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Cathair Utopian
Oco and Razy

PERSONA: Razy (Oco is her counterpart..well, not really, she's more of a devilish spirit that insists on tagging along.  She started as Razy's imagination, a person she wished she could be, and ended up as a separate persona with a mind of her own who could be a shade, in Razy's mind, or a complete, out-of-body person.)
GENDER: Female
AGE:  21
ORIGIN:  Danach
OCCUPATION/RANK:  Candidate and owner of a little cafe.  Cafe Crazy.
HAIR: Plain and mousy brown, slightly frizzy and down to the shoulders; Oco has strawberry blond hair with golden-white streaks through it, long and straight, down to her waist.
EYES:   Large and sweet, 'cow' eyes, brown; Oco has snappy hazel eyes that are sharp and critical, and seem to see through you.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Razy is slightly plump around the middle with fairly large hips and little feet.  She is warm and soft and pretty in a sweet, plain way.  Oco is sharp-shouldered with skinny little hips and legs and the same sized feet.  She has sharp features but she is to-die-for, in a fake, model-type way.
VOICE QUALITY: Razy has a warm, melodic voice, and Oco has a sharp, shrill voice that is demanding and critical.
CLOTHING: Razy wears comfortable blue jeans or overalls, sneakers, and red tee-shirts, and sometimes snuggly turtleneck sweaters.  Oco wears either provocative, snazzy dresses or tight belly-baring, hip-hugging flares and flashy tops, not to mention huge strappy heels.
JEWELRY/MAKEUP: Razy tries to stay simple with a little bit of red lipgloss and mascara, and cute little golden earrings, sweet charm bracelets, or nice little necklaces.  Oco goes all out with makeup and jewelry and somehow still looks good.
FAMILY: Razy has a huge family that loves her and gives plenty of hugs and kisses.  Oco is not real and does not have family.
PREFERENCE/ RELATIONS:  Razy has a loving boyfriend; Oco has dozens of admirers but she gives her heart to nobody.
PETS: Razy likes cats; Oco hates animals.
SKILLS:  Razy is actually a good singer, and loves to cha-cha, and read aloud to little kids, who she loves.  Oco is bedazzling and a savvy shopper and can belittle kids and other people.
PERSONALITY: Razy is all-around sweet and kind and, although plain and simple, pretty inside and out.  Oco is a demanding, critical person who, althought beautiful and dazzling, is cold-hearted and not so pretty on the inside.

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