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Cathair Utopian



ORIGIN:  Danach

The sound of feet on stone reaches your ears as you inspect the cathair you'd entered, and you turn about, face flushed with the embarrassment of being caught trespassing. Luckily, the footsteps seem to go by...until you hear someone call out-"Oniz, is that you? I thought I heard someone.." You listen to what seems to be a dragonchen conversing with a raspy tenor voice, and freeze. The footsteps near your 'hiding' place, and a lantern shines in your face.
"Ho, Oniz, lookee what we found! A trespassing traveler! What are you doing here, traveler?" You stutter an apology to the young man standing before you, and his narrowed gray eyes widen with amusement. He places a heavy hand on your shoulder, and grins. "No fear, traveler. No harm done. You just wanted to see my prospective cathair! Well, now that you can see, take a look!" You glance around the weyr, noticing nothing unusual; riding gear, oil, numbing salve, a small knife, some food..
A black dragonchen(you note that it must be Oniz) rests upon the young man's shoulder, and with a start you realize you hadn't caught his name. "Excuse me, " you begin, "But I didn't get your name."
His eyes widen once again, and seem to smile at you. "That's true, you hadn't." He walks on to what seems to be a sort of kitchen, and your face flushes again in consternation. "Well, could you tell me?" you ask, frustrated. The man turns to glance at your puzzled face, and, hands on his hips, he throws back his head in a mighty guffaw. "Sorry, traveler! Of course I'll oblige you with that information. My name's Kudron, or K'dron if I Imprint at Wu Cathair."
"You want to Imprint?" you ask, thinking that you'll get somewhere, now. "Yep. Why else do you think I'd be holed up here, instead of down at the racing track, betting all I've got on the worst paard? One of my main delights in life, you know." Kudron chuckles, and strokes Oniz absentmindedly. A dreamy look crosses his features, transforming the weatherbeaten face into a boyish look of pure mischief. As you edge away, Kudron seems to come back into existance, and he chuckles once more. A silence prevails for a moment, but is broken by the tremendous rumble of some foreign creature, it seems. You look down, realizing that it's your belly, and glance up again, to see Kudron in another of his laugh-attacks. "Here traveler, you must be starving. Come and dine on some roast fowl with me. It's wonderfully delicious!" You take up the offer, and are seated at his small, low table, and served succulent, juicy fowl. After the meal, Kudron serves some pie and kaffee.
As the meal comes to an end, you bid Kudron a fond farewell, and take leave of his cathair.


Walking, once again, past Kudron's cathair, you hear his excited voice, calling to you frantically. "Traveler! Hurry up! I sure am glad to see you again..but no time for chatter, as I'm sure you've come by to meet Oroth!"
"Oroth?" you ask, but Kudron doesn't answer, just grabs you by the arm, dragging you into his cathair. "Kudron, who's Oroth?"
Kudron frowns at you thoughtfully, then grins. "Don't you mean K'dron?"
"K'dron?" The change of name dawns upon you, and you shout-"You IMPRINTED!?!"
"To be sure!" answers K'dron, whirling around the room in absolute joy. "I Imprinted Oroth-maybe you'd like to see him? He's a blue hatchling; all mine! He's mine, and I'm his!"
"Well, show me!" you demand, smiling, and K'dron leads you into the larger, more spacious room. In the middle lies a little blue dragon, staring at you with curiosity, eyes whirling with humor. "Hello, Oroth," says K'dron, his voice tinged with a new note of the utmost tender joy, and Oroth gets up with, crooning welcome and hunger. Hello, K'dron, traveler. I'm hungry!
"Yer always hungry, yeh little whipper snapper." K'dron grins, and runs to get some meat, returning with a shank of ryanth. Fortunately, he also brings kaffee for you, and you drink, while Oroth eats, and Oniz flies above, trying to be as annoying as possible, tho' he and the hatchling seem to be on good terms.
"I can't wait 'til Oroth is grown, so we can fly for Wu and fight Lizards! Oroth..Oroth.." K'dron murmurs his hatchling's name so happily, lost in his own wonderful thoughts.
K'dron! I know my name-yer the one who's fergettin' yer manners!
"Of course, Oroth..OROTH! yer mine.."
I know that, silly. Yer the only one who seems to disbelieve that I chose YOU
You smile, scratch Oroth above his eye, and depart from the now glowing cathair-to your eyes, when a dragon blesses the cathair of someone, and joy fills it, the cathair certainly shines!

"Oroth! Stop moving! You aren't as small as you once were, now that you're grown. And it doesn't make it any easier if you fidget."
K'dron grumbled good-naturedly, as he worked oil into the brilliant blue hide of his now adult Oroth. Oroth had just taken a bath, and was complaining of being itchy.
I'm sorry, K''s just..I am sooooo itchy!
"No excuse. You'd stop itching sooner if you wouldn't move about."
K'dron, finishing his work, stood back to look at the large blue Oroth. His hide shone most startlingly bright in the light of the afternoon. K'dron pretended to wince and fend away the brightness of his dragon. Oroth, eyes whirling with a calm blue, seemed perplexed, as his eyes became tinted with the red-yellow of distress.
I am bothering you? Am I hurting your eyes?
K'dron laughed heartily, until all the blue was restored to Oroth's rainbow-faceted eyes.
"No, lovie, I was just teasing."
Oh There was considerable relief to Oroth's acknowledgement.
There are several young female dragons going to be in Chase, soon. I believe I am mature and strong enough to catch them! After all, I was the biggest, most wonderful blue to Hatch and were lucky! You could've been stuck with a copper! I am much quicker
K'dron squinted thoughtfully, then chuckled.
"Yes, I think you are. Does anyone catch your fancy?"
No..not yet. The greens in this Cathair are quite lithe and pretty, though. Perhaps they would be worthy of me
"Or you worthy of them."
K'dron burst out laughing again, and slapped Oroth's neck fondly.
"You know, you're better than a comedian, Oroth. I prefer you as company, to any Cathairix or lady, any day."
Oroth crooned and arched his neck, looking smug and pleased.
And I, I prefer you to any lady green! Or starry, to that matter!


Oroth was horny. K'dron couldn't deny it any longer, his little blue wasn't little anymore and there was no stopping him when he wanted to do something, and Oroth wanted to catch green Camoreth. K'dron had to admit that he was tired of the little action he got (although if he had looked he would have found most of the female population incredibly willing), so he signed Oroth up and crossed his fingers for luck.
"It's like a bet," he told Oroth, "and bets are my specialty." Oroth would only roll his eyes and reply, You'd better focus on winning that bet, because I won't settle for less! And the two would laugh, being the good friends that they were. K'dron's recent hobby was flirting with the greenriders from Dark Moon, paying special attention to Callisto, Camoreth's rider. He knew that some other blues from Cathair Utopian as well as other cathairs were after Camoreth, too, and K'dron wasn't about to let Oroth down. Or Camoreth and Callisto down, for that matter.

Dark Moon (Oniz)-
Sunshiney-closed(K'dron's picture)-