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Electric Kiwi
Kiwi Creatures


A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
Kiwi difference
Kiwi Facts
A Tribute to Strawberries
Kiwi Creatures
Kiwi Critters--for you!
Back into the Jungle
Mount Electric
Kiwi Linkage
Kiwi-tastic Awards and Serendipity

You wander into a realm past the electric vines and into a jungle, a paradise of noise and beauty.  Tropical flora,  fruit and flowers, blossom at every corner, all hues of the rainbow and others as well.  From every side you are bombarded with a menagerie of the sounds of strange fauna.  Electra smiles and guides you further into the depths of the Electric Jungle.

"Welcome to this jungle..inside, you will explore as deep as you please, to find what you will.  Be not afraid, however; whatever makes its home here means you and I no harm," Electra says in a calm voice, opening her arms to the jungle and smiling at you.
"Enjoy yourself.." she whispers, and withdraws back past the vines.  Kiwifruits drop with soft plunk noises on the soft, overwhelmingly green-covered earth.  Sunshine filters through the canopy of different shades of emerald green. The calming melody of water comes to your ears, a mist rising up in the distance from a waterfall.  A small rivulet burbles cheerfully past your feet.  Surprisingly, even left alone to fend for yourself in such a place doesn't make you afraid.  It is with confidence that you set out to seek the fauna hiding among the jungle.


You hear a tiny neigh and look down at your feet. 
"Oh, goodness," you exclaim.  What appears to be a tiny horse looks up at you and then continues on its merry way, standing out, as much as such a tiny creature could, in its black and white hide against the green foliage.  You kneel and catch the creature.  On its rump there is very tiny lettering, and it is only with the help of a little magnifying glass around the creature's neck that you could read it:  Brakni. 
But what the creature is, is still not certain.  You resolve to ask Electra later on, and put Brakni back on the ground.  It nips you, and darts away.