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Cathair Utopian

Chase: Holiday Chase!

Holiday Chase
Recorded by Cathairte Anaess
The ringing of bells split muted silence of the swirling snow that had come to settle upon Cathair Utopian as if in a blessing. All around the Central Plaza there were colored lights, mistletoe, firework displays, and an abundance of tightly wrapped, rosey-cheeked passersby, who smiled gaily and exchanged gifts with loved ones. Hearkening to the bells, many stopped in their tracks. At least, those who knew those bells to be the Holiday Frenzy summons.
Young women, wearing rich colors of red, green and blue, as well as white and soft pastel colors, hurried to the dragon Chase. The men followed close behind, in bedazzling firework hues. Their shouts mingled with the angry cries of the dragons that had landed in the ryanth corrals.
Although a dragon's natural instinct is to feed, it seemed that in the spirit of the holidays the dragons did not give in to their hunger, instead sucking the blood from their lifeless prey, much to the relief of their riders.
Starry Cembaloth was first into the air, her rider, musical Morrigan, clasping her hands below. The other female dragons, all starries save one, a rainbow starry, followed quickly. The holiday males, not to be outdone, vaulted into the air after their respective quarries.
Rainbow Spiffy used her small size to great advantage, darting between her fellows agilely. When silver Gareth attempted to grab her by the tail, she whipped it across his face and resumed her flight. Gareth decided instead to pursue starry Quinith. She screamed her outrage, and it reached the ears of the onlookers on the ground, who were singing carols and sharing champagne, toasting the dragons...
Spiffy had begun to get tired, and she started relying to heavily on her agility. Icy blue Khaavreth noticed her fatigued state, and left off chasing Shirahath to aid her. The rainbow starry was no longer so eager to get away from the males, and willingly accepted Khaavreth into her arms. The two drifted downward to quiet strains of 'Jingle Bells'...
Khalbalahath, a light-brown dragon without a rider, floated aimlessly, not quite intent on the female dragons around him. Every nerve fiber in his body longed to catch them, but his mind wasn't on his task. The only one he wanted there was starry Chvehath, and she seemed out of the question.
Quinith eyed Gareth appraisingly, flying just out of his reach, tempting, teasing. The starry dragon knew that Gareth was after her, and that he was probably a good choice of mate, but she also knew she wouldn't give up that easily. Still...
Chvehath frantically clawed the air. Icy blue Hawk was on her tail, quite literally, holding on with both front paws. Chvehath twisted her neck to stare icily at Hawk, and roared in his face. Khalbalahath heard her, and looked down, fury in his eyes...
Light blue Choreoth followed Cembaloth, intent on grabbing her. The beautiful starry dragon wasn't paying attention to him, and he knew he could grab her, if only she would slow down...
Starry Daekith closed her eyes and cruised for a moment, secure in the knowledge that because of the hubbub of the Frenzy, she could escape...Suddenly, she struck something hard, and opened eyes tinged red with anger. Platinum Jacosath grinned and stared back, finally intertwining his neck with hers. Daekith calmed, and allowed herself to be escorted back to the ground.
Khalbalahath plumeted toward Chvehath and Hawk, hitting Hawk squarely and knocking Chvehath free of his clutches. Hawk spluttered and roared angrily, but seeing the rage in Khalbalahath's eyes, he backed off. Shirahath, a lonely starry, was waiting for him. ~Hello handsome~ she mind-murmured, and the two united.
Chvehath gazed at Khalbalahath.
~Thank you..~ Khalbalahath nodded, and Chvehath floated gracefully down beside her. The two twisted together and descended.
~Hahahaha! Gotcha!~ Choreoth cackled with glee, and Cembaloth had to laugh with him.
~Very well.~ Quinith's eyes softened and she joined with Gareth and the two followed the other couples down, where fireworks and champagne celebrated the end of the Utopian Holiday Frenzy.

