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Electric Kiwi


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
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In a not-so-deep section of the jungle, you can see a miniature waterfall, with big flowers and rocks around it.  Vines twist around the outside of this little glen, making a handsome barrier to guard whatever is inside.  Fruit drops from heavily laden trees.  Birds sing somewhere above you.  It is a peaceful place, and a respite from the overwhelming inner jungle.  A little sign is stuck on one of the fruit trees.  It reads, in bold purple lettering:

Flaunta; male

Diamond of Dawn type

Jungle of Purple

The last part you assume to be the flaunta's name.  You hope you'll get to catch a glimpse of the creature.

Suddenly, Electra appears, leading a medium-sized creature, with green wings, mane, tail, and fur, around the hooves, and all the rest of him purple.  He has two horns arching back over his neck.  A truly handsome creature, a flaunta.  Electra smiles.

"I waited many weeks to receive him.  And I was well-rewarded."

Jungle of Purple

I have, unfortunately, lost the link to his origin in all the hubbub of moving from homestead. If you know it, please do me the kindness of emailing me.