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A light, warm breeze moves you down the corridors of close your eyes, and shuffle along, listening to some far-off music; you stub your toe on a rock.

Cathair Utopian


ORIGIN:  Danach

Hopping around, one foot in the air, and howling in pain, you notice a small door, with 'Aneek' written on a sign outside. Dropping your foot slowly, you thank the rock, and enter the little cathair.

You have to stoop to enter the door. Inside, the cathair is dimly lit with a small lantern. A young girl of about twelve dusts carefully among stacks of books and a few jars and bottles. You step forward, and clear your throat, startling the girl, who you guess must be Aneek.
"Oh, hello, traveler," stammers Aneek. "You startled me."
"I'm sorry," you apologize, "but I've come to see if I can explore your cathair, and sort of interview you. You see, I'm doing an article on the the cathairs of Cathair Utopian.
"Oh, of course I wouldn't mind. My name is Aneek, and I haven't been Found, so this isn't really a cathair.."
Seeing your wide smile fade a little bit, as you bend over to rub your still-aching foot, Aneek looks worried.
"I-I'm sorry, traveler, if I disappointed you, but I guess I wasn't meant for draconic pursuits, or maybe I'm just too young."
"No, it's alright," you say.
"Please, feel free to explore anyway-"
"No, I'll be on my way, thank you," you say, nodding. "I really have to go."

Aneek watched as the traveler shuffled out, and sighed to herself, twining a blond strand of hair around her finger. There wasn't anything more to do around the cathair, so she decided to go for a bit of a walk.
Being the youngest person in the Cathair, Aneek barely had any friends, and as she was very shy, she hardly ever visited them. Aneek thought about the Journalist, and felt disappointed.
"I am draconic material, I am!" she whispered fiercely to herself and stamping her foot. Why else had she been born in a Cathair, given birth by one of the women whose dragon had been Caught? Yes, she was an orphan, and the most shy of the lot, but that was no reason to doubt her worth. It had to have been fate...
Aneek shook her head, hugging her bare arms around her thin body tightly, trying to squeeze out the rebellious thoughts that grew within her. But Keena won anyway. You know the saying, "Inside every fat girl is a thin one?" Well, inside every shy girl, Aneek at least, there was a rebellious half, a rough, 'bad girl' who was fighting to get out.
Aneek, you will march yourself down to any open clutch and you will become a candidate!
"Shut up," Aneek said aloud, and a passerby looked at her strangely. She blushed. "Sorry. Just thinking out loud." Aneek shrank into her coat and focused on becoming invisible.
C'mon, you know you want to, Keena smirked inside Aneek's mind.
"Maybe..oh, alright, Keena. This might not be a bad idea. But..what if I'm not chosen?"
Then you aren't chosen. But you will be
Okay, Aneek thought, hesitantly, and ran to catch up with the nearest trans-d'gon.


Aneek was dropped off at Cathair Fionabhain after a terrifying ride-Keena had screamed in exhilaration the entire time-feeling a bit queasy. She staggered toward the nearest bush and relieved her cartwheeling stomach and then managed to get inside the nearest doorway.
Inside, it was dark and gloomy, the hallway very breezy and only a few sputtering torches lit the way. A pounding sense of terror and emotional pain nearly knocked Aneek over, and Keena wasn't any help, either. She was all worked up, huffing and puffing.
Who hurt them? Who? I'll find them and make you rip their throats out!
"Hurt who?" Aneek asked, her face pale--murderous thoughts from Keena were usual, but she was feeling the same way--and her teeth grinding together. Keena was silent, although she took control of Aneek's feet and moved her toward a dark room.

The moaning of abandoned dragons was audible enough for Aneek to cover her ears. Keena was still raging like a wounded wildcat fighting for her babies, and Aneek had to tell her to be quiet several times.
Aneek got down on her hands and knees and reached out to touch one dark green dragon hatchling. The baby dragon shuddered and turned toward her. Keena shut up, sensing that her nature might frighten Tantarath away.
"Tantarath..come with me, baby."
Yes, come on, dragon child
Tantarath stared at Aneek, and buried her face into Aneek's sober-colored clothing.


Aneek was chatting in a friendly way with a new girl at the Cathair Utopian. The new girl, Allelle, had befriended Aneek and shown her how to be more confident. Allelle had imprinted a beautiful white-gold starry dragon some time ago, a little before Tantarath had come to live with Aneek.
"Well, I think Zeriel is very handsome, but J'om is so passionate," said Allelle. Aneek blushed and covered her face.
"Allelle! You know I don't like to hear about things like that." Allelle grinned.
"I'm sorry, I forgot. You know, you are one of the only girls I've met who isn't wild about guys."
Aneek smiled thoughtfully. "It's because of Tantarath. She will never rise to be chased, and since she's attached to me, I will never allow myself to be chased, either. Besides," Aneek flushed a deeper pink, "I'm too shy around boys." Allelle began to reply, a twinkle in her eye, but then a scream of outrage echoed across the dragon bathing grounds. Allelle's eyes widened and narrowed.
"Daekith!" Aneek listened, her eyes frightened. A sharper cry, of pain and fear, hit her like a fully-grown copper dragon. "Oh, Tantarath!"

Daekith was standing above the cowering Tantarath and lashing out at her with Daekith's large claws, teeth, and wings. Tantarath squealed in pain and turned terrified eyes to Aneek's. me...
Save her, Aneek!
Aneek's eyes filled with tears, and she ran forward to stop the immense starry from battering her little 'thairling. Allelle held her back. "You'll be squished! Wait a moment." Allelle held up her hands and screamed at Daekith:
"DAEKITH YOU STOP THAT THIS MOMENT!!" while she battered her starry with mental admonishments. Daekith moved backwards and Tantarath crawled weakly to her feet and then to Aneek.
Why did she do that to me?
While Daekith asked the same question.
"Did what?" asked Allelle. She invaded my bathing pool! It was mine! I claimed it at the very beginning! I only left it to have a small snack!
"That was NOT a good reason to attack her."
Well, I'm a very moody dragon Daekith winked, and Allelle gasped.
"You mean..?"
But that's a different story.


I do NOT like that dragon
"I know, Tarantula, I know."
Don't call me that! Aneek laughed and hugged her little dragon.
"I'm sorry, darling."


Tantarath is a sub-adult!

Tantarath is an adult!

Cathair Fionabhain-

Green Tantarath is a quiet dragon, who rarely speaks at all. She was abandoned by Atyn, and is heartbroken by it. She thought Atyn would be her perfect rider, and so was shocked when she woke up alone in the Barracks one morning. She cried for days, before eventually falling into silence. Now she will let people look after her, but will never ever speak to them, or to the other dragons in the cave. She's a very small, delicate green, and will never be very big, even when she reaches adulthood. She will not be able to rise to mate.