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Electric Kiwi


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
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You enter the glade, a place not unlike the flaunta's.  It has another waterfall, and flowers all around, giving off a sweet fragrance of nectar.  Fruit trees drop golden fruits and the grass is soft and warm.  You can see a little bit of sunshine and sky through the canopy.  Birds sing sweetly.

Electra is sitting on a rock, her feet in the pool that the waterfall runs into.  She smiles at you cheerfully.

"Have you ever met a ganra?" she asks, and you shake your head 'no'. "Well, that's a sorry thing.  I have two, and they're the sweetest you could ask for." She purses her lips and whistles; at once the sound of hooves and rustling wings greets your ears, and two creatures, medium in size and lovely in color, come to meet you. 

"The dark blue one is a water type, and her name is Chiming Depths."  Chiming nuzzles your hand and smiles at you.

"The lighter one in color is an air type, and she is Unknown Sunshine." Sunshine hides behind Electra shyly and makes no move to greet you.  They are both very beautiful creatures.

Chiming Depths

Due to the fact that homestead shut down, I will not be able to produce a picture of my beloved ganra, Unknown Sunshine. =(
I will try to retrieve the image from Dragon Moon, but since they shut down, this is unlikely.  It may be that she has simply gotten lost in the wash, and I will try to track her down.  She looked like Chiming, except that she was grey/white/bluish in body color.