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Cathair Utopian

Gender/Age: Male, ageless

Rank: Cathair Utopian's Cathairix

Location: Cathair Utopian

Relatives: Cathairte Anaess; their unborn child

Physical Description: He's a stud! ^^ 6'4", wavy black hair, angular black eyes, angular, cleanshaven, handsome face, fair skin, thin, muscular body.

Emotional/Mental Description: He's kindly, strong of heart and mind, slow to anger, dependable, noble.

Skills: Good leader, strong, limber, good at Riding, good at hunting, literate, witty, kind-hearted. Anaess calls him 'Kinna-Heir,' meaning 'Kind-Heart'.

Investigating another weyr, you come upon a young man. "Hello, traveler, " he says, "I'm K'dron's older brother, Ambrek."

Cathairix Ambrek

"Ambrek?" you ask, "Then you're a rider?"
"That I am, traveler. A copper rider at that!" Ambrek smiles. He has a handsome face, angular and clean-shaven. His eyes alone would be able to capture any woman. Black hair surrounds his face.
"Would you like to see Undasheth?" You nod, and Ambrek motions for you to follow him, into a larger room. The room is fairly clean, as clean as possible in a cathair. Undasheth rests on his belly, near the back of the cathair, sleeping. Ambrek's eyes go out of focus for a moment, which you take to mean that he's conversing with his dragon. In a moment, Undasheth's sleepy eyes open, and you are regarded with a powerful stare.
Ah..greetings, traveler. Ambrek says you've come to see me. Come you think you could scratch right above my eye ridge? You oblige, nervously scratching the rough, warm hide of the copper dragon. Thank you..I needed that. Ambrek, I'm hungry! Soon I will visit the feeding grounds..
"Of course, Undasheth..but stay awhile-the traveler will not be here forever."
Traveler, have you met starry Umuminaenth? I caught her some time ago. Ambrek is the Cathairix, now, with Inness, Umuminaenth's rider, as the Cathairte. You should go meet her. You nod. "I have," you say. Good. Have you met Oroth, K'dron's little blue?
"I don't believe I have, yet. I'll stop by. I've met Kudron-I mean, K'dron-before, but that was before he Imprinted."
"I'm very proud of him. We didn't come from a dragonrider family. K'dron prefers betting on the runners to watching the dragons fight Lizards..until now. Oroth has captured him, completely, taken him willingly from the Herder life we used to live. I always loved the dragons...and then, years ago, I Imprinted Undasheth.." 
Undasheth rouses. I am too hungry to stay any longer. Farewell, traveler.
"Bye, Undasheth," you call, and Ambrek hurries fondly after his copper with a friendly wave in your direction before disappearing.


Ambrek raced excitedly from the Cathairte's side to his own cathair, where Undasheth was waiting.
"Undasheth," Ambrek gasped, his eyes shining, "Undasheth!"  The copper glanced at his rider with amusement.
Spit it out, he advised, and Ambrek took a deep breath.
"I'm going to be a father!" Ambrek shouted joyfully.  Undasheth's eyes smiled and whirled the purpley-white color at the thought and then swirled back into the calm blue.
I am happy for you, rider-mine, he rumbled.  Ambrek nodded and patted Undasheth's side, beaming radiantly.

Ambrek is the Cathairix--but maybe not for long! (The picture of Ambrek, or at least, that's what I call him, is property of Aurore Blackcat, and I have no part, whatsoever, in the drawing. A link to her site is on the Links page.)