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Cathair Utopian

You walk down the halls of Utopian, and make a left turn into a cathair.

A girl skips across the floor to meet you, gray-blue eyes shining merrily. "Hello, traveler! I'm Petzel, and this is my cathair. You look cold. Come inside for a hot drink and some fresh rolls!"
You follow Petzel inside, and sit at a table. She brings the drinks and the rolls, and sits. "You must be wondering why I have a cathair, but no dragon..well, I'm only a candidate at Cathair Andromeda, but I hope to Imprint someday. Here, I'll show you a map."
Petzel gets up and walks to another table, and picks up a piece of tanned hide. On it is marked the way to Andromeda.
Petzel hands it to you and smiles. Just then, a flash of shimmering yellow flies across the room, and lands on Petzel's shoulder. She laughs, and strokes the little flit. "This is Merit. I impressed her at Andromeda! She keeps me company, while I'm waiting..
"So..would you like to go, and see if you have a chance at Imprinting? Or you could just look around...I must go, feel free to explore my cathair a little more!"
Petzel rushes out of the cathair, on her way to the paard corrals, and you glance around. You notice a jar of oil, a jar of numbing salve, and some riding gear. Nothing else catches your eye, so you walk out.

Walking past Petzel's cathair again, you hear her happy voice from inside. You call out, and she pokes her head out, smiling at you. "Hello! Hurry! Zaith just woke up. She's tired..hurry hurry hurry!" Petzel leads you inside at a quick trot, and points to the ground. A tiny, sleeping-looking green hatchling regards you with a rainbow gaze of curiosity. ~Hello, traveler. Petzel?~
Petzel hurries to the dragon's side. "Yes, Zaith, darling?"
~I'm hungry~
"Of course; you just woke up. Wait a tick, I'll be back soon."
Petzel hurries off to another room, and you are left with the tiny green being. "Hello," you begin awkwardly, "hello, Zaith."
~Hello, again. Have you come to see me?~
"I guess so. did you know Petzel was the one?"
~She hurried over to me, when I was dizzy and confused, and helped me to stand. I knew that I wanted her, then. I was worried that some snooty gold would've gotten her! But no, she wanted me..~
Petzel returns with fresh meat, and you leave, as the dragon and Petzel smile a farewell.

"Zaith! You are so big now..I'm sure many of the young male dragons would love to catch you in flight! On the other hand, you're very hard to oil..hold still!"
~I'm hungry..~
"You are always hungry, as well..I'm so proud of you, now that you've grown to a lovely adult!"
~I am as well~
"Oh, you and your're as good-or bad, depending on how you look at it-as any old gold!"
~Of course. And GOOD would be correct~
Petzel giggled at her dragon's ego, and finished oiling her. She then took a bath herself, and scrubbed her skin 'til it glowed with. Petzel had become older, too. She liked to keep clean..especially for the cathairboys.
~Oh, you and your crushes..I like Ewerth, and Birith, and Beliath, and Oroth..I like any male dragon! But humans..humans are so picky. I suppose, tho', many of OUR dragons, here, are wonderful, different than some~
"Of course, Zaith," said Petzel, stepping from her bath, drying off and putting on a soft pink robe.

"Zaith, I'm so proud of you! You'll be in your first Chase!"
Zaith was busy flirting with the male dragons in the other cathair.
~Hmm? Oh, yes. Very excited I am. Nervous. But I'll do fine~
"Of course you will."
~I'll blow my pursuers right out of the air!~
~And then..when a worthy one catches me..~
Petzel shivered with a strange delight.
"Wonderful! But you'll put up a fight, girl, won't you, Zaith! You'll make them really have to try!"

Zaith will be in Chase at Baeris Kshau!

Zaith was Chased by blue Jarmuth, and rider H'dar! Read on to see the Chase story.

Zaith was outside, sunning herself on a ledge..although the past days had gone fairly well, she was not the 'boycrazy' dragon she had been when her green scales had first become vibrant. As she stared at the passing dragons below, she felt so contemptable she could spit. It seemed as if the only ones worthy were the bronzes..and knowing that they could not fly her was a blow. She hissed angrily, and spoke;

"Stupid males! You cannot hope to catch me!"

Petzel, who was inside her weyr, entertaining a friend who had come for klah, heard the remark, and gasped. The friend nodded, knowing that look.

"You better go," she said.

Petzel nodded, and ran outside, frightened by her mingling feelings of Petzel/Zaith, just as Zaith vaulted into the air, toward the feeding grounds. In Zaith's haste to get into the sky, she tumbled through the air, barely righting herself with a series of aerial acrobatics. Rumbling in fury, as if the sky was plotting against her that day, she raced toward the feeding grounds. Petzel chased after her, as if she herself were the competing males. But no, those males, and their riders, were following her, to the feeding grounds..

"BLOOD it, only, ZAITH!" Petzel screamed, but, since she was still little more than a young lady, and barely a woman in her mind, Zaith manage a quick bite before won over by Petzel. Petzel sobbed once, but stood, echoing the fury her beautiful dragon glared at her through reddened eyes. Finally, this ordeal was over, and Zaith spun, roaring her hatred, at the males, and, claws digging frantically in the ground while she ran to give her power. Her wings filled with air as she caught an updraft, and she glorified in the height of her soarings. However, the males followed fast. ::Two browns, and two blues:: she thought, ::Well! None of them could ever catch me!::

But they would try, as was proven as Brown Irjath went spiraling upwards, in an attempt to catch her. He missed, but apparently was not down for the count, as he tried again..This time, though, Blue Aeshoth got in his way, and the two quarrelled for a long time, scratching at each other, and biting, tangling themselves. Eventually they noticed how far behind they were, and dejectadly sailed downward, where their riders consoled them.

Petzel noticed nothing, because by now she was deep inside her dragon's mind, seeing everything. She roared happily, scoffing at the two males that had failed to win her. Petzel glared at the two losing riders, as they tried to catch her with arms that had lost. She snapped at them, and tore herself away.

Zaith was getting a little bit tired by now, because Brown Amontilath was constantly on her tail, and nearly grabbed hold. She seemed to remember that there was another blue dragon out there..but she had no time to think of that. All she wanted was to get away. But as she released herself from Amontilath's grasp, a blue shape came hurtling after her, missing her, but barreling into Amontilath. It was Blue Jarmuth! Amontilath was so bruised that he decided to go back down to the watching people, but Jarmuth decided to hide once again in the clouds..Zaith was pleased. It appeared that no one would catch her, because all of the pursuers were gone!

Suddenly, a stronger force than she had imagined blues to have, the force of determination, wrapped around her, and as the red in her eyes faded to a swirling blue, and then a purple-white, she knew she had fallen in love with Blue Jarmuth. They took their time getting down, but below, H'dar had already taken his new mate, Petzel, to the room arranged for them..

Baeris Kshau-