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Electric Kiwi


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You venture past the deeper parts of the jungle, anxious to find a place where you don't have to weave in and out of the vines and find careful footing among roots and animals.  Wishing you had a machete, you push a particularly dense patch of vines away, and slip through the opening.  What you see astounds you!! There is finally a bit of sky, and you can even see all the way up to the canopy! In the distance there is the sound of a little waterfall, which you can see, little rainbow spatters of mist rising up, and the grass under your feet--yes, grass!--is soft, warm, and springy.  Sweet little pale flowers, not the overwhelmingly large, colorful, and fragrant flowers in the jungle, give off a light, fresh scent, and it is blown about by a gentle breeze, which also dispels the humidity.  It is a paradise within a paradise, and all the more so because you have had enough, for the time being, of the flamboyant and humid paradise you left behind a moment ago.  A couple of fruit trees cluster in a shady grove, and bananas, apples, pears, and oranges litter the ground, as well as some pineapples and coconuts for the more outgoing eater.  You close your eyes and just drink in everything for a few blissful minutes.


"I'm glad you like it," says Electra in a proud voice, sitting on a rock next to the little waterfall, her shoes off and her toes dabbling in the water, grass stains on her rough clothing.  You nod ecstatically, and open your arms, unable to speak for the moment. 
"It's..wonderful," you manage.  "What lucky creature is going to live here?"  Electra grins, and pulls her feet from the water.  She stands up and shakes her wet green hair like a dog would, water flying onto you.
Electra gestures toward a pillow, a pale minty green, and you sit.  The pillow is even softer than the grass, made of a snuggly fabric and probably stuffed with the finest of feathers, or even perhaps the smells of the same delicious green.  Electra sits across from you, cross-legged, her pant legs rolled up to just below the knee and her bright green tank top a startling contrast to her tan, tan skin..but it matches her hair, and her eyes.  She smiles and looks around before leaning in to speak to you up close.
"This...this is the hopeful home of my future Okichi," she says happily, rocking side to side with glee.  Puzzled you glance around for a clue as to what an okichi could be...Electra sees your confusion.
"An a friendly creature, with a large heart, and a cheery personality.  They start out as a Kichi, a colorful blob the size of a grapefruit, and they grow to the size of a small dog, some with strange and wonderful characteristics.
"It is said the Okichi fell from a great spaceship some time ago, but this has not been proven. With their origin unknown, the Okichi have been able to adapt to this realm's climates and surroundings, but always need the care of another being. The Okichi have thrived, and an orphanage had to be set up in order to find homes for all the babies."
Electra gets up and sticks her hand into a cavern in the golden trunk of a tree not much taller than herself.  She pulls out two animals, made out of soft cotton fabric; one a beanie, the other a plushie, and both obviously replicas of okichis.  Electra holds them out to you, and you touch them, look them over, and smile.



"Very cute," you say, and Electra grins broadly. 
"I know!" she squeals, so excited she forgets she is the stately guardian of her Electric Jungle.  "Another good thing about them is that they will be snuggly companions for the Kichi, if I adopt one..they don't like any other creatures sharing their homes."  You nod and smile.
"I can see why.  Anyone would be selfish with such an extravagantly perfect place to themselves."  Electra flushes with pleasure.
You look beside the tree, noticing that there is also a goldeny-orange ball there.  The okichi, if in fact Electra does gain the trust of one, will be in need for neither food nor fun, and will of course never want for anything else, with ever wish granted within the boundaries of its future home.


Link to Okichi Orphanage