Silver Gareth and Starry Quinith
Icy blue Khaavreth and Rainbow Spiffy
Icy blue Hawk and Starry Shirahath
Light brown Khalbalahath and Starry Chvehath
Platinum Jacosath and Starry Daekith
Light blue Choreoth and Starry Cembaloth
Pathways to the dragons and their respective riders:

Allelle and starry Daekith

Parle and Rainbow-starry Spiffy

Morrigan and starry Cembaloth-

Alida and starry Quinith-

Alishe and starry Shirahath-

Triia and starry Chvehath-


Tandri and icy blue Khaavreth-

Miza and icy blue

Dancer and light-blue Choreoth-

Light brown Khalbalahath-

B'kan and platinum Jacosath-

Caelen and Silver Gareth-

Kalorith's Chase 
Recorded by Univiel, rider of starry Kalorith

The dawn was cold; a pale mist hung over the Cathair like a lacey shroud upon the face of a beautiful woman. The suns of Danach fought to get past the fog, but eventually gave up, and retreated into the cloudy sky.
Dark lashes on a pale cheek fluttered, announcing Univiel's awakeness. The lids that had been shut opened to reveal eyes dark with sleep. Something was wrong, but Univiel couldn't place it..
Outside, Univiel could hear a dragon roar angrily..somehow, the voice of the dragon was familiar to her. Suddenly, Univiel was completely awake. She bolted out of bed, undressed except for her sleeping gown, she grabbed a thick robe and shoes, and hurried out into the chilly dawn.
"Kalorith!" Univiel cried, trying in vain to see through the mist. "Kalorith, darling, where are you?"
Univiel stumbled forward, drawn to Kalorith's angry bugling, finding her way through the fog to the CenterPlaza of the Cathair..she could dimly see her milky dragon near the ryanth corrals, and a terror such as she had never known clutched at her heart. Her dragon must not eat, if she was to fly and not be caught by the male chasers.
In the distance Univiel could see the sleepy crowd, and the chaser-dragons's riders, as well as the huge shapes of the dragons. The males were edgy, watching as Kalorith selected her beasts. They drank sparingly of the ryanths's blood, wary of being caught off guard and not be able to catch up with Kalorith, should she launch early. The crowd looked at Univiel, in her pajamas and wild hair, as she screamed to her dragon-
Luckily, it was not too late to keep Kalorith from eating, and Univiel's terror and strong will kept Kalorith's hunger at bay. Finally, satiated, Kalorith spread her massive wings and flew quickly above the clouds. Univiel's eyes grew hazy as she looked through Kalorith's eyes, and the male dragons followed quickly.
As Kalorith, Univiel laughed at the males, flying higher. She may have been a small starry, even smaller than a dark copper dragon, but she was quick and agile, and she was determined not to be caught. She flew farther, twisting in and out of the clouds, confusing her followers, three blues, and one dark copper dragon..Martith, Coreth, Korth, and Heymath.
The chasers followed at fast speeds, and all of them soon overtook her..but that was what Kalorith wanted. She stopped midair, and three of the chasers sped past Martith, however, did not. He had known that Kalorith would probably pull that trick, and he had waited, hidden in the clouds. Kalorith dived earthward, then pulled out of her dive, a claw's breath away from hitting the hard ground, and ascended once again. Univiel gasped in anger, as a man, not a rider of the chasers, tried to grab her waist. She whipped around, slapping him, her spirit momentarily leaving Kalorith so that she could properly scold him. He left, a soberer man than he had been before he had tried to touch Univiel. Univiel's spirit once again joined with Kalorith's, and she roared her indignation as dark copper Korth tried to grab her. She pulled free of him, swerving to the right, into blue Heymath's arms. He was so confused that she managed to get away, and the dazed Heymath, finally understanding that he had gotten hold of something, held dark copper Korth to him, instead. He quickly learned his mistake, and the two plummeted to the ground, Korth fuming, Heymath's eyes crimson in embarrassment.
~Two down, two to go!~ thought Kalorith, gleefully.
Univiel smiled in agreement down below, pointing and cackling at the disgraced riders of the failed chaser-dragons, who slunk away to their respective cathairs.
Martith, seeing that brute strength hadn't worked very well against the slippery female, decided to lurk in the clouds, where Kalorith would hopefully not see him.
~She is quite the femme fatale!~Martith thought, wanting her more than ever.
G'ret crossed his fingers, below on the ground, seeing that blue Coreth had gotten ahold of Kalorith. In the next instant, he cried out in pain, because Kalorith had fought his dragon, and Coreth now sported numerous bruises, and small cuts. He shouted in joy, however, because Coreth decided that he was not down for the count, and flew above Kalorith.
Kalorith knew that she was still not free of two males, so she 'treaded' carefully.
Martith saw his chance, and sneakily approached Kalorith's back..just when he was ready to wrap himself around the object of his desire, blue Coreth barreled into him, sending both of them far to the left of Kalorith. Kalorith turned around, only to see nothing. Univiel shrugged below, and Kalorith continued her lazy spirals through the clearing mist. The suns began to peek through the clouds...when a strong aqua wave overtook the small white dragon. Blue Coreth wrapped himself around Kalorith, and as she looked into his eyes, she apologized for hurting him, and both their eyes whirled purple-white, when Coreth forgave her..
Blue Martith landed sulkily, and gazed upward, where the sunlight fell upon the two dragons.
~Next time..~ Martith promised. ~I will Catch you..~
G'ret took the beaming, blushing Univiel into his arms, and carried her to their room.

