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Electric Kiwi
the Girl behind the Wild Child


the Girl behind the Wild Child
A Kiwi-Lovin' Wolf
Kiwi difference
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Back into the Jungle
Mount Electric
Kiwi Linkage
Kiwi-tastic Awards and Serendipity

Electra is Me.

Name: Inness
Gender: Female
I live in the glorious United States of America, on the west coast near Puget Sound.  I am small of stature with curly brown hair and brown eyes (Electra has hazel eyes and curly, short green hair, and lives in the Electric Jungle).  I like to play soccer, or any kind of sport (not good at all of them), I like to sing, read, write, surf the 'Net, and speak French (I'm currently taking French class @ school).  I also enjoy maintaining websites.
Well, now that you've discovered the girl behind the wild child, the electric kiwi child, Electra, shoo!  shoo! Go find something to do.

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