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Cathair Utopian

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"Is not, Sappho!"


ORIGIN:  Danach
CLUTCH (@ DARK MOON) IMPRINTED: # 5, Sveiketh & brown Salvath

"Is too, Diam!"
Rubiae rolled her eyes, and grabbed her younger brothers.
"That's just gross, Sam."
When Rubiae was irritated with her brothers, she called them by a joint name--Sam--which they hated.
"Rooo-biii! Don't you call us that! It sounds too Terran!"
"Yeah, whatever that means!"
Rubiae pretended to knock their heads together.
"Well, it's easier to say than 'Sapphodiam'! Do you even remember what you were fighting about?"
She dropped them.
"Ummmmmmmmmm infinity!"
"I can umm longer than you!"
Rubiae threw up her hands.
"There they go again...I knew it!"
Rubiae tossed her strangely natural short red hair--what she was named for, as well her brothers had blue-grey and white-blonde hair..her parents loved the sparkling gems that their children were semi-named for--and stalked out of the room, to hers.
Living in a keep was hectic, especially when the only people your age were drudges or guys--they scoffed at her tomboyish ways--and you had not one, but two, younger brothers. Luckily, two of Rubiae's best characteristics were her patience and presence of mind. They were employed every day.
Rubiae sighed, and flopped on her bed, opening her journal to an empty page. For awhile, she just scrawled nonsense doodlings on the pages, but then, she was hit with inspiration, and began to write.

Dear Listener,

My brothers are driving me crazy! If I had not inherited my mother's stamina-the stamina of all women in a keep, or otherwise, it seems-I would be stark raving mad! Shards..

Satisfied, Rubi laughed, and closed and locked her journal. She could never trust Sappho and Diam not to poke through her room, like she had repeatedly told them not to. -Oh well-


Rubiae sneaked through the halls, quietly past the room that her brothers occupied. She slipped outside, for she had heard that a Huntrider had come, from Cathair Dark Moon, and she wanted to see the dragon.
As she walked up to the Rider, she smiled, and held out her hand, after straightening her short skirt and bright red shirt. Cheche grinned back, and shook Rubiae's hand.
"Hello, I'm Cheche, the rider of Raimith."
"I'm Rubiae, daughter of Silvanor and Diasama. Older sister of Terror 1 and 2."
Cheche grinned, but then her eyes grew hazy.
"I came to see your dragon. Raimith, is it? A beauty.."
"Oh, what did you say? I was busy listening to Raimith..who says you have been Found!"
Rubi accepted this with her usual coolness and nonchalance, but inside she was all turbulence.
"I'm so glad. Where?"
"Dark Moon. You seem SO ecstatic," Cheche remarked with wry humor.
"Oh, I am, this is my usual attitude."
~I do not want attitude. I want the person within to stand on the Sands. Be EXCITED, for shards sake!~
"Excuse me?"
"Apparently Raimith bespoke you. A great honor."
"Oh. I mean, let's go!"
~More like it. Needs work. But come..~
Rubiae laughed, and went with them.
-My life could not be more crazy!-


Rubiae hummed softly to herself, and green Maoith, the wonderful dragon she had Imprinted, bugled softly.
"I can't sing!"
~Sure you can~ Rubiae sense a chuckle in her dragon's words. The bright green dragon was feeling awfully cheery today. She was bright and happy and her gorgeous lime color was radiant..Rubiae thought this over.
"Maoith!" she screeched.
~Yes?~ a smug voice replied.
"You're going to be in Chase!"
~It took you awhile!~
"Aw, shushup. Heh."
Rubiae patted her dragon fondly. "I suppose I should sign you up. Are there any dragons in particular that you've been eyeing?"
"And there are no guys here that I've fallen head over heels in love with. Oh well, I guess we'll go wherever the wind takes us."



Dark Moon-