G'ret and blue Coreth (

First Chase--Umuminaenth and Undasheth 
written by Anaess, Cathairte of Cathair Utopian

"Damn it, was much easier to oil you down when you were a hatchling! Now you've grown, and you're huge!"
You shouldn't complain. At least I don't fidget, like Kitt's starry Kith used to.
"Yes, and I'm glad for that! There, all done." Anaess finished oiling the rich cream hide. Umuminaenth seemed darker, more radiant, tinged with gold like sunlight..but, that could only mean..
"Umuminaenth! Is today the day you rise?!? Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
Hush, Inness. I knew you would figure it out. Now is the time. 
Umuminaenth lifted herself from the ground, and scrambled out of the cathair, launching herself into the air toward the feeding grounds. Anaess hurried after. "Umuminaenth! BLOOD ONLY! Do you hear me, Umi? BLOOD IT!" Umuminaenth had pounced a frantic ryanth, and snarled rage and rebellion at her rider. Never-the-less, Anaess won the battle, and the three after that. Umuminaenth had begun to feel no need to gorge; she knew only that she must fly, away from the slow males who pursued her. She lifted into the air, shooting upward quickly, bugling her contempt of the slow males who followed. One by one, various weaker coppers dropped out, until there were only two coppers--and one of those was Undasheth. Perhaps one would be worthy of her..she was beginning to get tired..
Meanwhile, on the ground, Anaess was feeling the exultations of her dragon, soaring upward. The riders of the male dragons stood around her; she was oblivious to anything but Umuminaenth. 
Umuminaenth was begining to get tired, and, spiraling downward, past the two remaining males, was caught by Undasheth..screaming her outrage, she turned toward him, only to find her neck intertwined with his, and her eyes whirled purple-white with the passion of mating; she forgave him.
Down below, while the merging dragons fell slowly, Anaess turned toward the rider, Ambrek, whose dragon had caught Umuminaenth.  Anaess laughed, but they, too, felt the dragon passion, and Ambrek lifted her into his arms with a fierce kiss, then ran to his cathair and deposited her on his sleeping furs. They soon forgot anything but the dragonheat, and each other.

Waking up, Anaess found herself confused, tangled in sheets unfamiliar. Seeing Ambrek next to her brought back the events of the day before, and she felt embarrassed, but still tender and fond..Ambrek awoke as well, and smiled hazily at her.  
"Good morning, mister Cathairix," Anaess purred in a teasing voice.  Ambrek grinned.
"Good morning, missus Cathairte."
They kissed again, then got dressed, and went their seperate ways for the time being. Ambrek grinned his triumph--his dragon had caught the Queen, and he had caught his love, the Cathairte!

Most recent chase...Holiday Frenzy.