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Cathair Utopian

Watching as his sister and her friend, Katya, mounted the blue Ulleseth, Tomei stood, waving good-bye.

ORIGIN:  Danach

He had followed Sarni through the halls, out to where the Huntrider had landed, thinking that he would wish a 'bon voyage' to the people Found. He couldn't believe it! His sister, Sarni, and Katya, aboard a dragon. A trace of jealousy twisting his features, his shoulders sagged. He longed to be the one to make the trip to Wu. He'd secretly hoped that if he went to see the dragon, he'd be Found. How foolish of him! Turning, sadly, to go, he heard a voice- ~Come here, boy~ He turned around again, to face the dragon, and wondered, -Did he speak to me?-
~I did. I want you to come to Wu. Perhaps you will Imprint.~ "All right!" he called, "Wait for me! I'm coming, too!" Ulleseth halted, and F'nar helped Tomei to mount. Ulleseth, once sure his passengers were secure, launched into the air, and parallel.

Tomei's teeth chattered. He hugged his arms around him, and remembered to count to five. It was hard. He wanted to scream. He couldn't feel his sister in front of him, or the great dragon beneath him. Then they burst free of parallel, above Wu, and Tomei forgot everything but the land beneath him. -So this is what it's like, to ride a dragon. Wonderful- he mused, grinning widely. His amber eyes teared at the fierce wind whipping through his curly, sandy hair, and then it was over. Ulleseth landed, and the four dismounted. Sarni, Katya, and Tomei were quickly showed to the Sands, so that they could touch the eggs and become familiar with them. Sarni withdrew, troubled, and Tomei went to her. "What's wrong?" he asked.
"All the female candidate slots were filled. I cannot Imprint. Katya will, and you will, and I wish you luck. Perhaps, next time."
"Of course. I'm sorry, Sarni."
They embraced, and Sarni cried bitterly, then fled to her cathair. Tomei and Katya continued to learn about cathair life, but all the while, Tomei's heart was with the weeping Sarni, alone in her cathair.

The next day, Sarni ran into Tomei's cathair, bursting with excitement, her eyes glowing. "Tomei! Wake up! Guess what!"
Tomei groggily opened his eyes and sat up in bed. "Huh? What..?"
"Wumai said that there might be an opening for me! If there is, I can still Imprint with you!"
Tomei jumped out of bed, grinning, almost fully awake. He danced, without embarrassment, around the room with his sister.
"Hooray!" they shouted in unison.


T'mei grinned, and gazed fondly at his little blue dragon.
"Ah, Nuiryth, you look even more perfect than K'dron's Oroth, for all his size and power. I'm so proud of you!"
His little hatchling grinned inwardly back at his lifemate. When he spoke, T'mei swore there was laughter in his tone.
I am proud too, T'mei mine. But it is not attractive to look like a fish!
"Huh?" T'mei puzzled, but guffawed as he realized-he had been gaping with his mouth open.


Tomei straddled Nuiryth's back, and the two glided across the sky, gently buoyed by the warm air. Children ran out of their homes to see them ride, and green dragons and their riders flew up alongside and flirted. Tomei was completely blissfull.
"Ah..such is the life of a single dragonrider..." he said, and was interrupted by a snort from Nuiryth.
~Not single for long, if possible..~
"What do you mean?"
~I mean that we're signed up for green Camoreth's chase..~ Tomei sat up so fast he almost toppled off his dragon's back. Nuir snickered.
~Yes, it's true~
"You mean..if you catch her, I'll have, get to..I don't bedmated with Callisto?" Nuir gave the affirmation, and this time Tomei really DID fall off. Nuiryth had to do a quick dive to catch him. Not that he wasn't thrilled...