriel nodded, speechless.
"Well, then. Fill out this form, and return it to me. I'll see what I can do."

And so, Zeriel became a candidate for an abandoned dragon. He pledged that he would take good care of whatever dragon he received.

Zeriel stepped inside the cavern, walking past dim shapes of many dragons. Another young man, Janiual, stopped suddenly, kneeling in joy, murmuring the name of his new blue dragon, Cyllanth. Zeriel frowned slightly, but congratulated Janiual, and kept going, hoping that his lifemate was in there..
Are you going to leave me here?
"Who's that?" Zeriel asked quietly. The voice in his mind had been a rich, warm voice, yet tinged with a metallic edge of hurt and disappointment; it touched his heart, his soul. A link seemed to connect him to the voice, and he knelt, by a copper tail and body and head, with shining green eyes, dimmed by their loss, brightened by their saviour's coming. The copper dragon rubbed against him, crooning, and Z'riel threw his arms around the soft neck, tears running down his cheeks.
"Oh, Ewerth, Ewerth, I'd NEVER leave you here, alone, and you'll never be alone again! I'll never be alone..."
The copper and his new lifemate rose, and left, smiling peaceably. Ambrek came to take them back, and expressed great joy and pride to see one of his Cathair had Imprinted copper Ewerth.
"Well done, Z'riel," Ambrek congratulated him warmly. Z'riel's heart swelled with pride, and Ewerth followed, rumbling his loving happiness.


Z'riel gently rubbed Ewerth down with oil, until the copper hide shined like a thousand suns. Ewerth crooned, half irritated, half amused and pleased. It had taken awhile for Ewerth to completely trust and love Z'riel, but once he had, Z'riel admitted it was worth it.
You missed a spot. I'm STILL itchy.
"You're always itchy, Ewerth! Alright, I'll try to find it.."
Z'riel looked through his dragon's eyes, literally, seeing the world through the glowing green embers, he spotted a dry spot between Ewerth's wings, and withdrew, his eyes losing their haziness.
He stood on a stool, grumbling about Ewerth's height, and rubbed Ewerth over again, over all the new itchy parts. Then he jumped down, sweaty, smiling.
You need a bath.
Ewerth wrinkled his nose laughingly, as Z'riel swiped, missing, at him.
"Okay, okay..Tero tells me the same thing all the time. I'll get some sweet salts, and get in."

Z'riel walked through his cathair, splashing the rocky walls with green and tan and copper paint, the color of his clothing, his dragon, and his hair.
"Ewerth, guess what!"
I already know what, Ewerth grumbled, you're getting paint on my hide.
"Wrong!" Z'riel shouted cheerfully, and started to whistle. "You can guess."
I don't play guessing games..Still, just the same, the guess is not really a guess.  I know that I will be in Yukith's Chase, and perhaps make you Cathairix. I will catch other dragons my size and strength have entered the competition! Besides..I know that you have your eye on the Cathairte, sort of..
Z'riel snorted and turned red. "I do have an attraction to her, but I'm sure many others do as well..and don't be so full of yourself, or Yukith may dismiss you!"
I don't think so.
"Well..your 'think so' and her 'know so' is like comparing a dragon to a dragonchen."
Hmph..I suppose my thought is the dragonchen?
"Got that right, Ewerth.."
Z'riel laughed and patted Ewerth fondly.
"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll do your best."
I'll be the best.
Z'riel rolled his eyes, and kept painting. "Sure."

Ewerth lay his head sadly across his forelegs, rumbling with unhappiness.
"What's wrong, Ewerth?" asked Z'riel, worry crossing his face like a cloud over a sunny day.
Nothing really...well, I didn't catch Yukith! And you...I let you down.
"No!" burst out Z'riel, "You could never ever disappoint me! You did very well, and should be proud of yourself. Besides, you are to be in the upcoming Chase of starry Aradiath..Who knows?"
You're right..I shall try my hardest.
Z'riel stroked the radiant copper hide fondly. Lately his dragon had lost the confidence he once had, and Z'riel knew that Ewerth needed a boosting.
"C'mon. Let's go for a ride. I'm thinking a little sun bath will do us some good."
Ewerth noticably perked up. Knew it, thought Z'riel smugly, dragons are always up for a sun bath.
Z'riel put on his riding gear, and strapped on Ewerth's harness. Ewerth bounded out of the cathair, and launched into the air with a powerful thrust, Z'riel laughing and whooping wildly, giving his dragon support. Ewerth rumbled his pleasure, darting through the air, trying out his agility with a few daring acrobatics. Z'riel caught his breath, as Ewerth, without warning, zipped through parallel, and came out in the tropical south-east side of Danach. They landed, and Z'riel stripped off all but his trousers, and lay, basking in the sun with Ewerth. Dozing off, thoughts of the golden Aradiath drifted into his mind, and he grinned, knowing Ewerth was dreaming of the upcoming event with a happy anticipation.

Once again, I have failed you, Z'riel..
"Ewerth, how many times must I tell you, you could never fail me?"
Well, I failed myself, then.
"Ewerth, it doesn't matter, it really doesn't. Some day, a starry dragon will see you for the radiant dragon you are, and she will let you win on purpose!"
Z'riel laughed, and stroked Ewerth's hide.
"Really, Ewerth, you shouldn't care so much about these things, because you win some, you lose some."
You're right, rider mine. I will forget about it, and look forward to the upcoming Chases!
"That-a-boy, Ewerth. You stay cheery, and we'll get along just fine."


With a flourish, Z'riel signed his name and Ewerth's on the list of chase applicants for starry Ambranth and her lovely rider Naiya. It was about time that Ewerth was given another chance, not to mention himself. Naiya and Ambranth were as lovely as the dawn, and Z'riel considered Ewerth and himself still in the top condition, strong and fast and passionate enough to catch any starry. Yes, this was the one..

Dark Moon-