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Kiwi Critters--for you!
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What are tribitti?

The tribitti are a new and whimsical race of creature, unique to the terrains of the Electric Land.  They live in clans, or packs, of 4-15. 


What do they look like?

All tribitti are based on jackals.  They have long legs, and scythe-shaped, long ears and tails.  Their eyes are large and expressive, and very pretty.  Most have wings, the more common type being a dragonfly-like pair of wings on either shoulder.  They may look fragile, but those wings are extremely strong and can lift the heaviest of tribitti; however, they take a long time to heal, should they get injured.  The other characteristics of a tribitti depend entirely on its surroundings.  Most tribitti can be held in the palm when full-grown, but some grow to be as tall as a child's knee.


Where do tribitti live?

Tribitti of course originated in the Electric Land.  Most live in the less-dense areas of the Jungle, but live anywhere from the canopy to the plains to Mount Electric.


What is the difference between wild tribitti and domesticated tribitti?

Wild tribittis live in large, scattered clans in the plains and the meadows, and some on the Mountain.  They are very curious, but also extremely shy, and like any wild animal prefer privacy and dislike being cornered.  Although you are allowed to feed wild tribitti, it is unlikely that you will ever get the chance.  There are some tales of people going to live with the wild tribitti, but most are dismissed as rumors or myths, and no run-of-the-mill person could attempt this feat, anyway, unless they were very patient and extremely determined.

As for domesticated tribitti, they are the tribitti that are caught and tamed from the wild.  They are used for breeding and some are adopted out to people considered worthy to live with a tribitti.  Electric Land adopts out domesticated tribitti as tribett, or triblingschildren, in other words.  Also, once in awhile Electra is able to find some young wild tribitti and adopt those out, but wild tribitti are extremely rare, and you will be very lucky to get one. 


What types of tribitti are there, besides the basic domestic/wild ones?

The tribitti range from wingless, winged, and aquaticwe hardly ever get aquatic tribitti.  Below you will find a list of the terrains tribitti live in and the most common to most rare physical traits coinciding with the terrain they live in.


What do tribitti eat?

Tribitti eat almost anything, and that's why you have to keep an eye on them.  Their favorite things to eat are different kinds of fruits and veggies, although they do enjoy grains, dairy, meat, poultry, and fishand even the occasional sweet.  Especially the occasional sweet.


What are tribitti like, personality-wise?

All tribitti are naturally curious, some more so than others.  They are extremely smart and consider humans to be their equals (which is very kind of them).  They tend to be easily miffed, so be careful about what you say to a tribitti.  However, they are quick to forgive. 

Domestic tribitti are usually very friendly, and enjoy companionship of tribitti and humans alike (they don't really like to be around any other creatures; it makes them nervous).  Wild tribitti are generally rather wary and shy, but very loyal and loving if they learn to trust someone.

In general, all tribitti can embody the personalities of any human beingeach tribitti is unique.  And they delight in moodsthey love to shift moods quickly and make people confused.  They're little tricksters, as well as snoops.


What kind of home should I provide for a tribitti?

A big one.  They like to roam, and, provided they have wings, fly around constantly; tribitti are energetic and always on the go.  Try to find a nice place with lots of food and playthings in case your tribitti gets lonely or bored; you don't want a sulky tribitti on your hands.  Above all, make sure that the place you pick is suited to your tribitti's needs (ex: a mountain tribitti wouldn't belong in a jungle terrain.  They need snow, and rock, and lots of places to climb and jump around.  A plains tribitti wouldn't belong in a mountain terrain.  It would need wide open spaces, lots of grass and hills to run around and roll around, and a warmer climate.)



Alright, physical traits of tribitti.


~Jungle:  Short fur, small feet, some with claws, dragonfly-type wings, big ears; exotic coloring.


~Canopy: Longer fur, mixed in with some feathers, small, dexterous feet like a monkey, long, dexterous tails like a monkey, dfly-type wings, larger eyes, small ears; exotic coloring.


~Plains/meadows: Medium-length fur, paws or furry-type feet, dfly-type wings, big ears; fur that blends in with surroundings (brown, gold, green, etc.)


~Mountain:  Long fur, sometimes fluffy, cloven hoofed feet or furry feet with good traction, feathery wings or no wings, sometimes horns, larger tail, smaller ears; light-colored fur or light-brown colors


~Aquatic:  Either short fur or smooth skin, front flippers, gills, short ears, manatee or fish-type tail, some fish-like additions (eyes, fins, etc.); colors ranging from light blue to dark green, silver, gray, and black.









What is a wolorse?

A new kind of creature unique to the Electric Land.  They live in solitary, although will sometimes group together when the going gets tough in cliques of 2 to 5.


What do the wolorse look like?

A mix between a wolf and a horse, only quite a bit scarier looking.  They were bred to be guardians and are efficient hunters.  They are sturdy and muscular and squarely built, looking every inch like a sharp and well-oiled machine.  They have sharp ears and tails and broad muzzles.  They have markings on their faces and bodies that look like fierce war paint.  They are extremely scary.


Where do the wolorse live?

Anywhere other than the jungle.  They don't like hot climates.  They are usually found in the forest or in drab, hostile terrain. 


What is the difference between domesticated wolorse and wild wolorse?

There isn't much.  There are fewer domesticated wolorse because they can be vicious and dangerous, unlike real wolves, and are hard to tame.


What types of wolorse are there?

All wolorse are gray, brown, black, or white.  Either that or they are not true wolorse (if they are mixed breeds; their mother mated with a creature of another breed, or vice versa).  There are no aquatic or exotic wolorse.


What do wolorse eat?

Meat.  They are carnivores, and very efficient hunters.  They may look part horse, but they're fast and dangerous; their teeth are long and sharp and some even have hooves of a sort that are sharp as knives.


What are the wolorse like, personality-wise?

If you like cutesy-cuddly, don't attempt to bond with a wolorse.  Once a wolorse is your bond, you know it is your equal.  They are only remotely innocent as pups, and even then, all their play revolves around attack strategy and killing, kind of like puppy boot camp.  As your bond, the wolorse will fight to the death to defend you; they are never friendly, but gruff, serious, and intensely loyal.  They were bred to guard, and they prefer that you live somewhere where you need guarding.


What kind of home should I provide for a wolorse?

The answer is: nowhere remotely fluffy or cute.  Wolorse prefer harsh climates with dangerous goings-on all the time.  They like mountains and rugged terrain, but will put up with a tundra or a desert, a large, flat field, a lawless city, or a chunk of ice passable as land.  This is why they are guardians.