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Electric Kiwi
Kiwi difference


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
Kiwi difference
Kiwi Facts
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Mount Electric
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Kiwi-tastic Awards and Serendipity

This is Apteryx australis   This is Actinidia deliciosa
This is a ratite; it is a flightless bird   This is a berry; it is the fruit of a vine
All recognised species of this bird are in danger of extinction   There are large plantations of this vine throughout the world
These birds are endemic to the islands of New Zealand   These fruit originally came from the Chinese mainland
This bird was given its name by the pre-European Maori inhabitants of New Zealand. It was named for the sound of its call   This fruit was given its name by the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board. It is named after the bird called the kiwi
There are serious fines for eating these birds   You may eat as many of these fruit as you can stand
The correct plural of kiwi is kiwi, though kiwis has gained acceptance   You may call these whatever you wish when you have more than one of them. One of the most common collective nouns is kiwifruit
To call a kiwifruit a kiwi is just asking for trouble. Honestly.
Not only is doing so offensive to the people of New Zealand (who also call themselves kiwis to show affection for an unofficial national symbol) and particularly to the Maori people who named the kiwi, it's also just plain wrong!
Imagine that this is a grape   Imagine that this is a grapefruit
A grape and a grapefruit are not the same thing, are they? Yet they are both fruit. If you don't see the difference, try popping a handful of grapefruit in your mouth

It's very simple, really



Info from Warrick Bell's site: