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Electric Kiwi


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
Kiwi difference
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A Tribute to Strawberries
Kiwi Creatures
Kiwi Critters--for you!
Back into the Jungle
Mount Electric
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Kiwi-tastic Awards and Serendipity

Staring up at Mount Electric, you can see to the very top.  However, you are nowhere near the awesome mount.  Instead, you are in the middle of a very large, very lovely meadow, with soft green grass and wildflowers.  Little rabbits and other good prey animals nibble the vegetables.  Off to the right you can see a field of waving yellow grasses. To the left, there is a barren, desert-like expanse.

"Hello," says Electra, startling you.  She smiles and looks around.

"I'm sure you've heard of a certain lovely animal...a drigus."  When you shake your head, Electra stares at you in surprise.

"Well, a drigus is a large animal, and most seem to be mixes of tigers, dragons, and horses.  They are moody and very territorial.  They tend to be omnivorous but mostly eat meat.  They have wings and can hunt from the air, using excellent vision, and they also breathe fire. The plural of drigus is drigetti."

"The drigus I hope to receive will live somewhere around here, as well as a few scattered unicorns."

Electra points to where two eggs lie, nestled in some bushes.

"Drigetti," she whispers, "I can't wait for them to hatch."

As you both watch, the eggs begin to quake and shiver, and both split open.  Out of the purple egg a female drigus with whiskers, and out of the blue a lanky male drigus.  The baby drigetti blink at each other and wobble to their feet.  Electra christens the female Uth'oo, and the male Vether'aa, until she can think of some really good names. 

Uth'oo Egg

Vether'aa Egg

Uth'oo Genetics
Body: d , T
Tail: m , m
Ears: H , d
Head: t , t
Feet: T , T
Color: O , O
Gender: f


Vether'aa Genetics
Body: T , H
Tail: D , D
Ears: d , d
Head: t , t
Feet: h , h
Color: O , O
Gender: m