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Buzi strolled casually through the market, exclaiming over several little items.

He loves foofy dogs!

PERSONA: Gaibuzi
AGE: 20
ORIGIN: California
OCCUPATION/RANK: Homosexual, 24/7!! ^^ He takes..odd jobs. Sometimes he's a fashion designer and hairdresser and makeup artist.
HAIR: Short, brown-blonde and spikey.
EYES: A gray-green
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6'2", and HE would like me to tell you that he's only 110, but you know better, don't you? He's not anywhere near plump. Totally perfect, ey?
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Golden tan skin, nicely muscled, strong, verra handsome, nice white smile. In other words, he's the 'perfect' opposite replica of the kind of woman you aren't allowed to send as a candidate..^^
VOICE QUALITY: Valley boy.  Only a little deeper..Ever seen 'Best in Show'? He's like the very gay handler...^^
LITERACY: Average.  Hardly ever uses it..
CLOTHING: Over the top classy. Kimonos are a specialty.
JEWELRY: Are you kidding? Think earrings, rings, necklaces, hair do-dads, etc.
FAMILY: None that he remembers.  They were pretty ashamed of him, so he prefers not to think about them. 
SEXUAL ORIENTATION/ RELATIONS: He's gay, but no boyfriend yet. ;D
PETS: None. He's too busy preening himself to take care of one. 
SKILLS: Fashion sense, make-up sense, hair sense. 
PASTIMES/HOBBIES: Flirting, and playing with his skills.  You thought I were going to say playing with something else, didn't you? Admit it.  And I will, too..because he LOVES to play!
PERSONALITY: Bubbly and gay to a T. A teeny bit snobby, but usually very social and outgoing.

"Ohmygosh, they are SOOO CUTE!" Gaibuzi squealed ecstatically, fingering a brightly-gemmed pair of small hooped earrings. "Oh, I just HAVE to have these!" Buzi exclaimed, turning to a woman on his right. "Don't you think so?" The woman turned red and moved on to another booth, and Buzi shrugged, flashing a dazzling smile her way. He handed money over the counter and slipped the hooped earrings into two of the many punctures in his earlobes.
"There," Gaibuzi sighed with satisfaction, holding up a handmirror and gazing at his earrings.  However, he was shocked to find..
"Goodness gracious! I'm such a silly goose..I look like shit! I must've forgotten to put on my makeup today." Buzi giggled and smoothed his hair, looking around for the nearest powder room.  The plus side of being a gay male was that you were allowed into the little boy's room...and you can guess why that's a plus for Gai.
Gaibuzi finally found a place, and hopped into it, craning his neck in the mirror to look at the cute guys, while applying eyeshadow.  No lipstick, no eyeliner, no mascara.  That stuff was for drag queens.  Once Gaibuzi was done, he walked over to a luscious young man and smacked him on the butt.
"Whoopsie," he exclaimed, smiling flirtatiously as the young man whirled around, "my hand must've slipped." The man glared angrily at Gaibuzi.
"Yeah right, you little dyke.  If you don't scram, my hand'll slip," he warned, shaking his fist.  Gaibuzi sniffed haughtily.
"No need to be touchy, handsome," he replied.  The man stepped toward him menacingly.
"Up yours, fag," he growled, and Gaibuzi grinned.
"So you did enjoy my little love pat!" Gaibuzi made a rather hasty exit as the young man roared angrily.

Gaibuzi entered the salon that he worked in every once in awhile.
"Salutations, people!  Let's get to work, shall we?" he said, smiling, as he walked over to a lady sitting on one of the salon chairs.
"Hello, dahling," Gaibuzi said, swiveling the chair around.  He reached out his hand and the woman took it, steppping down.
"Let's rinse those precious locks of yours, mmkay?" Gaibuzi took the woman to another chair, where she lay down above a sink.  Gaibuzi turned on the warm water and massaged shampoo and detangler into her hair, then rinsed it and dried it off.  He lead her back to her previous chair, in front of a mirror, and wrapped a towel around her shoulders, using slow, gentle strokes to comb out her hair.  Taking a pair of scissors, he snipped delicately at the ends of the lady's hair.
"There," he breathed, "magnificent.  Of course, that's only the beginning."  Dark pieces of blonde hair fell to the ground as Gai styled the woman's hair.
"Ta-da!" Gai cried.

