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Electric Kiwi


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
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A rustle in the bushes announces some unknown beast.  You step forward, into the bush, remembering that nothing would want to harm you.  Electra said so, and she knew everything about the Electric Jungle, right?  Except, as you find yourself on the other side of the bushes, you don't recall her telling you that there was a tundra within the jungle.  But there it is.  A lonesome howling is echoing through it, and the wind bites through your thin clothing, designed for jungle travel.  Even in the chilly weather, you can tell that it is nearly spring, because little wildflowers are springing up everywhere, despite the frost, and there are lemming-like rodents scampering beneath your feet.   In the distance you can see large moose-like animals, and their babies frolicking about.  You can also see large, gray animals, hopping into the air and pouncing down, front legs stiff, their heads darting down and flipping something into the air, catching it in their jaws and swallowing.  You shudder.  Suddenly, you're aware of eyes watching you.  You whirl around and come face to face with a rather large canis.  It stares at you for a long moment, then barks, making you jump.


Something in its intelligent eyes calms you, and when he howls, a moment later, in his musical voice you hear his name: Sfili..


After Sfili departs, a young grey canine, a rhyori, enters the place where you are.  Small in comparison to the canis, she moves with an agile grace and looks like she could be just as strong if she chose. 
However, it seems she is very gentle, and you figure that she would probably guard her pack's home, instead of hunting.
The name Lovis comes to your mind.


a memory...

While Lovis still regards you calmly, a wolf comes up to you.  A deep, lovely gray-pelted one, her name whispers through your mind--Ookaimulv--as well as a memory, of a small and fuzzy pup.  The wolf smiles and lies down before  you.  She is the smallest of all the canines, and the friendliest, rolling onto her back, her tongue flopping out.  You scratch her quickly behind the ears, and she smiles at you.  When you stop, she gets up, shakes herself off, and trots away.  Lovis soon departs as well, to the west.  And Sfili had already gone before you even noticed.


A flutter of wings, and a flurry of feathers and fur cascade down onto you.  Two winged wolves, females, land and lie down, staring at you with friendly smiles.
Hello, I am Narka, and this is my younger companion, Negrias.  We are wolves, winged ones, from Marbethil. Her voice is soft and firm, with an air of pride about it.
Unfortunately, comes a younger voice, higher and louder, but still with the same firm-ness and pride, Negrias, we have been separated from Marbethil for quite some time.  Electra bonded with us almost two years ago, and in that time we have not seen Marbethil again.  We were once abandoned, and that is where Electra found us, Narka already full-grown, and I just a young juvenile.  We are grateful to be here, in a steady home, at last.  Our friend, Amaroq, may have mentioned us.
You nod and watch as Narka and Negrias yawn, circle, and go to sleep.  Although it seems Negrias is fast asleep, Narka is ever watchful, her ears twitching and one eye opening every once in awhile in a sleepy wink.



The wolf you see below you is a picture of Negrias as a juvenile

Negrias as a juvenile