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Electric Kiwi
Mount Electric


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
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Mount Electric
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When you start to climb Mount Electric, you tread very carefully, for although the terrain is mild, the weather is great, and the mountain isn't very steep, you're well aware, however gentle, that there are several dangerous types of creatures up there; gryphons, and wyverns, dragons, all sorts of terrifying mythical beasts.  So you are not at all prepared for the surprise that pops up in front of you.



A flurry of irridescent feathers cascade down around you, as you shriek and tumble backwards down the slope.  The blur of feathers chases after you, cackling, spreading its wings and soaring down to grab you by your hair and carry you laboriously through the air up to a flat-ish spot on the mountain.  The feathers drop you.

"Sorry if I frightened you," says the feathers, which turns out to be a jumble of irridescent gryphon.  "I was only have a bit of fun, wot?"  It winks at you.

"M'name's Eerie, short for Irridescence.  I'm a special gryphon," she says proudly, fluffing up even more.

"How...lovely," you gasp, still not over the shock.  And your hair hurts, too.  Eerie cocks her head to the side and whistles. 

"Well, would you like to meet m'mates?" she asks, her nares flushing.  "Not meaning all of them are mates, just a couple.  Most o' 'em are just friends."  She laughs.  "I'll introduce 'em, now."  A lot more gryphons flutter down to land beside Eerie.  "Just touch their feathers, eh? That'll tell you their names.  M'voice is gettin' hoarse."


RainbowFeather...Eerie's mate




Shaking your head and laughing, you continue on.  You stumble upon a little cave, where a large yellow grynon stands (off to its side is a memory of its youth).  He looks at you, straight at you, and then turns around in a circle and lies down.  His name seems unavailable as of yet.  You hope that soon his memory will return.

Grynling..a memory



Further on, you hear mewlings coming from a tree.  Up in the tree, you see a white cat.  However, this cat has wings!  It's crying very desperately, but it stops when it sees you.
Help me, it says in your mind.  My name is Ducky, and I've accidentally flown into this tree. I'm caught!
You walk over to the tree and climb up to a sturdy branch.  Standing on the branch, you're able to detach the catwing from the branches and leaves.  Ducky, once freed, flies out and lands on the ground while you climb down. 
Oh thank you, Ducky says, purring.  I thought I'd never get out! 
"You're welcome," you say.  Suddenly, you are bombarded from on high by two other catwings, one black with white wings, and the other white with brown wings.  They land on your shoulders and purr in your ears, tickling you.
We are grateful, they say, because you saved our little sister.  We are mooncats.
The black cat speaks alone. 
I am Riddare, he says.
And I am Cacao, a chocolate mooncat, the white with brown wings cat says.  Ducky meows.
You know who I am!