He turned the chair around.  A gasp rose from the rest of the beauty salon.

The blonde stood up and gazed in the mirror. 


She smiled, turning from the mirror, and hugged Buzi tightly.

"Thank you!" she said, kissing his cheek. Buzi air-kissed each of her cheeks.

"No problem, dahling," he said, moving away.  But the blonde grabbed onto his arm tightly.

"Oh, but it was!" she insisted noisily, turning heads.  Coloring slightly, the blonde lowered her voice. She reached into her breast pocket and pulled out a card with a flourish.

"Here's my card, call me, Gaibuzi!"  She pressed the card into Buzi's hand and trotted out of the salon.  Holding open the door, she turned back to Buzi with a dazzling smile, adding: "by the way--my name's Rebecca!"  Buzi stared at the card as Rebecca left the salon.  He swiveled on his shiny black heels and laughed.

"Won't go there, girlfriend!" he said, and his friends laughed, too.

"She obviously can't tell that you're gay!" Michelle giggled.  He ran a hand through his long platinum hair and inspected his light make-up in the mirror. Gaibuzi looked affronted.

"How could she not notice?" he asked.  Toddie shrugged.

"I have no clue!  Probably your hot abs distracted her from the hair, the accent, the words, the clothing, and the make-up!" Buzi smiled.

"Thanks, sweet cheeks." He crumpled the card and threw it away.

Gaibuzi walked down the street, whistling cheerfully and pinching cute guy's bottoms along the way.  Quite a few times he was apprehended and had to defend himself using words and cash, which was embarrassing, to say the least, but that never stopped Buzi from doing it again. 
Suddenly, turning into a large alleyway, Buzi heard the wingbeats of some gigantic creature.  He screamed as a giant blue lizard landed in front of him, but stopped when he noticed the gorgeous creature riding on the dragon's back.
"Hello, handsome," Buzi purred, never missing an opportunity, "Come all the way from fantasy land to be engaged in my fantasy?  You're too sweet."  The rider jumped down from the blue's back, grimacing. 
"The name's T'mei.  And I wasn't certain I was hearing right when Nuiryth chose you to imprint at the Healing Den, but here you are."  Buzi nodded and smiled dazzlingly at T'mei.
"I'm thrilled, certainly I am, but I must ask you: what is imprinting, and where is the Healing Den?"  T'mei grinned. 
"Imprinting is bonding with a dragon, such as Nuiryth," he said, patting the dragon's hide, "and the Healing Den is, where you can imprint.  As a matter of fact, the clutch is for their latest frenzy: the X-gender Frenzy..and I'm sure there will be plenty of gay men there for you to pick up."
"That sounds great," Gaibuzi squealed.  "I'll pack my bags."  Which involved the tediousness of choosing which, out of 20, kimonos to bring, and other important things like that.

When the tiniest littlest-itty-bittyest cutest wittle violet colored dragon came from Tricks nest, practically no one even noticed. Except for one or two. And fortunately, one of them was much closer to the violet tidbit on the sands.

"Look at you you beautiful tiny little thing you!" Gaibuzi
said with glee in his voice. The purple metallic shaded dragon wobbled toward him, and then gave off a piercing cry. Everyone cringed, except for Gaibuzi. "There there dear heart; you've nothing to fear!"

Up in the stands, someone muttered, "except you, y'great blond queer..." and his friends laughed. Most riders at the Den had been pinched or prodded or propositioned by the hairdresser while he was there. Only one or two responded positively, but he kept on pinching...

The rosy-winged dragoness stood on her back legs and nearly toppled backwards. Gaibuzi steadied the tiny dragoness.
I will be able to do it, you watch. I'll walk right any time now. Ill even grow up big enough for you to ride on, my love!

Gaibuzi clicked his tongue and looked with a cocked eyebrow at the violet. "Now you know,
Yolanda, youre going to be the only girl I'll ever love back!" They fluttered off the sands, and everyone wondered how a dragon got a name like Yolanda... Until Gaibuzi turned his pretty made-up face to the room before exiting, and said loudly, "it means VIOLET!" And then swooped out again.


Metallic Violet Female Yolanda bonded to Gaibuzi
This delectable little purple metallic dragoness is around 14 feet long at most, with quick small wings. She does not have the endurance necessary to fight off large suitors, and will only be able to be flown by extra-small males. Hint hint.


Healing Den X-gender clutch-